September and Success

We hope everyone is enjoying the first month of spring so far. We certainly are!

The last days of August were spent at the Bragato Wine Conference in Blenhiem. Here we picked up a Silver award for our 2016 Syrah as well as a Bronze Award for our 2017 Rosé (watch out, we will be releasing this to the public soon).

We also sent our 2017 Rosé and 2016 Syrah to Raymond Chan, where, we are excited to announce, picked up four stars each. This means all three of our wines have achieved this rating! If you would like to read Raymond's review of our wine, you can do so here!

Order some 2016 Rosé now for $149.70 for a 6 bottle case.

Order some
2016 Syrah now for $549.45, which gives you 12 bottles for the price of 11.

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Why Postage Stamp Wines?

Wine is the gathering together of nature and people to create something this is variable and thrilling. Postage Stamp Wines lives by a philosophy of a collection of small vineyards, hence the name, producing quality wines for our customers to enjoy.
Our journey started by accident, Andrew has long had a passion for wine and had dreams of owning a property with its own vineyard. When we purchased our home on Waiheke, the island of wine, we felt that it was the next best thing. After a few months, a spare patch of land tucked away in a corner of the property created the question, “Could we plant grapes here?”
In April 2015 we contacted a local viticulturist, Matthew Sloan, he recommended being a little experimental, given it is a small vineyard, so we decided on Marsanne and Roussanne, which is a northern Rhone white blend.

In July of the same year, Matthew then suggested a drive the Orapiu end of the island where he knew of a Syrah vineyard coming available.

We met with Bridgit Day, who’s well established View East vineyard had been producing top quality wines for many years, and she was now ready to hand the reins over to someone new. View East had been planted and developed lovingly by Bridgit and her husband Darren since the early 2000’s. Sadly Darren had passed away in 2013 and after a couple of years of selling the grapes, it became clear to Bridgit that a longer-term solution was required.

So there we were, actually producing a quantity of wine which was not small enough for personal consumption and gifts to friends. It was no longer a hobby.

So in for a penny, in for a pound, when Matthew came to us in July of 2016 with a Chardonnay vineyard that has come available, we leaped at the chance to increase our range.

We look forward to continuing to grow our collection, perhaps with more plan than chance moving forward, but who knows. Life is full of surprises and excitement, none the least of which is waiting to see how the next vintage will turn out.

We hope you enjoy our wine, we aim to bring you wines which you will enjoy because we enjoy them ourselves.
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