So you want to paint better?

The best thing I ever did for myself as an artist…

Dear <<First Name>>,

Believe it or not, I took my first art class after I became an empty nester.

talk about being a late bloomer!

Family and career took up all my time for many years and then…suddenly it didn’t.

Painting seemed like something fun to try, but I never set out to be a professional artist. In fact, I didn’t know it was possible!

I always thought that all “real” artists began painting early in life…right?

Boy was I WRONG!

I am living proof that WORKSHOPS can help you speed up your progress as an artist. It’s definitely been the most informative and helpful gift I ever gave myself and I want that for YOU!

If I can do it, you can too!

I host workshops because I believe in them. Even though I now teach students regularly myself, I still believe that having multiple teachers is very helpful. Most often we need to hear new concepts a few times, in a few different ways, before we actually begin to internalize their usefulness.

Sometimes another teacher’s explanation suddenly helps us understand.

Sometimes a new teacher’s methods help us achieve results we haven’t achieved on our own.

No matter who you study with,

An intensive week spent with a brush in your hand will be a gift to yourself.

Because it’s that time spent painting and thinking about improving your art which will help you improve.

It’s guaranteed!

None of us have time to waste.

Here’s how to speed things up!

Steve Rogers has talent and the ability to teach. Finding a teacher who can do both is sometimes rare. Come to Myrtle Beach this year and share a week of playing in the paint with an Oceanview right outside your studio window. Ahhhhh….

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Steve Rogers AWS NWS TWSA

April 17-21, 2023 (set up/meet and greet on April 16th at 4 pm)


Myrtle Beach, SC- Oceanfront Studio

Every day will begin with a demonstration followed by individual help.

  • Sunday April 16 at 4pm there will be the opportunity to set up your table and take part in an informal Meet and Greet with light refreshments.

  • Your own table will be yours for the week with access before and after class time.

  • Classes will take place from 9 am-4pm Monday through Friday.

  • All students will have individual 6 ft. tables to spread out and paint.

  • Social Opportunities: 2 organized evenings of optional dinners, and a meet and greet on the Sunday evening preceding our workshop.

  • A list of favorite local restaurants will be provided Some of our favorite local restaurants are within walking distance.

  • Starbucks is on site.

  • Day Students are welcome

Why Should you Study with Steve?

After hosting a number of workshops over the past 10 years I’ve witnessed lots of good teachers. If you judge an art teacher by the quality of work their students produce, then I would say that Steve Rogers is one of the best!

Steve uses soft brushes (natural hair) and rich color. He is masterful at conveying light and his reflections in water are incredible!

  • Do you love landscapes? Steve is masterful at painting landscape!

  • If you haven’t explored what natural bristles can do for your watercolor practice, then this workshop could really be an eye opener for you!

  • If your watercolors feel wimpy, then studying with Steve might help you intensify your color dynamics

  • If you want to improve your skill with painting reflections and water, then Steve is definitely someone to spend time with.

  • If you get a lot out of watching a master painter at work, Steve has an approach that is unique to him and might get you thinking differently about your own set up.

I have definitely been influenced by his teaching. In fact, one of my favorite paintings was begun in his workshop after watching him paint water.

Check out some of the work from his last workshop. And then sign up to study with him yourself. We always have so much fun together, and I’d love to have you join us!

Cost: 600

Learn more and Sign UP for Steve Rogers
Waiting List available If interested Eat Paint Love Tuscany -Click here

Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2023

Eat Paint Love Tuscany

Cost: $3695 p/p

I can’t believe how quickly this trip sold out! People do often cancel plans as we get closer, so if you are still interested let me know by replying to this email. You just never know…

Can’t come to Myrtle Beach? You can still study with me virtually this month in my current Course

Fancy Florals - Florals that TEACH!

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You know <<First Name>>,

It was so wonderful when I received notes of encouragement after my last email. My mom has settled into an independent living situation here after the loss of her home in Florida due to Hurricane Ian. She really loves it there! That makes me very happy.

Today finds me at the hospital writing to you and waiting on her. She had back surgery, a vertebral Kyphoplasty to secure a few vertebrae in her back and relieve the pain caused by multiple compression fractures. Ouch!

It brings home the idea that we need to take osteoporosis very seriously! The lesson for me? Avoid soda and antacids, take Calcium/extra Vitamin D and get regular weight bearing exercise to keep our bones strong! I’m renewing my commitment to all of that.

Personally, my new hybrid classes are proving to be a fun way to connect with students near and far. I am loving the chance to share these lessons again. Each one teaches concepts I wish I had learned when I began to paint. There’s still time to join us and participate in all the lessons this month and afterward should you wish to do so. The recordings will give you access for years to come.

Our new house build is making progress! The pool is being dug, paint is on the walls and electric fixtures are going in. We hope to move in soon. Of course that date is still a little vague, but April seems like a real possibility. That is right around the corner! I’ll attach a peek into the current state of affairs below.

What’s new with you? I’d love to know and hear back from you with news and/or questions you might have for me. It’s always fun to keep the conversation going…Hope to see you in a workshop or class very soon.

If you’re in the area…stop by for a studio visit! Lots of new work is on the walls. It’s always fun to come to the gallery for inspiration, a gift or for your own decorating needs.

With love and light, ❤️

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