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And thus I aspire to preach the gospel, not where Christ is already named, so I would not build on another man's foundation.  Romans 15:20 NASB
LIFE IN INDIA         
A Series of Editorial Essays                          Part 3
by Anita Barngrover                                       

We all understand different countries have different cultural ways of life.  The “normal” things here in America seem strange to foreign visitors to our country.  Some things are just “normal” to all Americans.  Everyone in our country receives an education through the twelfth grade, courtesy of taxpayers.  Everyone pays taxes in our country.  Every four years we have a national presidential election.  We speak English - mostly.  These are common cultural norms for Americans.  
However, even within the United States of America there are differing cultural norms.  This is due to the geographically huge size of our country.   When a resident of a deep South state visits Boston, Maine, or even New York City, he/she can feel like a foreigner.  Even the language seems strange, although we can usually decipher enough to get by during a short visit.   Climate and landscape vary drastically across our country.  
This is even more true in India.  It is geographically huge.   There are vast differences in cultures, climate, landscape, language and more.  The central government of India declares the official language of the country to be Hindi.  According to the government, all children of India receive a free basic education – through the sixth grade – where they must show mastery of the Hindi language.  Unlike America, the official rule of the central government of India is not carried out throughout the land.  Just because they declare something to be a certain way, does not mean it happens that way.  The vast majority of the country is still uneducated.  Children grow up to adulthood without ever being in a classroom.
India's central government has 23 constitutionally recognized "official" languages. Hindi and English are typically used as an official language by the central government. The 23 major languages in India are written in thirteen different scripts.  In addition, several states have their own official language – other than Hindi or English.  And even more confusing, there are more than 720 dialects spoken in India, each undecipherable to the others.  Geography is the biggest factor of language spoken in India.  
Dr. Lianzaw is fluent in many languages of the country of India along with several of the dialects.  However, he still must use a translator when he speaks in most of the NBGMI mission fields.  Can you understand what a challenge it is to spread the Gospel message within the country of India?   Can you understand why native speaking Christians make the most effective missionaries in India?  
That’s why NBGMI aims to disciple/train new believers to share the Gospel message within their geographical region.  This is already happening in Odisha led by NBGMI Field Director Lamboi Suntak.  Some believers in this area have become full-time evangelists.   Others are helping take the Gospel to new villages in the region, part-time.  New believers in Nepal led by Hari Bonsa are also taking the Gospel message to new villages in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. 
New Beginning Gospel Ministry International (NBGMI) started as a Godly vision given to Dr. Langkhanthang Lianzaw (aka. “Thang”) many years ago, before he ever came to America to pursue a higher seminary education.  God has worked through Dr. Lianzaw and the NBGMI partners in ministry – all of YOU.  All who pray and give financially to support this ministry will share in the heavenly rewards of this richly blessed and successful ministry to further the Kingdom of God in India & Nepal.  Praise God!
The word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily. Acts 19:20 ESV

Please Pray for All NBGMI Church Planters
Nepal -
Dr. Lianzaw states, "This old lady, whom I baptized in 2016 in Nepal, went to be with the Lord today. She was the one who testified her faith to her grandchildren saying, don’t worry, if I die in the cold water as I take baptism I will be sooner with the Lord. I always went to her house first whenever I was in her village. Now my friend won't be there to greet me.  Please Pray for her unbeliever family members to come to the same saving faith she embraced.  
Nepal -
Early this month, Dr. Lianzaw traveled to Nepal from his home in New Delhi.  His nephew and a relative, "Aunty Melody," traveled with him to help with all the driving required on this trip.  NBGMI Field Director, Loma Darlong, also made the trip to be of service to Dr. Lianzaw.  The group spent the night in a large border town where they met NBGMI church planter, Jeevan Bahadur.  The next morning, the group went to a motorbike showroom to purchase a bike for Jeevan to use in the mountainous region which is his service area. A generous donor in America provided the funds to meet this need.  With the purchase made, the group traveled on to Jeevan's home village.  They stopped for a meal along the way.  And they stopped to wash off the dust on Dr. Lianzaw's SUV in one of the low water streams they crossed.  

At Jeevan's house, the family posed for pictures with the new bike.  And all the kids of the village tried to fit on the bike for a picture.  Jeevan Praises God for the generous donation.   He and his family pray for bike donor and for all the NBGMI supporters everyday.  See photos below.
NBGMI church planter, Jeevan (his common name), a.k.a, Dhan Bahadur, left his Nepal home and came to India searching for work.  He found work on a farmer's land in Himachal state where he heard the Gospel and became a believers of Jesus Christ through the church he attended on Sundays. Jeevan was burdened for his families and his own people group back in Nepal.  NBGMI was told about Jeevan through one of our believers in Himachal.  After accepting him into the NBGMI team, we sent him back to his village in Kharpani Nepal as he wished.  Jeevan's mom was his first convert in his ministry.  Dr. Lianzaw baptized her last year.  
NBGMI church planter, Jeevan, and his family live in a two-story house with only one outdoor ladder to the second floor.  The house has a blue tin roof because of the generous donations of NBGMI partners.  Family meals are served on the floor.  There is no table. When the weather is good, guests can eat outside at a small table.  Also there is no toilet.  Below is a picture of the only toilet in the whole village, built two years ago for visitors like Dr. Lianzaw and the group with him. Although the conditions are rough, the house is in a beautiful part of the world in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  Photo below shows the view from Jeevan's house.  
First NBGMI Church Building!
Jeevan's house. New believers in the village came together and built their church building near Jeevan's house. Ten to fifteen people come regularly each Sunday for worship and on Fridays for Bible study.  Praise God!  More information about this first church building will be in next month's newsletter.  
Another reason for the trip to Jeevan's ministry field in Nepal, besides the new motorbike, was to baptize some new believers in the village.  Baptism day begins with in depth pre baptism counseling sessions led by Dr. Lianzaw and Loma, with Jeevan translating their words into the local language - a dialect of Nepalese.  Jeevan carefully explains clearly that water baptism is not a means of salvation.  Salvation is by profession of faith in Jesus Christ alone.  When the self-declaration forms are all signed, the group gathers for prayers and photos at the handmade pool of water.  One photo below shows a mother and grown son who both took baptism on this day.  See photos below.
One of the new believers Dr. Lianzaw baptized this day was named Jank.  He is the oldest son of NBGMI church planter, Jeevan.  Praise God! 
Odisha -
Rev.Lamboi Suantak, the NBGMI Field Director for Odisha, sends detailed reports every month about the ministry to the Kutia people by the NBGMI team members in the field.  No report was received for two months, due to the fact his laptop quit working.  Laptops in addition to cell phones are essential in the work done by our NBGMI Field Directors.  Dr. Lianzaw managed to scrape together enough funds for another laptop for Lamboi and we are getting the reports again. 
Lamb says, "We got heavy monsoon rain especially in August and September. Sometimes the rain continues to pour night and day for about 11-12 days and therefore we cannot reach out many villages as we plan ned.  However, we make good use of the time indoors for correction of our Bible translation and typesetting of the Gospel of John into the Kutia language." 
PARTNER with US Today!
Pray for the believers in Rajasthan, the NBGMI church planters/missionaries working there, the hearers of the Gospel who have not yet decided to follow Christ, and for the Gospel message to continue to spread over the land - despite the laws being enacted to try and stop the spread of Christianity.  
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Odisha -
Missions & Ministry: 
We were able to reach out to four new villages and had an opportunity to share the Gospel with 6 families. Simultaneously, revisiting some of our prospect families who already heard the Gospel and need encouragement in order to grow in their faith.
NBGMI team members in Odisha, Rev. Lamboi & Evangelist Meghasan, hiked to a very remote village and visited with the head of the village and his wife in their home.  Six children were born to he and his wife; but only one survive to this day. The other five children died before they reached 4 years.  Many times this couple sought help from their traditional priest to no avail.  Furthermore, the priest warned them that children wouldn’t be safe in their village because there is an evil spirit who lives within the village and is vicious and unappeasable with any sacrifices. After hearing all her bitter experiences and grieving heart, we promised her we would visit them again in the coming days.  See photos below.
Evan. Rejist & Daudo reached to four villages namely – Bilamal, Dursi, Kalanguda and Gombari alongside revisiting some of our new acquaintances in the area. Though they cannot take pictures from all the villages they had visited because of those who are so suspicious about them and their work, our brothers do visit them and witness the Gospel to them individually as well as families. Indeed, in two villages (Gombari and Bilamal) the Lord open the hearts of two families and they are willing to listen more about Jesus in the coming days. Thank God for that. Let us earnestly keep praying for these two families.
John 4:35 ESV "...Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." 

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