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And thus I aspire to preach the gospel, not where Christ is already named, so I would not build on another man's foundation.  Romans 15:20 NASB
LIFE IN INDIA         
A Series of Editorial Essays by Anita Barngrover                                       Part 2

Imagine, if you can, a world in which it is illegal to talk to people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You have been meeting with a small group of fellow believers for regular worship times and bible study meetings.  Sometimes you and your believer friends may meet to pray for each other and for the unsaved near you.  Maybe you are the leader of this small group of believers.  You introduced these formerly lost souls to the one true God and the saving grace of His love for us.  Now you are mentoring and teaching these new converts from the Bible, God’s Word.  
You and your small group of believers are learning to rely on God more each day.  Your family and some neighbors have noticed a difference in you and are asking you questions about your new-found peace and hope.  Of course, you share the source of this change - the Peace Giver.  And your leader has taught you how to tell others about Jesus’s love for them.  As a result, your group is growing.  You have never been so happy in your lifetime!
Then one day you hear about a new law enacted by the central government of your country that prohibits your actions, your speech, and your whole new way of life.  And now the local authorities in your community have come to your leader’s house and told all of you to stop meeting together for religious purposes.  A new law says you can only hold religious gatherings in government approved locations – all are Hindu Temples in your area.   So, in effect you can no longer meet and study the Bible, pray and sing to the one true God, or tell others about Jesus!  Your group is warned to stop meeting behind closed doors, or you will be arrested.  
What would you do? Would you obey that law in order to protect yourself and your family?  If you are arrested or killed, how would your children eat?  Where would they live? Who would protect them?
All of that was just our imagination. Now let’s look at a reality.  
Right now, our Christian brothers and sisters in India are facing the very issues we just imagined.  They are the same issues the apostles had to face in the book of Acts in our Bible.  The NBGMI church planters and their families living and serving in the state of Rajasthan have decided like Peter and the apostles did in Acts 5:29, “We must obey God rather than men.” 

***NOTE: NBGMI team members in Rajasthan are being cautious.  They continue to share the Gospel with neighbors.  They continue to meet with believers for worship and bible study.  They continue to mentor and make disciples of the believers, teaching them to share the Gospel with others.  However, gatherings happen behind walls with closed doors.  Baptism services are held behind walls as well.  Everyone is careful to be out of watchful eyes as much as possible.  There is no attempt to antagonize those who wish to stop the spread of Christianity.  
The word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily. Acts 19:20 ESV
Last month all the NBGMI workers and their families met together with Dr. Lianzaw and his wife Moi.  Each NBGMI worker vowed to continue in their current location and to work diligently to spread the Gospel message as long as God will allows.  These men and women of God have been true to their word.  The rest of this newsletter shows the results of their efforts and God's blessings so far.  Look at all these baptisms!!!  Praise God!!                               Please Pray for Them All.
Dr. Lianzaw & his wife are next to the end on the right side. The other seven men and their families (not all family members are in photo) serving in Rajasthan.  
Please Pray for Them All ...
Rajasthan -
Meet the newest NBGMI church planter couple, Mr. Kalu Ram and his wife Tara.  Despite the danger, on October 1, 2019, this mission minded couple began their assignment in a village in Rajasthan in a district that shares a border with Pakistan.  It is a completely unreached, backward area where they are living and serving.               Please Pray for this couple with a very difficult mission field.  
Rajasthan -  
On September 22, Loma was sent to a mission field served by Kuldeep and his wife Neelam to administer the baptism of a young couple - Mr. Pravin Kumar & his wie Maya.   Dr. Lianzaw was visiting his father in Manipur state so he could not fulfill the urgent request of the young couple to be baptized before Maya gave birth to their first child.  
Top photo below: left to right, Kuldeep, Pravin, Maya, Neelam and Kuldeep & Neelam's daughter.
Rajasthan -
Two hundred, fifty kilometers north west of Delhi are a series of small villages served by NBGMI church planter, Mahender and his family for about a year. Despite the fact that the name of Jesus had never or rarely been spoken in this district and the despite the fact that the national and state governments want to stop the spread of Christianity and destroy all persons known as Christian, Mahender has effectively taken the Gospel message to the villages in his area of this state.  This man of God was so certain of God's power in the face of opposition, he began building a baptistry attached to his house so there would be a place - out of the public eye - for baptisms.  

Sunday, October 6, 2019 Dr. Lianzaw spent the day with Mahender baptizing six new believers.  Praise God!  See Photos Below.  
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Pray for the believers in Rajasthan, the NBGMI church planters/missionaries working there, the hearers of the Gospel who have not yet decided to follow Christ, and for the Gospel message to continue to spread over the land - despite the laws being enacted to try and stop the spread of Christianity.  
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Rajasthan -         
Dr. Lianzaw and Loma next traveled to Sardarshar city to baptize more new believers in that area.  Because of the previous attack by radical Hindus in this city in 2016, Dr. Lianzaw and Loma parked their car outside of the city and snuck in.  They traveled within the city by auto rickshaw.  Their trek through the city to the slums where NBGMI worker Nikku lives and serves took them right by the police station gate where the group were taken after the attack in January 2016.  
See photos below.
Rajasthan -         
Mrs. Emarti Devi, in Sardarshahar. is the first who took baptism in 2015. When the Hindu radical group known as the RSS forced NBGMI workers to leave the city in January of 2016, Mrs. Emarti Devi stepped up and offered rooms in her house for NBGMI church planters.  Her house is where NBGMI church planters live now and continue to minister the Gospel in Sardarshar city.  God Bless Her!
See photo below.
Dr. Lianzaw with Mrs Emarti Devi outside her house in Sardarshar city.
Dr. Lianzaw and NBGMI Field Director for Rajasthan, Loma Darlong, gathered the group of new believers for the mandatory pre-baptism counseling session.  As is the custom for this group of believers in Sardarshar,  whenever they meet, the counseling session included a break for sharing tea together.    See photos below.
At the conclusion of the pre-baptism counseling session, the candidates for baptism sign the Self-Declaration document which includes their thumbprints. See photos below, including one of the signed documents.
Monday, October 7, 2019      
A group photo is taken before the three women are baptized.  In Photo above, Loma is on the far left; Nikku is in the back; his wife, Sapna, in the peach color is next to Dr. Lianzaw on the right; with some there to witness the baptisms on the far right.  
Photos below; first, Mrs. Kamlesh; then Mrs. Muskan,; last was Mrs. Bhimla - taking baptism against her husband's will, while he is at work.  Last picture below, Loma encourages the newly baptized believers.  
Rajasthan -       
From Sardarashar city we drove an two hours southeast to Loma's house where three new believers drove with us another two hours southeast to a town where NBGMI church planter Deendayal works for another baptism service there.  See first photo below.  Next photo below is Deendayal Singh & his family.
As usual, candidates for baptism must first participate in a pre-baptism counseling session where each must count the personal cost of following Jesus.  Self-declarations forms are signed and a group picture is taken.
See photos  below. 
Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Baptisms begin with a special couple.  Meet new believers, Mr. Dash Raj and his wife, Sunita.  This couple voluntarily constructed the baptistry pool attached to the back of Deendayal's house.  Since they constructed it, they are the first to be baptized in it.  Praise God for them!  See phots below.
A special case candidate for baptism was Mrs. Prem, a handicapped woman who was transported over 50 miles away by her husband to take baptism.  Dr. Lianzaw says, "We just lifted her over into the baptistry pool with physical excruciating pains in her body.  But we lifted her out again from the baptistry with great rejoicing on this day - October 8, 2019."   Praise God!  See photos below.
The remaining candidates were then baptized.  Afterwards we had a grand celebration feast inside Deendayal's house for all in attendance.   See photos below.
John 4:35 ESV "...Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." 

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