2023 is here

and there’s so much fun ahead!

Dear <<First Name>>, It’s been a while since I’ve reached out with an email update. I hope you had a holiday season that made your heart sing.🎶 My holiday was hectic, but now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and look ahead, I have so much to tell you! Classes, workshops and travel are all coming our way…

I’ve been out of touch due mostly to a family emergency having to do with my mom. If you want to read more about those adventures, you can check out the personal note at the end of this email.

Now that I have her settled,

In this email I have an update on how you can study with me this winter. I also plan to host 3 wonderful workshops this year. One will take us to beautiful Tuscany, Italy! Then I also have amazing guest instructors coming here to sunny Myrtle Beach. Oh the fun we’ll be having…

You can read all the details below ↓

Roger that!

Steve Rogers has talent and the ability to teach. Finding a teacher who can do both is sometimes rare. Come to Myrtle Beach this year and share a week of playing in the paint with an Oceanview right outside your studio window. Ahhhhh….

Steve Rogers AWS NWS TWSA

April 17-21, 2023 (optional set up/meet and greet on April 16th at 4 pm)


Myrtle Beach, SC- oceanfront Studio

Every day will begin with a demonstration followed by individual help.

  • Sunday April 16 at 4pm there will be the opportunity to set up your table and take part in an informal Meet and Greet with light refreshments.

  • Your own table will be yours for the week with access before and after class time.

  • Classes will take place from 9 am-4pm Monday through Friday.

  • All students will have individual 6 ft. tables to spread out and paint.

  • Social Opportunities: 2 organized evenings of optional dinners, and a meet and greet on the Sunday evening preceding our workshop.

  • A list of favorite local restaurants will be provided Some of our favorite local restaurants are within walking distance.

  • Starbucks is on site.

  • Day Students are welcome

Why Should you Study with Steve?

After hosting a number of workshops over the past 10 years I’ve witnessed lots of good teachers. If you judge an art teacher by the quality of work their students produce, then I would say that Steve Rogers is one of the best!

Steve uses soft brushes (natural hair) and rich color. He is masterful at conveying light and his reflections in water are incredible!

  • If you haven’t explored what natural bristles can do for your watercolor practice, then this workshop could really be an eye opener for you!

  • If your watercolors feel wimpy, then studying with Steve might help you intensify your color dynamics

  • If you want to improve your skill with painting reflections and water, then Steve is definitely someone to spend time with.

  • If you get a lot out of watching a master painter at work, Steve has an approach that is unique to him and might get you thinking differently about your own set up.

I have definitely been influenced by his teaching. In fact, one of my favorite paintings was begun in his workshop after watching him paint water.

Check out some of the work from his last workshop. And then sign up to study with him yourself. We always have so much fun together, and I’d love to have you join us!

Cost: 600

Learn more and Sign UP for Steve Rogers
Learn to Paint like this! Sign UP for Steve Rogers

Wondering How to Study

with me-Rebecca Z?

January- Private lessons only. Flexible times are available including evenings and weekends. Meet me at my studio or online via Zoom. I’d be happy to work with you on your private projects or help you develop one of mine. Contact me to schedule or learn more by simply replying to this email.

February- I’m going to try something new! However, you can come to the studio and paint with our friendly tribe of creatives on Tuesdays 1-4 as usual.

Fancy Florals in February- New Hybrid Course!

Learn Fundamentals of watercolor using the best of both worlds- Online AND in Person 🎨😊🎨

Sign up to participate during February and receive the chance to watch me paint 4 complete demos online, and then come to class (either in person or via Zoom, or BOTH 🥳)

What’s included:

  • Lifetime Access to online course material

  • 4 complete painting lessons- start to finish you’ll end up with 4 paintings

  • Replay as many times as needed

  • Watch at your convenience

  • Access to live feedback and chance to ask questions weekly on Zoom- Tuesdays- Feb 7,14, 21, 28 from 6-7pm (videos posted to classroom afterward)

  • Access to in-person follow up and studio time with me if you are in Myrtle Beach Tuesdays in February from 1-4PM

Who is this class for?

  • This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate painters- learn my set up and basic approach to color

  • Want to have saturated wet paper and still have control? Yes you can!!! Learn my approach to mastering wet into wet painting! It’s easier than you think!

  • Do your colors seem “dead” to you? Want more lively vibrant outcomes? One of my lessons in February addresses this common watercolor problem for artists of all levels.

  • Would you like to impart more mystery to your realistic artwork? My approach to incorporate abstract painting with realistic subject matter will give food for thought to even the more advanced artist!

  • Have you studied with me in the past or wished you lived closer so we could paint together? Here’s a chance for us to connect again ❤️

  • Are you a local or visiting student who wants to play in the studio with other artists? Then this is your chance!

  • Have you taken any of these lessons before? Watch the newly updated videos of class and see if you get more out of them this time around. As a previous attendee, you’ll have access to any updates made now or in the future.

Sign up for My Hybrid Course- Fancy Florals in February

Local Student or

Online Courses not for you?

Special Note for local Myrtle Beach students: I will be supporting the lessons in my Fancy Florals online hybrid course during the month of February. That video material will provide the class demonstrations. However, I will operate classes as usual and you will be welcome to come and paint your heart out anytime! ❤️

New DAY for Classes- Tuesdays 1-4PM

If you’ve taken any of these classes before, you can simply access your previous course material and come paint with me again in the studio for the rates below.

If you simply want to enjoy studio time and assistance with your own projects, prices for studio class time are as follows:

4 classes month long package 12 hrs $150 ($37.50 per class)

3 classes month long package 9 hrs for $115 ( $38 per class)

2 class month long package 6 hrs $80 ($40 per class)

1 class for $45

Note: classes must be used within the same calendar month of purchase. That way my accounting starts fresh at the first of every month. 😊

Dates for all in-person Studio Sessions are as follows:

Tuesday Feb 7, 14, 21, 28

Questions about any of this? Reach out and text or call me: 843-450-2307

Sign up for My Hybrid Course- Fancy Florals in February

Let’s Plan Ahead and

Travel Together this Fall!

Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2023

Eat Paint Love Tuscany

Cost: $3695 p/p

I’ve said it before, and can’t seem to repeat it enough, that there are never too many trips to Italy!

Some places you visit seem like home. They beckon you back, over and over again. It has to do with the people, and the setting, and the comfort you feel when you get there. San Fedele is one of those places for me. It’s our home away from home.

“Bathed in a 1000 years of prayer”, this fully renovated former monastery is now open to small groups of travelers by special invitation of its owners.

If you’ve been there before, you’ll find that the grounds have undergone a complete re-do, with an additional pool and extensive new landscaping that makes the setting even more beautiful.

Watch a video of San Fedele here: Borgo San Fedele video

Are you traveling single? I have a couple of ladies who may be interested in sharing a room. I can help you connect. Just reply to this email or reach out to Michael@ilchiostro.com with any questions you might have.

Sign Up and Learn More About Eat Paint Love Tuscany -Click here

You know <<First Name>>, I like to think that my business is more personal than most. That’s why I like to share life with those of you on my mailing list. What we do as artists is personal! We bare our souls when we paint. Laying it all out there for the world to assess. I’ve likened sharing my art with the world to participating in a naked beauty contest. 😅 It can feel that way, right?

But as artists, we don’t just paint, we have lives. Sometimes they spiral out of control a bit. Mine does that periodically, and I’m grateful to have the flexibility to work less during those moments.

The past month has been one of those moments. The holidays were very altered due to Hurricane Ian. My mother experienced a tragic loss of her home and her lifestyle in Florida. So many people lost even more than she did, but that doesn’t minimize the fact that at 84, significant life change is not easy.

Our parents are precious, aren’t they? I lost my dad over 30 years ago, so I treasure the fact that my mom is still in my life. Parents teach us by virtue of what they say and what they do. I’m learning so much from her experience. Watching her navigate this trauma with grace and with grit has been inspirational.

The good news is that she is happy and settling into an independent living situation that is both fun and exciting for her. That makes all the effort worthwhile! As we continue to help her plug into the local medical community and address her health concerns, I’m hoping that excitement about what comes next will only increase for her. I’m also having fun helping her decorate her new place. Bare walls are calling out to be filled, and I just happen to know a girl with a few spare paintings lying around…😉

I’d love to share what’s new in your art practice or in your personal world…shoot me a reply and let’s keep in touch.

With love and light, ❤️