There’s fun coming up in June

Here in my Myrtle Beach studio !

<<First Name>> I hope you’ll come and have fun completing your painting in class with my help

or simply come out to join my musical friends and I for an art show.

There will only be a few strings attached 🎶 (to their guitars 😉)

Spend the day in the studio…

Thursday June 14, 2022 11AM-4PM

2 hour minimum $12/hr

Text 843-450-2307 or hit reply

Contact me to save you a seat!

Save the date! Saturday June 25th 5-10PM

New Art and merchandise for sale with Ukrainian relief as our charitable goal

Music with friends 🎶

A chance to socialize, enjoy some refreshments and FUN!!

<<First Name>> I hope you’ll join us!

If you’re not local, then I hope you’ll take part virtually by following all the fun through my studio on social media. You can click on the links below. (And be sure to stop in and see me when you come to town!)