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August 2016

Dear Neighbors:
In our August newsletter, you will find pertinent information on local and city wide issues that may be of interest to you. Please take the opportunity to get updated on what's happening in Ward 5. 
During the month of August, I will be personally knocking on doors to speak directly with residents regarding any issues that are affecting our ward.  I look forward to meeting and speaking with you very soon. If we don't happen to meet at your door in the remaining weeks of summer, I am always available to talk via telephone or by email. 
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe long weekend and don't forget to enjoy the outdoors while the sun is still shining! For some events going on this weekend in the city click here:
Warm Regards,
Councillor Justin Di Ciano
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General Updates: Development Updates
Toronto City Council Highlights for July 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th Council Meeting

Community Meeting Flyers


Community Event Flyers
On Friday July 26th, 2016 Councillor Di Ciano attended a Transit Roundtable discussion focused on the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area, hosted by MP James Maloney. Also in attendance was Andy Byford, CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission, Judy Pfeifer VP of Strategic Communications of Metrolinx. MPP Peter Milczyn, and Councillor Mark Grimes. Councillor Di Ciano looks forward to future transit discussions with his Etobicoke colleagues!
Street Hockey and Basketball Update
Council voted to amend Toronto's municipal code to remove the long-standing but seldom enforced prohibition against placing portable basketball or hockey nets for games on streets (the public right of way). The motion that Council adopted specifies that hockey or basketball can be played on local roads that have a speed limit of 40 km/h or lower, and the activity must not obstruct driveways, pose a hazard to pedestrians and other traffic, or impede maintenance work.
East Mall Park – New Waterplay

The East Mall Park's new waterplay feature is officially open!  This is wonderful news for area residents given the warm weather! The hours of operation are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Construction at Loblaws - East Mall and Burnhamthrope

The construction at the Loblaws at East Mall & Burnhamthrope is underway. There are 2 building on-site. The building closet to the corner is slated be a stand alone State and Main restaurant. The other building will have a variety of uses which includes a TD bank and a quick serve restaurant called         Bar-Burrito and the other unit is still vacant however the developers are actively marketing the site for service retail uses.
Silverhill Park Update

The Silverhill Park lease has been signed by the TDSB.

The fair wage approval for the contractor has now been completed and the buyer will now be working on the Purchase Order award. We will provide more information once the buyer can provide a timeline. One the Purchase Order is in place, the project manager will ask the contractor for a detailed schedule in order to confirm the start date on site. Once this information is available to us, we will advise.
Brentwood Road North Mechanical Leaf Pick-Up

As residents of Brentwood Road North are aware,  a flyer was distributed asking these residents to contact our office to state whether or not they wish fort he mechanical leaf pick-up to continue on their street. We have received nearly unanimous support in favor of keeping the mechanical leaf pick-up on this street, and no changes will be made. Thank you to the residents who reached out to the office.
Exciting "Green" plans for The Queensway!
Shop The Queensway your local BIA, Councillor Justin Di Ciano and city staff have initiated a "greening" plan for The Queensway. We will provide details and plans as they are confirmed. Councillor Di Ciano has requested 2 new planted centre medians to be constructed west of Royal York Road! Progress is being made. The installation is anticipated in 2017.
ML&S stepping up parks enforcement, including dogs off-leash

The City of Toronto is encouraging residents to be responsible pet owners and keep their dogs on a leash at all times. For the past few years, bylaw enforcement officers have undertaken a public education and enforcement blitz in the summer months. This year, changes have been made to staffing and shifts to increase opportunities for education and enforcement. 

There are now 15 officers (up from 8) dedicated to Parks Enforcement city-wide. This includes all types of enforcement in parks, including dogs off-leash. The new shift changes will allow for coverage seven days per week from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Due to the number of complaints and safety issues involved, there is a now a "zero tolerance" approach to dogs off-leash in undesignated areas. This means that instead of warnings, people are being issued tickets.

Owners re responsible for their dog and any injuries or damages cause by any dog in their care. In order to use the leash-free zones, dog owners much have vaccinated, licensed and neutered or spayed their dogs. Dogs that are aggressive to humans, dogs with a history of biting, and other types of animals are not permitted in the leash-free zones.
Jeff Healey Park - Musical Instruments Update

Based on the feedback received from residents and the discussions Councillor Di Ciano has had with the Friends Of group that funded the musical equipment, Parks staff have removed the chimes and bells, leaving the other five instruments intact.

A bench has been installed as an interim measure on the blank spot on the concrete pad.

The chimes and bells are safe in storage and Parks staff will be investigating new venues for these pieces this summer. We will advise in our upcoming e-newsletter once more information becomes available as to the relocation of these two instruments.

Parks staff is also gathering prices from the distributor on possible replacement equipment. It is very important to note that we would have to be sure this equipment does not generate the same noise complaints. Funding would be required for any such additions.
Pedestrian Cross Over at Old Mill Road (at Old Mill Restaurant)
Transportation staff advise that a new PXO at this location is not warranted. Should you wish a copy of this report please email our office.
Nordin Avenue Traffic Calming

The staff report does not recommend speed humps on Nordin Avenue. Councillor Di Ciano supports the street residents and brought the report forward to Community Council on June 14th. A community meeting will be hosted by Councillor Di Ciano in the Fall of 2016. The Councillor has requested that Transportation Services staff attend the meeting, and that the Director reports back to Community Council following the community meeting.
If you would like a copy of the report please contact our office.
Van Dusen Boulevard Parking Regulation

A staff report was done to obtain approval to amend the parking prohibition in effect at all times on the north side of Van Dusen Boulevard between Brentwood Road South and a point 43-metres east of Brentwood Road South, to be in effect from Brentwood Road South to Cliveden Avenue. This would improve two-way traffic flow in the area.
On June 14th, Etobicoke-York Community Council amended the parking prohibition to be in effect from Brentwood Road South to Cliveden Avenue.
Rear Lane Speed bumps at Stephen Drive and The Queensway

Councillor Justin Di Ciano was asked to look into the possibility of installing speed bumps in the rear laneway at Stephen Drive and The Queensway.

Staff looked at this area between the hours of 7:00 am - 9:00 am and there were no southbound left turns onto this laneway. Traffic volumes in the area have diminished dramatically due to the all lanes of the Gardener Expressway being open once again. No turn prohibition or speed humps are recommended at this point.

Usher Avenue Sidewalks

Due to the immense interest in this file, Councillor Di Ciano has requested that Transportation Services staff attend a community meeting to be held in the Fall.
Changes at Wedgewood Park

Parks, Forestry and Recreation will be carrying out State of Good Repair Upgrades to the Wedgewood Outdoor Pool, Wedgewood Parking Lot and the Wedgewood AIR
  • Construction at the Wedgewood air is to commence early August, 2016.
  • Construction at the Wedgewood outdoor pool and parking lot will commence after Labour Day, 2016. 
  • Both facilities and parking lot will be closed during construction.
  • Construction is anticipated to be completed December, 2016.
The work includes:
  • Miscellaneous interior and exterior repairs and upgrades at the Wedgewood ODP
  • Replacement of the existing asphalt walkway and parking lot at the Wedgewood Parking Lot
  • Miscellaneous interior and exterior repairs and upgrades at the Wedgewood AIR
  • See or call 311 for more information
Storm Water System Upgrade - Toronto Public Library, Eatonville Branch

The storm water system that is located under the parking lot at Eatonville Branch (430 Burnhamthorpe Road) will undergo major construction.  The project is intended to rectify the runoff flowing into the parking spaces and nearby town houses.

The city portion of storm water construction will begin on July 20th and take approximately 5 to 6 days to complete. The west entrance of the library leading to East Mall will be closed.

The library portion of storm water construction is anticipated to begin on August 2nd. The project will cover the installation of new storm sewer from the property line, extending through the driveway entrance along the south side of the library and terminating where the existing catch basin is located along the southern limit of the south parking lot curb line. The new storm sewer will include a new Oil-Grit Separator unit, underground box culvert for storm water storage, and replacement of the existing catch basin noted above with a double catch basin. Once new storm sewer is completed, the old storm sewer within the property will be abandoned as per the City-approved drawings.

During this 2 week construction period, the library’s west entrance will be closed and parking will be limited.


Traffic Signal Update Requests

Bloor Street West & Montgomery Road
District Traffic Operations has completed its investigation for additional pedestrian crossing time at Bloor Street West and Montgomery Road with a recommendation to provide for an adjustment to the current pedestrian timing to accommodate persons with mobility issues.
District Traffic Operations has forwarded this recommendation to the appropriate City section for review.

Bloor Street West & Jackson Avenue
District Traffic Operations has completed its investigation to review a reduction to the wait times for pedestrians crossing at Bloor Street West and Jackson Avenue.   They support a recommendation from the Signals section for an adjustment to the current signal timings to reduce wait times for pedestrians during the off peak traffic periods only. 

We will advise upon receipt of confirmation correspondence pertaining to the completion of this request.

Aberfoyle Community Meeting Notes
The Aberfoyle Community Meeting held on Tuesday July 5th, 2016 at the Kingsway Baptist Church and was well attended. The discussion mainly focused around traffic, noise and light pollution.
In attendance were representatives from Starlight Properties, CBRE,Transportation Services, Planning and Municipal Licensing & Standards Staff

Councillor Di Ciano advised that there would be a small group meeting in 4 -6 weeks with Starlight, CBRE, and a small committee of residents from Aberfolye to discuss the next steps to address some of the outstanding issues.

Further discussion will take place at that time – this will be a multi-step process, but the Councillor is committed to supporting the residents and creating positive changes that are, at the same time, feasible and enforceable.

Transportation Services will advise of their preferred option with regards to controlling traffic speeds. A one way has been ruled out. Speed humps are still being investigated and or an all way stop at Lomond.

We will update you in a future e-newsletter on the outcome of this meeting.
2800 Bloor Street West
The applicant is very close to finalizing the zoning by-law and site plan as per the OMB Settlement.  The applicant will soon be in a position to apply for a building permit.  For more information regarding this development please viist

4125-4133 Dundas Street West (Kingsway Crescent)

At Etobicoke Community Council it was decided that a community consultation would be held together with the Wards 4 and 5 Councillors.  We will advise on the details once a date has been determined.

The preliminary Staff Report for the development application at 4125 Dundas Street West may be found here:

Please see the link for the application and Preliminary Report for 4195 Dundas Street West here:
Community Council determined that a community consultation meeting would be scheduled together with the Wards 4 and 5 Councillors.
Toronto City Council Highlights
Toronto City Council Meeting
July 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th, 2016
Council Highlights is an informal summary of selected decisions made by Toronto City Council. Council dealt with about 300 topics/agenda items at its July meeting. The City Clerk's formal documentation is available at
Toronto's 15-year transit plan   
Council adopted recommendations for moving ahead with key projects that will form Toronto's transit network by 2031, including approval of additional technical and planning analysis of a SmartTrack concept with up to six new stations and an Eglinton West LRT (light-rail transit line), a one-stop Scarborough subway extension, an Eglinton East LRT and a Relief Line. Among the many recommendations and motions adopted, Council directed staff to work with intergovernmental partners in the next phase of analysis for a plan on funding the projects.
Plan to improve road safety    
Council unanimously endorsed a five-year Road Safety Plan with the goal of reducing the number of road fatalities and serious injuries to zero. A report noted the recent trend of more traffic-related fatalities involving pedestrians, cyclists and older adults. Among motions adopted as part of this agenda item is a proposal to ask the Ministry of Transportation to consider re-introducing automated speed enforcement and a proposal for improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists by creating zones with reduced speed limits, improved pavement markings and signal-timing adjustments.
Consultation on City finances    
Council approved undertaking public consultation on the City of Toronto's long-term financial direction. The public will be asked to provide input on expenditure management strategies, oversight of City programs and agencies, management of City assets, and revenue generation to support desired public services. Staff reported that Torontonians have demonstrated an interest in participating in a dialogue on municipal finances. The consultation will extend from this fall to next spring.
Schedule for 2017 budget process  
After discussion and debate, Council approved the schedule for the City's 2017 budget process and set an across-the-board target for budget reduction. The reduction target is 2.6 per cent below the 2016 approved net operating budgets for all City programs, agencies, accountability offices and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. All services are to be explored for efficiency-related savings. Council directed staff to prepare the 2017 tax-supported operating budget based on estimated revenue from a residential property tax increase at or below the rate of inflation.
Review of City real estate services     
Council considered a report assessing how the City delivers real estate services and supported moving toward creating a centralized real estate entity that consolidates all core real estate and facilities management operations and functions. Those operations are currently managed autonomously across 15 City agencies, corporations and divisions. The City's portfolio includes almost 7,000 buildings and about 12,000 hectares (29,000 acres) of land. The centralized entity would have a mandate that strengthens the City’s ability to strategically promote City objectives.
Implementing supervised injection services     
Council affirmed its support for implementing small-scale supervised injection services at Toronto Public Health (The Works), Queen West-Central Toronto Community Health Centre and South Riverdale Community Health Centre. The intention is to provide a safe and hygienic environment where people can inject pre-obtained drugs under a nurse's supervision. The three sites are in locations that have a high rate of injection drug use and associated high-risk behaviours.
Social housing in Toronto       
In response to the report Tenants First: A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing and Social Housing in Toronto, Council adopted a set of strategic directions and requested an implementation plan to support the City's efforts to provide clean, safe, well-maintained, affordable homes to social housing tenants. The initiative includes transitioning a portion of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation's portfolio to a new community-based, non-profit corporation and to community-based, non-profit providers of social housing.
Open Door affordable housing    
Council approved the Open Door Affordable Housing Program to accelerate the creation of affordable housing in Toronto by providing City financial incentives, activating surplus public land for affordable housing and offering an Open Door planning service. Responding to a separate agenda item on affordable housing, Council authorized staff to enter into agreements with the Ontario government if, as anticipated, funding is made available to the City between now and October under a new federal/provincial program supporting affordable housing infrastructure.
City input on national housing strategy    
Council endorsed asking Councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 18 Davenport), Toronto's Housing Advocate, to lead the City's response to federal consultation on creating a national housing strategy. Preparing the City's response will include obtaining input from other members of Council, housing stakeholders and the public. The Minister of Children, Families and Social Development recently launched federal consultations on creating a national housing strategy.
Text messaging for 911 response     
Council supported a motion to ask the Toronto Police Services Board to consider the possibility of introducing texting from smartphones as a way for people to report an emergency via the 911 emergency dispatch service. The motion notes that there are situations in which making a voice phone call to 911 can attract unwanted attention and texting could provide a safe alternative.
Appointment of Ombudsman and Lobbyist Registrar    
Council approved the appointment of Susan Opler as the City's new Ombudsman and Cristina De Caprio as the new Lobbyist Registrar, both effective September 12. Opler, who has extensive experience as a litigator, adjudicator, mediator and educator, will take over from interim Ombudsman Kwame Addo. De Caprio, who has held leadership positions in regulatory organizations and the non-profit sector, will take over from interim Lobbyist Registrar Stephen Littlejohn.   
Acting Medical Officer of Health     
Council appointed Dr. Barbara Yaffe the acting Medical Officer of Health (MOH) for Toronto effective August 1 and until Council appoints a new Medical Officer of Health. Dr. David McKeown, the current MOH, retires on July 31. Dr. Yaffe has been Director of Communicable Disease Control and an Associate Medical Officer of Health with Toronto Public Health since 1998. 
Schools as community assets         
Council adopted recommendations and motions tied to the Toronto District School Board's identification of many school properties that it expects to sell. Informed by an evaluation process carried out by staff, Council provided direction on five specific school properties (Thistletown, McNicoll, Silver Creek, Sir Robert Borden and Buttonwood Hill schools) for their importance to the City as community assets providing local services and green space. Council also approved a set of principles to guide the disposition and development of school properties in general.
Midtown community facility     
Council agreed to direct staff to work out an agreement with the Toronto District School Board on building a planned new Davisville Junior Public School as a three-storey building, leaving space for the City to construct a recreation and aquatic facility on the same midtown Toronto site.
Attracting foreign investment     
Council approved the City's participation as a funding partner in a new enterprise called Toronto Global along with Greater Toronto Area (GTA) municipal partners and with financial support from the Ontario and federal governments. Toronto Global is being formed to increase the GTA’s share of direct investment attracted from around the world. The business and affairs of the City's Invest Toronto agency will be wound up after an orderly transition to Toronto Global.
Long-term strategy for managing waste  
Council adopted a long-term waste management strategy for Toronto. The strategy includes the goal of working toward a circular economy and a zero-waste future that is measured by a "per capita" waste generation rate. A circular economy emphasizes preventing waste generation and maximizing resource recovery. Council's support included endorsing a 70 per cent target for residential waste diversion by 2026, among other actions and targets for waste management.
Rail freight corridor in Toronto     
Council adopted recommendations that include directing City staff to participate in further discussions with Metrolinx and other participants on plans for a new rail freight corridor passing through part of Toronto. Staff were also asked to continue negotiations with Metrolinx concerning a new GO station at Bloor Street and the rail-corridor intersection at Dupont Street, among other actions.
Development at Union Station       
Council approved an application for special grants and tax assistance, subject to certain conditions, for a landmark development proposed for the east side of Bay Street at Union Station. The proposed office towers at 45 and 141 Bay St. are considered a Transformative Project, which designates an important project that will enable the City to quickly achieve planning and economic development objectives such as creating new jobs and linking with regional transit initiatives.
Park under the Gardiner Expressway   
Council approved a governance and funding model for programming, operating and maintaining a 1.75 kilometre area under the Gardiner Expressway as a linear park – described as a trail and network of public amenities – between Spadina and Strachan Avenues. The project, made possible by a substantial private donation, will be operated as a not-for-profit charitable corporation. The first phase involves the area between Strachan Avenue and Bathurst Street with a trail connection extending to Spadina Avenue.
Waterfront transit       
Council directed City staff in partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission and Waterfront Toronto to initiate the second phase of the Waterfront Transit Reset and create an implementation strategy to deliver a co-ordinated waterfront transit solution. In addition, Council adopted a motion calling for dialogue on the feasibility of a new transit hub at the Mr. Christie's site at 2150 Lake Shore Blvd. W. and to address the need for improved transit in the Humber Bay Shores area.
Proposed men's shelter  
Council directed staff to continue their work with the local community to determine the size and program model for a men's shelter planned for a Runnymede Road site and report back to the Community Development and Recreation Committee. Staff were also asked to take several other steps to help ensure the shelter's successful integration into the neighbourhood. 
Relocation of Etobicoke Civic Centre   
Council agreed to ask Build Toronto to lead a design competition for a new Etobicoke Civic Centre complex on the City's Westwood Theatre lands at Bloor Street and Kipling Avenue. City staff and Build Toronto are also to report on costs and revenues associated with plans for the two City properties (the current civic centre site at Burnhamthorpe Road/The West Mall and the Bloor/Kipling site) as well as a City-owned property at Bloor and Islington Avenue – and to report on possible opportunities for including new affordable housing in future developments at the three sites. 
Improving community safety    
Council approved taking steps to enable new initiatives that support community safety to proceed, including the use of up to $750,000 from the provincial and federal governments to fund community safety initiatives in response to incidences of violence this summer.
Amendments to the sign bylaw   
Council adopted several amendments and directives involving the City's sign bylaw. Any signs that may have historical or cultural significance, for example, are to be identified when City Planning staff review site-plan applications and staff are to look into options for displaying those signs in other Toronto locations.
Toronto's human rights awards     
Council extended its congratulations to the individuals and an organization selected by a community panel as recipients of the 2016 City of Toronto Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards. Fizul Sima receives the Aboriginal Affairs Award; Maayan Ziv, the Access Award; Alex Abramovich, the Pride Award; and Black Lives Matter Toronto, the William P. Hubbard Award.
Tribute to Muhammad Ali    
A motion approved by Council will provide funding to create and install a plaque commemorating Muhammad Ali's visit to Toronto in 1966 for a boxing match against George Chuvalo at Maple Leaf Gardens. Prior to the fight, Ali trained at Earl Sullivan's Toronto Athletic Club at 109 Ossington Ave., the site chosen for the new plaque. The motion said Ali's recent death provided a timely occasion to commemorate the famous fight and Ali's visit to Toronto at a critical time in his career. 
Road hockey and basketball      
Council voted to amend Toronto's municipal code to remove the long-standing but seldom enforced prohibition against placing portable basketball or hockey nets for games on streets (the public right of way). The motion that Council adopted specifies that hockey or basketball can be played on local roads that have a speed limit of 40 km/h or lower, and the activity must not obstruct driveways, pose a hazard to pedestrians and other traffic, or impede maintenance work.
Tragically Hip's final concert
Council authorized staff to look into screening the broadcast of the final concert by the Tragically Hip in a Toronto square, theatre or park. CBC plans to broadcast and stream the Canadian rock band's final performance, which is to take place in Kingston on August 20.

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Queensland Park Community Meeting
Holy Angels Church — Wednesday August 10, 2016

Nordin Avenue Community Meeting
Holy Angels Catholic School - Wednesday September 14th, 2016
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