CHRISTMAS GREETING                                                               2019


And thus I aspire to preach the gospel, not where Christ is already named, so I would not build on another man's foundation.  Romans 15:20 NASB

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

(left to right) Khumsang, Dr. Lianzaw (Thang), Moi (wife, mother), Zokim, Haupiakilan, Hamanthang (in front)
Thang, Dr. Lianzaw
CHRISTMAS:         Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul!”      John 1: 14
Annual Christmas Message:  
The essence of Christmas is this, “Heaven came down and glory filled my Soul!”  We beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  (John 1:14) Heavenly glory in its entirety is due to the presence of Jesus Christ.  In other words, the presence of Jesus Christ makes the heaven glorious with endless echoing of praises.  
The coming down of Jesus Christ to earth on ‘Christmas Day’ transformed the earth into heaven.  The heavenly host praises and melodious singing abruptly stopped as the throne in heaven became empty.  The physical body of Jesus Christ was transferred from the heavenly throne to the earthly manger yet the songs of His praises did not cease but rather were louder than ever before, singing, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.”  (Luke 2:14 KJV) Although Jesus was laid in a manger, His glorious doxology was indescribable!
Christmas is so vibrant, profound, and remarkably special to all believers because we beheld His glory which is full of grace and truth.  While we cannot go to God in heaven, the God of heaven came down to us on earth and brought us such great “Good news” to proclaim His name unto eternal salvation to all people who believe. 
Although the joyous celebration of Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival for the world, there are various ways of celebrating the occasion.   For instance, Christmas from my experiences during the early 1960’s in my remote village in far eastern India, in both the newly emerging local church and the non-Christian peoples celebrated Christmas.  They both celebrated a grand community feast by butchering cows and pigs.  They also celebrated with dancing and singing songs while accompanied with only drums and gongs.  But there were big differences between the two groups. The local church served tea between services while the traditional group served rice beer (a very strong wine) and sang traditional folk songs. The local church group celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with services containing hymns and sermons about the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  
We, the New Beginning Gospel Ministry International (NBGMI) have a day of celebration in all our mission fields focusing on missions.  Regardless of different religious backgrounds, there is no hesitation to participate in our Christmas celebrations.  So we take advantage of the exceptional opportunity Christmas provides to invite as many people as possible, believers, non-believers, neighbors, and we preach the Gospel message that, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.”  Often the Christmas celebration turns out to be a means to lead people to Christ. When listeners realize the reason for the Christmas celebration a profound change occurs. 
Dear brothers and sisters, mission partners and churches, I want to say “Thank You,” for all your resourceful and endless generosity with financial support and prayers as we co-endeavor in this mission.  We have been celebrating Christmas in our mission fields since the beginning of our ministry here in 2012, preaching the name of Jesus to people who ever had heard His name even once in their lifetime.  
Your prayers and your giving enable us to minister to many unreached people groups in India and Nepal.  With your help we will continue to use the Gospel message to transform many lives to an eternal security in Jesus Christ so we can all sing the glorious song of, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!”
May God Bless you all and continue to use you for Him and His kingdom, making many people His disciples.  
Yours in His vineyard, 
Rev. Dr. Langkhangthang Lianzaw
Founder President, NBGMI
New Delhi, INDIA
Phone: 011-91-9971123355

Hauminthang is our youngest child and he is in the 7th grade and finally loving school and his days spent in school. Although his grades are not too good, they are not too bad either. Just needs some more practice and hard work. He is wearing glasses now and getting taller by the month. He very sensitive toward others and always mindful of helping around the house - especially now that both Zokim and Huapiaklian are away for college during the week.  We celebrated Children's Day at our church a few months ago, Hauminthang gave a short speech on how we should never lose hope and trust on God.  He cited his mom & dad as examples, referring to the beating we experienced in Rajasthan in 2016. 

Khumsang is right now in 10th grade and it is very crucial for him as it is the deciding factor for him whether or not he will go into higher secondary education. He is very calm and cool about it, in the sense that he does not show signs of pressure or anxiety but we know that he is stressing inside. He is struggling with Math and Hindi so we covet some serious prayers for him. The finals will be held in March of next year. He is taller than his dad now. So you can imagine! Music has become a part of his life so much that he is a part of the worship team in the church here. And this is just for your information.... his dad and I would really like for him to pursue being a music pastor or something like that. But of course, that is in God's hand! He will turn 16 this month and has asked that his dad start teaching him how to drive. 

Haupiaklian is doing his first semester for his final year of undergraduate course in Psychology. If God wills, he will graduate sometime around March/April 2020. He would like to pursue something on the line of clinical counselling or something to do with counselling. His dad wants him to first try out the Civil Service competition called Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Passing this test would ensure he would always be able to work in India.  He is a very responsible and caring son and brother.  When  his dad is away traveling for missions work, Haupiakilan's presence is very appreciated.  He takes on the role of Man of the House.  He recently helped his sister attain her driver's license.  He taught her and practiced with her.  He even went to with her to take her drivers test.  

Zokim is doing her first semester for her first year in MA in English Literature (Honors). She is struggling but the struggle is steady and for her benefit. Although she is doing her Masters right now, she desires to continue it at Dallas Baptist University (DBU). We had tried it once previously while Thang was over there this time. But since the date for the visa interview was too late we had to postpone it for Spring semester next year. We do not know what God has in store for her but it is one of our prayer requests these days.  She wants to be involved in student ministry, a desire that was ignited when she went on a mission trip to Mexico as a part of our church's youth mission team when we were in Texas.  


Haulianmang has been with us for the past two years, during his 11th and 12th grade and is back with us for his undergraduate courses. He is Thang's younger brother's only son.  Thang's brother, Chinkhandal, had been recruited into the army during his early years.  Once he was in the army he realized the value of education and was sort of ashamed that none of their family were educated.  So he challenged Thang.  He told him to choose a place he wanted to study and that he, Chinkhandal, was willing to sacrifice his whole salary for Thang's education.  That is how he became the sole supporter for Thang during his college days.  So we thought it was the right thing to take care and look after his son, "Mang."  He and Haupiak stay together as paying guests in the north side of Delhi.  The two young men go the same college - which was too far of a daily commute from our house.  

I want to share with you how God is such as awesome God (not that you don't know yet!!). You know the amazing thing that happens when a certain Bible verse or chapter speaks to you even though you have read it or heard it like a thousand times. It happened to me last week when I heard the words again from John 3:16 during our daily morning family Bible study time. The words were so new and fresh for me that I was overwhelmed of HOW MUCH God loves us, that He was willing to sacrifice His one and only Son so that we could have eternal life!! I had to control myself not to burst out crying at the dinner table during the Bible study time. But I had all sorts of mixed emotions going on that day.....feelings of joy....relief....and at the same time guilt that I am not able to do anything for Him. But then.....I realize that I do not have to do anything......I just need to have faith in Him....and hold on to the hope that one day He will return to take me to be with Him for eternity!! I give Him all the glory for all the grace and blessings that we have received so far....and will continue to receive until He returns!

As we come towards the end of the year, I would like to say I thank God and praise Him for His faithfulness .... His blessings....His grace into our lives, our family, the all aspects! I also thank and praise God for each and everyone of our friends and prayer partners in the US who have ceaselessly prayed for us, generously given towards our family and the ministry, tirelessly encouraged us through out endeavors. We have come thus far because of you!! 

John 4:35 ESV "...Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." 

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