This month: What to plant in Feb + Find for March
+ How to stir-fry (& ICYMI links from January)
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What do I do in February?

Plant a Stir-fry!

In February, think asian-style food, veg and eating. All the veg you plant in Feb will fry up into a tasty stir-fry with your favourite sauce - chilli-soy, satay, teriyaki and some noodles or rice. And when the days start to get cooler, slice these yummy veg into soup instead. Mmmm. Makin' me hungry! So here's some ideas on what to plant for February...and how to cook it...
If you're new to growing, try sowing a stir-fry mix with some radishes or asian greens, and carrots or beans too.
For those who've grown some veg before, try growing some beetroots. Remember that if you put the leaves in your stir-fry before the root as grown, then you'll only get a tiny root and lots of leaves. So if you like beetroot both ways, plant two lots, one for leaves and one for roots.
And if you're extra enthusiastic, try some broccoli or broccolini too. Broccolini is great for stir fry as it's baby florets mean less chopping to get your stir-fry started.
If you want to hunt down/find/buy some seeds for MARCH, remember that you can still plant asian greens, radish, beans, beets, broccoli, and leeks  lettuces and brussels sprouts.  And, add some spinach or turnips for something new.
Want to master the stir-fry?
Try this...
At home base, we love a stir-fry with rice noodles. We buy the thin noodles, set them soaking in boiling water before we starting the cooking, then stir-fry the veg etc, drain the noodles and add them to the pan at the end, toss them so they to get nice and saucy and a little more cooked and serve with some herbs on the top. Yum!

Happy planting and eating, 
Elizabeth G

PS: Thanks to strayHansT.Seng, and and PublicDomainPictures at for the photos in today's note, and to Better Homes and Gardens for the stir fry video and instructions.
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