This newsletter was essentially ready to send out three days ago. But the night Bill was ready to send it, he noticed that his passport was missing, it was midnight the night before he was supposed to fly out at 4:00 pm. He and his gracious hosts spent hours looking for it. 

The next day he was up early and began the process of getting to the Police station, American Embassy, and Malaysian Immigration building all the while hoping to make his flight. He didn't  make it.

After purchasing a one way ticket he made it home a day later than planned. This caused him to miss a family gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of his daughters and three of his grandchildren.

"Why am I doing this?, I can't do this. I can't do this anymore! Who am I to think I can keep doing this? Why should I be doing this at this age?" These were the questions that began to ask himself as the reality set in that he was going to miss his flight.

We do this because we can, we feel called to do this, the faces who need us somewhere else are real, but so is the pain. We have only been doing this for a short time, but the life long missionaries need to be commended. Yes, we will finish what we have started, but please know the pain is real, and not just for us, but also for the loved ones who are waiting for our return.

The first image of Bill is taken after having 7 hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours as he prepares to finally head to the airport with both passport and ticket in hand. The next image is him in his driveway after approximately 30 hours of travel including 2 layovers, and a two hour drive.

Please remember that, just as he felt an overwhelming sense of emotion by being a foreigner in a foreign land and to finally arrive home, as Christians we are all called to live as foreigners as we await our Heavenly home with the same sense of hope and desire.
Top: Lyangtoo (grandmother) is a very close friend of the Millers and we took her to KFC, she is a 60 year old widow. Her and her late husband helped the Millers when Mark moved here 20 years ago and accepted them as family. Please contact message me if you'd like to know more about what the Millers do here in Sabah.
Left: The Philippine village children where the Millers live. These houses are about 20 yards from the Mllersfront door.
Right: Students and parents at Rocklin KK and Bill explaining Rocklin KK to someone.
 Sabah is a state of Malaysia located on the northern portion of Borneo Island. 
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Bill has been in Malaysia for just over two weeks and will be boarding a plane back to the family in today. His travel will be just over 33 hours, which induces a 13 hour layover in Shanghai.  Thanks to the generosity of others, he was given a chance to go early to help the school with its soft opening and to scout the are for cost of living and housing options for us.  
Click here to be directed to Bills FB page with 192 photos from the trip
Now that Bill has been there, used GRAB, priced groceries, and apartments we now feel confident in our budget. Keeping in mind that Rocklin pays for annual airfare for two of us, and a monthly stipend we are still only at 52% of what we need on a monthly basis. 
Please consider partnering with us is endeavor.
We have been cautioned not to describe the work of the people that we serving here in too much detail. Bill would love to elaborate to anyone who would like to know more about their ministry.  Please reach out to him if you'd like to know more.

Wendi's Wanderings

Not too long after we returned home from our two years in the Philippines, A sweet little old lady at church told me she bet I was just so delighted to be back after the way I’d been living the last two years-  and I gasped and gulped as though she'd punched me.  I  had to blink back tears.  I don’t really feel like we truly sacrificed or suffered much beyond missing our family. The heat was sometimes unbearable there, but the cold is that way here, and Indiana summers can be just as muggy.  I missed some foods I can’t get there, but I miss some foods I can’t get here.  I missed some conveniences there, but I miss other conveniences I don’t have here. I miss my Korean and Pinoy friends. I miss hearing Visaya. I miss experiences, feelings, even smells in a physical way that aches and cannot be fixed.   And I couldn’t explain that to her because she was just being kind and she meant the best, and I can't really explain it to anybody who hasn't experienced the beautiful and strange and painful  sensation of being a fish out of water in your passport country.  And we were only there for two years.  If you know any missionaries returning after five years, or a lifetime, be extra kind and sensitive and be extra open to just listening and learning. 

It's a unique pain, and we're going to do it to ourselves again.  Please pray for us to adjust well, to slip into our work in Malaysia without causing unnecessary offense, to be effective in serving the Lord.   Please pray that the pain of not fully belonging whether we are there or here does not hinder our effectiveness for the Lord.
But also remember that we should all have that sense of not belonging.  This world is not our home. For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come." Hebrews 13:14"
Bills hosts Kota Kinabalu, (aunt is pictured, mother is taking the picture).
Bills hosts while in Kuala Lumpur
This is Bill with Russell Wiesner. Russell is the director of Rocklin International and had a chance to stop by to discuss the need in Kota Kinabalu
Sept 11, 2019.
We were at the tower together. Notice what is on the slide behind us in the first picture. We cannot believe that God has brought this together.

Bill & Wendi Capehart
Luke 17:10

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