Councillor Di Ciano December E-Newsletter 2016
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December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Ward 5 Residents!
As we begin the lead up to the Holiday Season, I want to remind everyone that we are holding our first Ward 5 Christmas Party on December 11th, from 2-5 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch located at 110 Jutland Road. Children are welcome! There will be refreshments, storytime by one of our wonderful Eatonville Branch librarians, arts and crafts and even a visit by Santa! See details below!

Also of note, we have re-vamped our website and added a new polling feature on our website - this month you can vote about the proposed Expressway Tolls. 

A reminder that our hardcopy newsletter has gone out via Canada Post! You should have received it, but if you haven't, please let us know and we will get one to you.

Best wishes for the Holidays!

Councillor Justin Di Ciano
Inside this Issue:
General Updates:
Toronto Ward Boundary Changes
Park Lawn Lakeshore Transportation Master Plan Possible New Road from Lakeshore to The Queensway!
Berry Road Food Co-Op news and sign up!
Mechanical Leaf Collection Yellow area update
Slow Zones - Campaign Promise Delivered
Mandatory Downspout Disconnection
Ashbourne Drive Reduced speed limit request
Prennan Ave, Traffic Calming Report
New Sidewalk on local streets
Snow Clearing for seniors and people with disabilities in Toronto
Bill C73 clarification
4125 Dundas Street West Development Application
at Kingsway Crescent
Traffic Report for Bloor St. W. and Kingsway
4195 Dundas St.W. Development Application
at Prince Edward Dr. N.

4208,4210 Dundas W. / RONA Development Approved
Pickle Ball
Middle Years Resource Guide for Parents
Development and School Spaces at Islington and Norseman
Additional Meter Parking on Bloor
Glenellen East Speed Humps Approved
New Disabled Parking Spot Bloor Kingsway
Bloor St.North side parking at Willingdon
1061 The Queensway Development Application (Phase 1)
Guardrail on Royal York Repaired
Humber Treatment Plant Odour Control Upgrades - Update!
New Grocery Store Bloor and Islington
Traffic Memos Aukland and Subway Crescent / Billingham and Silverhill
Queensway and Royal York Lights
Ashbourne Drive 40km Request
Prince Edward Drive North
Resurfacing The Queensway and Burnhamthorpe Road
Usher Avenue Sidewalk - Update

Community Event Flyers
Toronto Ward Boundary Changes

In late November City Council voted to increase the amount of City Councillor from 44 to 47 members, with new boundaries to reflect this change. This 47 ward option was passed with a 28-13 vote. Despite the discussion from Councillors to decrease the number of Councillors, the 47 ward option was recommended by consultants to balance uneven populations in the current system. It is important to note that the boundaries are slightly different and Ward 5 decreases in size, losing the area west of the 427 and north of Bloor St. West except for a portion of the Dundas corridor in the 6 Points area (see map). This change will keep ward size in the realm of 52,000 and 70,000 residents per ward, and will be in place for the 2018 election. Before this happens, a bylaw must be passed by December 31, 2017 to permit the new boundaries for the 2018 election.

This boundary change is subject to appeal at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Details of that process can be found here:

Link to You Tube for the consultant's presentation:

Possible New Road Connection to Ward 5
Park Lawn Lakeshore Transportation Master Plan

A public meeting has been scheduled for the following date at the Assembly Hall

Saturday December 3, 10am -12:30pm
1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr, Etobicoke, ON M8V 4B6


This message is to notify you that all materials that will be used for the first round of public events for the Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan are now available on the project website including the:  
Please feel free to fill in the online comment form, and circulate all materials through your networks.  Comments will be accepted for this phase of the Study until December 9, 2016.
A report summarizing all comments received will be published to the project website and circulated in early 2017.


New ! Berry Road Food Co-Op
Meet the Berry Road Food Co-op.

The Berry Road Food Co-op is a not-for-profit food grocer that will be located at 150 Berry Road in the Stonegate-Sunnylea neighbourhood of Etobicoke in spring 2018.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the Berry Road Food Co-op, I am requesting support from you to help make this project become a reality for the community.

Your contribution will allow us to get the store up and running and put healthy, local and affordable products on the shelves for shoppers and community residents to enjoy.

As an Etobicoke resident myself I am passionate about my community and the wellness of the people who live here.

If you have any questions, please contact James Partanen, BRFC Executive Director, at 647.479.9584 or

Visit us at:

You can easily send your $10 membership fee by email to:

Judy Geary
President & Board Member, Berry Road Food Co-op

Mechanical Leaf collection - Yellow Area

We have asked staff to consider a second round for the yellow area on the map, please see our website. The leaves fell late and many were not there to be picked up. Staff will confirm and we will advise on our website!
Slow Zones - Campaign Promise Delivered

During the election I campaigned for the importance of 'slow zones' on residential streets using signage, red light cameras and infrastructure changes. I am pleased to advise that Ontario municipalities will soon be permitted to introduce photo radar in school zones under new legislation that the Province is putting forward in the coming month. This bill stems from the City's request earlier this year and would allow municipalities to introduce photo radar, as well as create reduced speed-limit zones. These are two very important aspects to increasing the safety of our local roads, particularly at a time where so many people are being injured and killed by drivers who speed. As we receive more news about implementation within Toronto, we will advise via our e-newsletter and website.
REMINDER:  Mandatory Downspout Disconnection

Traffic Calming for Ashbourne Drive

Residents have expressed their frustration that there was not more support from the residents of the street for speed humps. Councillor Justin Di Ciano sympathises and will support re-polling once the two year moratorium has passed.
Meantime Justin has asked staff to report back on reducing the speed limit from 50km to 40km.
Prennan Avenue Traffic Calming Report

The report will be on the January 17th, 2017 Community Council Agenda and available closer to that time. The report does not recommend speed humps.
Please contact the clerk or our office if you wish to speak to the item at community council.

NEW sidewalks on LOCAL ROADS
We need to hear from the street residents!

Delroy Drive

Delroy Drive from Royal York Road to the east limit at Jeff Healey Park is planned to be resurfaced in 2017 as part of the capital works program. Staff are proposing a new sidewalk on the north side of Delroy Drive from Royal York to Berl Avenue and on the south side of Delroy Drive from Berl Avenue to the east limit at Jeff Healey Park. .Delroy Drive leads directly to Karen Kain School of the Arts and to Jeff Healey Park. Staff had investigated a new sidewalk on Delory Drive in 2008 after receiving a petition for a new sidewalk from the residents of Delroy Drive in 2006 but it was determined that a new sidewalk should be built in conjunction with road works. The petition was signed by 22 residents of Delroy Avenue.


Sevenoaks Avenue

Sevenoaks Avenue from Leland Ave to Norsemen St is planned to be reconstructed in 2017 as part of the capital works program. Sevenoaks Avenue has existing sidewalks on both sides of the road ending midblock at the south end of the road.  Staff are proposing a new sidewalk on the west side of Sevenoaks Avenue from Leland Ave connecting to the existing sidewalk and on the east side of Sevenoaks Avenue from Ludlow Avenue connecting to the existing sidewalk.

Snow clearing for seniors and people with disabilities in Toronto


If you are a senior or disabled resident of Toronto, the City will clear snow from the sidewalk in front of your home in those areas where the service is not provided by machine.


The City of Toronto provides sidewalk snow clearing in most of Toronto, however, there are some areas where equipment is unable to clear sidewalks due to insufficient sidewalk width for the plows, lack of boulevard space for snow storage, and on-street parking. Most of these areas are in the older, central parts of the city. 


A map showing the areas where the city provides mechanical sidewalk snow clearing is available at


Seniors and people with disabilities living in areas where the city does not clear sidewalks can contact the City at 311 to register for the program. The service applies to the sidewalk in front of the home only. It does not include driveways or walkways leading to homes. All participants in the program must renew annually to continue to receive the service.

Bill C-73 clarification

Bill 73 was put into place to avoid Council approvals being "chipped away" at by way of the Committee of Adjustment.  The initial request to the Province for the moratorium came from City of Toronto Council.  Valid reasons to disregard the 2 year moratorium are the following:
  • The variances are an outcome of staff error
  • The variances reflect minor revisions that do not fundamentally alter the approved development
  • The variance do not contradict staff advice as approved by Council.
4125 Dundas Street West Development Application
at Kingsway Crescent

Councillor Di Ciano has discussed the proposal with staff and the applicant on several occasions now.
Please be advised that the applicant has presented an alternative ( and final ) proposal. Planning Staff are reviewing this under the policy framework in place.  We will update you once we have that feedback.
Traffic Report for Bloor St. W. and Kingsway

In response to a request by a local resident in light of the very sad and tragic death of a lady crossing Grenview North at Bloor
St. ( not Bloor street itself ), staff have been asked to report back on:

A:  Relocating the crosswalk at Swiss Chalet.
B:  Turning Bloor and Grenview North and South into a fully signalised intersection.

Once the report is available it will be publically available.
4195 Dundas St.W. Development Application
at Prince Edward Dr. N.

Councillor Di Ciano has reviewed the application on several occasions with the applicant and staff.  The applicant has responded positively to our suggested changes to the proposal presented at the Public Meeting. Once details have been confirmed Councillor Justin Di Ciano will host a community meeting. Details will be advised through our E-Newsletter, please tell your friends and neighbours to sign up and visit our informative website:

4208, 4210 Dundas West Development
This application, Ward 4, was approved at Community Council at the final public meeting November 15, 2016.

Traffic was again raised as an issue. All city departments comment on the application and the Staff Recommendation was to approve the application.  Justin understands your concerns. It was noted that Dundas at Scarlett Road will be widened in 2017 which should alleviate traffic on Dundas West.

Another issue which continues to be raised, is that of The Dundas Avenue Study and it's 6 storey height.
The Dundas Avenue Study ( as approved under a previous councillor ) always had the rear of the site for much higher density.
Many people  do not realize what was approved in the Dundas Avenue Study. The lands, to the rear, were not zoned 6 storeys.
The Site and Area Specific Policies (277) does allow for the consideration of greater heights and densities for this site as part of a separate review process.
As part of the Dundas Street Avenue study a new Site and Area Specific Policy was included in the City's Official Plan that allows for the consideration of greater building heights and density on the rear portion of this site than those provided for along the Dundas.
Specifically Site and Area Specific Policy 27& states the following:
"This lands should be subject to a separate review process because of its distance for the Dundas Street edge and the opportunities for greater heights and densities."

To that end the application was almost As Of Right in line with the Dundas Avenue Study.
An Avenue Study was conducted for the portion of Dundas Street West between Royal York Road and the Humber River, including the subject lands. The Dundas Street West Avenue Study was completed and adopted by City Council in 2006 and was implemented through an Official Plan Amendment that created Site and Area Specific Policy No. 277 (SASP 277) and Zoning By-law 717-2006. A link to Zoning By-law 717-2006 can be found at:

Pickle Ball!

Councillor Justin Di Ciano has received a request to implement Pickle Ball on tennis courts in the ward. Staff will report back on the feasibility of this request and we will update you, as ever, right here in the E-Newsletter!

Wondering what Pickle Ball is? A resident has kindly provided the following information: Pickleball is a very popular sport - in Florida (and throughout the US) with the over 55’s. And it appears by the number of indoor (and the few outdoor) courts in Canada that the sport has become very popular here as well. We play indoors (which is great for the winter) in community or school gyms. These unfortunately are not available to us during the summer months and pickleball is particularly suited to be played outdoors during the summer.  Many communities in the U.S. and Canada are refurbishing tennis courts  to pickleball courts (same surface - different lines for a slightly different sized court).  See the action and the fun:
Middle Years Resource Guide for Parents

Stop Now And Plan (SNAP), a program of Child Development Institute in Toronto has recently developed a Middle Years Resource Guide for parents of children in the middle years.

It can be found here:

It is one of seven regional guides in Ontario, developed as part of the Ontario Youth Action Plan. The guide provides parents and caregivers information and links to services and community resources in Toronto. We encourage parents to take a look!

Development and School Spaces - Islington and Norseman Area

To manage the significant enrolment growth that’s been occurring within the attendance area for Norseman JMS the Toronto District School Board is constructing a 12-classroom addition at the school.  Architectural design is currently underway and construction should begin in the spring of 2018, leading to occupancy in the fall of 2019.


The TDSB is also planning to re-open the Castlebar building next fall, a previously closed elementary school located approximately 300m south of Norseman JMS, to accommodate some classes during the construction of the addition.  This will reduce the number of portable classrooms needed on the Norseman site (there are currently 10).


The TDSB Board will conduct a study upon completion of the Norseman JMS addition to determine how the Castlebar building can best be used over the long-term to help manage continued enrolment growth in this community.

For more information please contact Daniel Castaldo TDSB Manager of Planning at

Additional Meter Parking for Bloor Street West

Justin is always receiving requests for more parking along Bloor Street. Councillor Justin Di Ciano is pleased there will be additional parking on Bloor Kingsway, between Thompson and Brentwood on the south side. Transportation Staff supported Justin's request and it was approved by community council. Details on our website.

Speed Humps Approved for Glenellen East
Councillor Justin Di Ciano was happy to work with residents to finally, after so many years, bring this traffic calming measure to Glenellen East. Promised during his Election Campaign and now approved by Community Council November 15th. We anticipate the humps being installed in 2017.
New Parking Spot for the disabled Bloor Kingsway
Councillor Justin Di Ciano is committed to more parking for the disabled in Ward 5. Staff will report on legalising one behind Shoppers Drug Mart, laneway, Bloor and Royal York Roads. The spot has some worn paint but was never legal and is not being respected. New signage will make it clear.

Bloor Street and Willingdon Parking

Councillor Di Ciano received a request for staff to investigate the parking on the north side of Bloor St.W. east of Willington. The report may be read on our website. No changes are recommended.
1061 The Queensway Development Application (Phase 1)

The applicant is revising the drawings, soonest we have the new rendering we will post on our website. It's looking good!
Guardrail Repaired on Royal York Road - North of Norseman

Thank you to Staff!

Extra thank you to the resident who brought this to our

                 Before                                      After!

Humber Treatment Plant Odour Control Upgrades - Update

The odour control project is taking place currently and is comprised of four main components which consist of:

1. Process equipment upgrades in the heads-works of the plant to ensure that odours can be better contained and managed. This includes new bar screens, conveyance equipment and grit handling equipment.
2. The installation of a new granular activated carbon (GAC) scrubber to treat foul air extracted from the bar screens and conveyance equipment.
3. The construction of bio-filters to treat foul air from the south side primary system (closest to The Queensway).
4. The construction of bio-filters to treat foul air from the north side primary system (closest to the park area), north grit facility and head-works facility.

The timelines are as follows:

Component 1: This work will be completed at what is known as 'project substantial completion' in September 2017 and this is as a result of the equipment being brought into operation gradually as part of a detailed project schedule that is currently underway – there is a great deal of extremely complex equipment to be made operational. A significant piece of equipment being installed is one of three north grit tanks that is being retrofitted with a new grit removal system – this is one of the most odorous operations (conducted monthly) and it will significantly reduce odours. Two additional tanks need to be functioning in order to see the full benefit – these two tanks will be fully operational in early 2017.

Component 2: The granular activated carbon unit (GAC) will be fully operational in the summer of 2017. The filter treats air from several odour extraction zones within what is called the 'Head House' building.  Please note: The unit is already on site and has been put into operation in a temporary scenario in order to benefit from the early equipment delivery and installation. The unit is operating at 100% capacity (approximately 58 m3/hr) to mitigate odour problems in place of the much bigger north biofilter (143 m3/hr) which is still under construction. Typically Toronto Water staff would not provide a temporary installation, but due to the odour impacts in the community it made sense to provide this interim solution to improve conditions.  
Component 3: To be completed in February/March 2017.
Component 4: To be completed in July 2017.

New Grocery Store at Bloor and Islington
north/east corner*

At this time we have been updated and the new date for the opening of a grocery store is now Spring 2018. Please note this is beyond our control and is at the discretion of the applicant.
Traffic Memos for Aukland Rd. and Billingham Drive/Silverhill
Both of these memos may be read on our website:

The Queensway and Royal York Road Lights

Councillor Justin Di Ciano is pleased to advise that the expanded hours for the Northbound to Westbound left turn signal priority feature was implemented as of November 17, 2016 at the signalised intersection of The Queensway and Royal York Road.   This feature is now programmed to operate during the following time periods as indicated below:
  • Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.;
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
    The northbound to westbound left turn arrow will only be displayed for the above mentioned time periods when there are three or more vehicles present in the left turn lane prior to the start of the north/south green direction.

Ashbourne Drive 40 km Request

Councillor Justin Di Ciano would like your comments on reducing the speed limit from 50km to 40km on Ashbourne Drive.
Please email our office.  Residents are concerned over the speed of traffic.
Prince Edward Drive North

Councillor Di Ciano would like to hear your views on painting white lines at the road edge of Prince Edward Drive North.
Please email us your thoughts. The purpose would be to try and slow down traffic by narrowing the road.

Resurfacing The Queensway and Burnhamthorpe Road
Two projects of note, details below:
Project Major Road Resurfacing
From Street HIGH ST
Project Description Replacement of old asphalt surface with new asphalt surface, including repairs of any damaged sidewalks and curbs. Work may include the closure of individual lanes or the entire road.
Planned Duration Q2 2017 - Q3 2017
Project Major Road Resurfacing
From Street DUNDAS ST W
Project Description Replacement of old asphalt surface with new asphalt surface, including repairs of any damaged sidewalks and curbs. Work may include the closure of individual lanes or the entire road.
Planned Duration Q2 2017 - Q3 2017

New Sidewalk proposed for Usher Avenue

As previously advised, the City of Toronto has proposed to construct a new sidewalk on the south side of the existing road on Usher Avenue from Royal York Road to The Kingsway in 2016. The road is classified as a collector road.

Given opposition to the sidewalk from residents, Councillor Di Ciano deferred the item at Community Council to hold a community meeting, allowing residents and staff to discuss the issue further. At this meeting, it was requested that staff provide a revised count of traffic, this was done confirming the Collector status and was shared with the Councillor -  the community meeting did not result in any changes to the report. The 
report will be on the agenda of Etobicoke Community Council in April, 2017, at which time a final decision will be made. Residents who wish to express their views should forward them to the Clerk and register if they wish to address (speak to) community council.

Community Event Flyers

The Writers & Editors Network

The Writers & Editors Network is a not-for-profit organization welcoming aspiring and accomplished writers and editors across the GTA. To connect with other new or published writers, editors, or to explore publishing opportunities, plan to attend our monthly breakfast meetings.

WEN breakfasts are held monthly on a Saturday morning at the Canadiana Restaurant, in Six Points Plaza, at 9:30.

For the full list of speakers, or to register for breakfast meetings, our website is:

  1. Please send a short description of the event (75 words or less) to with the subject line "Community Event Flyer".  
  2. The flyer or image must be submitted as a .jpg file format.    
  3. Community events must take place in Ward 5 or in support of a local organization.
Please note that the community event flyer may be shared on either our Website, Facebook page, as a Twitter post, or in our monthly
e-newsletter subject to discretion.
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