July 2015 Ward 5 E-Newsletter
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July 2016

Dear Ward 5 Residents:
Summer is finally upon us! I hope you have been enjoying the great warm weather we have been having.

This issue of the e-newsletter has a number of important updates on both local neighbourhood issues and City-wide issues that will undoubtedly be of interest. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions about any of these updates.

A reminder that the Toronto Ribfest is happening this long weekend - be sure to bring the family and enjoy the event!
Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing Canada Day long-weekend! 
Warm regards,
Justin Di Ciano
City Councillor
Ward 5 Etobicoke-Lakeshore
Inside this Issue:

Park Lawn GO Dismissed by Province
Outdoor Pools Hours and Information
Expansion of Bike Share
Safer School Zones - Photo Radars
Requesting a Crossing Guard
Centralized Childcare Wait List
Etobicoke Civic Centre Relocation
Local Appeal Body Pilot

Queensway Park Skating Trail
Silverhill Park
Sherway Trail Update
The Occulus in South Humber Park
Centre Median at Royal York and Glenroy
New Mural Project Montgomery Road Underpass
Homesmith Park Request
Ballacaine Speed Humps
Glenellen Drive East Traffic Calming Poll Results
Usher Sidewalk
Traffic Reports for Ballacaine and Varley Lane
Traffic / Pedestrian Cross-Over - Bloor / Kingsway
Prince Edward 66A bus

Development Updates:
689 The Queensway (The House of Lancaster)
2888 Bloor Street West
2915 Bloor Street West (Medical Building)
4125 Dundas Street West
1025 The Queensway (Rio Can Application)
4195 Dundas West

Community Meeting Flyers
Community Event Flyers
Park Lawn GO Dismissed by Province

I am VERY disappointed to see that the Board of Metrolinx has decided to forgo a potential Parklawn GO station as part of the 10 Year GO RER Project Plan. Councillor Grimes, MP James Maloney and I have submitted letters, jointly with the many residents of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area, encouraging the Board of Metrolinx to reconsider their ill-advised decision. I have submitted the following letter to Metrolinx for their consideration.
Outdoor Pool Hours and Information

Now that summer is upon us, you can find more information on City outdoor pools, including operating hours, at
Expansion of Bike Share!

Metrolinx and the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) have recently announced that the Bike Share Toronto network expansion is now underway. Beginning on June 27th, 120 new Bike Share stations and 1000 new bikes will be installed across the city, with completion expected by July 11th. The expanded network will not only increase the number of bikes available in the downtown core, but will also see more stations located close to transit stations and in dense areas. The expansion will double the number of bikes in the system, giving more people the opportunity to take advantage of seamless transportation options and further supports active transportation.
Click here for a new map of the Bike Share Toronto bike station locations.
Safer School Zones – Photo Radars

It has recently come to my attention that Premier Kathleen Wynne has indicated that she agrees with allowing photo radar around schools across the city. This is great news! I advocated for safer schools throughout my campaign and have been actively pursuing this change throughout my term of Council. When in April of 2015 a Council proposal came forward to encourage the Province to permit their use, particularly in school zones – I voted wholeheartedly in support. I am beyond pleased to see that the Premier is on-side and look forward to seeing photo radars implemented.
Requesting a Crossing Guard
Requests for crossing guards must be made directly to the Traffic Services Division at the Toronto Police, who review these requests. If required based on the review, they will coordinate their placement.

Please note that Traffic Services at the Toronto Police have advised that requests need to be logged at Headquarters first.   Residents must send a letter to the office of the Chief of Police, requesting a school crossing guard, the location for the crossing guard and the reasons the neighbourhood would like to have one

The address you can send the letter to is:

Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service
40 College Street
Toronto, Ont.
M5G 2J3

Below is the latest information requested by City Council:
Centralized Childcare Wait List

A report on an implementation and communication plan for eliminating childcare wait list as of January 2017 will be before Community Development and Recreation Committee in late June and City Council in July. Staff have examined the possibility of establishing a centralized wait list system for childcare spaces. Although Children's Services currently administers a consolidated wait list for families requesting a fee subsidy, the establishment of a City-wide centralized wait list that includes full fee and subsidized spaces will require capital funding to modify existing systems that are currently being used. We look forward to the debate at Council.
Moving the Etobicoke Civic Centre to the Westwood Theatre Lands

City staff have completed a location evaluation framework to evaluate Bloor/Islington and the Westwood Theatre Lands as a potential relocation site for a new Etobicoke Civic Centre complex. Staff have determined through this analysis that the Westwood Theatre Lands are more suitable for a new Etobicoke Civic Centre when compared to the Bloor/Islington site, due to improved accessibility, lower cost projects and greater City building opportunities. The item is coming to Executive Committee to receive support for the potential relocation subject to a business case being submitted in 2017 for City Council consideration. The item will then go to City Council for a final decision in July. It is important to note that there is no Capital funding for this relocation – this project would not proceed without a self-financing business case, given those budget constraints.
Local Appeal Bodies - Update

Work is underway on key activities towards implementing the Local Appeal Bodies(LAB). It is expected that recommendation and appointment of LAB members will occur by November 2016 with the LAB beginning operations in temporary space early 2017. LAB member and staff training as well as the adoption of LAB practices and procedures will take place after the LAB members have been appointed and before the LAB begins operations. It is anticipated that the permanent LAB space at 40 Orchardview Blvd will be complete later in 2017. 

Large urban environments provide excellent habitats for rats to survive and thrive. Rats are active at night and generally avoid contact with people. The following tips should help residents maintain a healthy environment and reduce contact with rodents.

Monitor your property to determine where rats live, travel and feed. 
  • Monitor your property for evidence of rats (capsule-shaped droppings, burrows, chewed food, gnaw marks on walls and surfaces).
Improve sanitation, and eliminate nesting sites.
  • Store garbage in rodent-proof containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Reduce clutter to prevent hiding spots (wood piles, old tires, etc.).
  • Eliminate sources of food (fallen fruit, pet food left outdoors, grass seed, etc.).
  • Secure composters to prevent rodents from entering.
  • Keep areas around bird feeders and bird baths cleaned.
Prevent rodents from entering your home.
  • Inspect the outside of your home to identify rodent entry points 
  • Use heavy gauge wire mesh to cover vents.
  • Use metal sheeting to cover holes.
Use traps to reduce an existing rat population.
  • Snap traps are preferable to poisonous bait, as they are non toxic and prevent exposure of children and pets to potentially harmful bait.
  • Baited traps (peanut butter, chocolate, hot dog, etc.) should be placed in areas with rat activity, but do not set the trap until the bait has been taken at least once (pre-baiting).
  • Use care when handling a set rat trap. Hold the trap by the edges away from the trigger.
  • Place traps along walls in areas where rats are active. Place the trigger side against the wall.
  • Keep children and pets away from traps.
  • Use gloves when disposing of dead rats.
If you have an infestation, hire a professional to set out bait and follow these precautions:
  • Ensure the bait station is enclosed to provide a shelter area for the rats to feed.
  • Ensure children and pets do not have access to bait stations.
  • Lock and secure the bait stations to prevent access to the bait.
  • Use blocks of bait (anticoagulant) and secure the bait with wire.
  • Be aware that bait can lead to secondary poisoning (for example, cats may become ill after eating rodents poisoned by bait).
Continue to monitor the effectiveness of your control measures.
  • Clean up droppings as soon as they are observed, so that any new activity is apparent.
  • Maintain sanitation and rodent proofing as preventive strategies.
For more information call 416-338-7600.
For other related information on effective control of rats and mice please visit Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
Queensway Park New Skating Trail

Councillor Di Ciano is pleased to announce a new skating trail for Queensway Park!
Work is scheduled to begin in 2017/18. An update will be provided, as details are confirmed.
Silverhill Park

Councillor Di Ciano is pleased to announce that City of Toronto Staff have advised the TDSB that they are awarding the contract now. We will advise when we have a construction date!

Please be reminded that the asphalt area will remain.  Only a portion of the asphalt - the area of the asphalt driveway will be removed and restored to sod (area in red)

The preference expressed by the public was to keep the main asphalt area (current small parking lot) as a play surface (area in green).  The request was made to eliminate access so it could no longer function as a parking area.  In addition, a curb stop be placed to prevent access.

Sherway Trail Funding Update
Councillor Di Ciano is very pleased to advise that working with Parks Staff this important project will now be funded without the use of Section 37 monies. The City / Parks' cost share will be funded with Parks and Forestry Cash in lieu reserve funds.
At this time, the only hold on the project, which is not shovel ready, is the MTO's Construction Project to widen the QEW as previously advised.
Community Council directed Mr. Cresswell - Director of Community Planning, to provide an update on the Trail to Etobicoke York Community Council in September 2016.
Councillor Di Ciano has always supported The Sherway Trail and with the funding now in place through the Parks Reserve Fund the Section 37 money available for small upgrades in other Ward 5 Parks, it is a win-win for all the residents of Ward 5!
The Oculus South Humber Park Refurbished


Councillor Di Ciano is pleased to announce that working with Parks Staff the Oculus structure in The South Humber Park will be refurbished and is 100% funded.
Please be advised that the washrooms will be demolished and will not replaced. They have attracted illicit deals and behaviour as well as graffiti and unfortunately they have not been utilised as intended.
Some of the work that will be done include: a new concrete paving (textured) beneath the Oculus structure with a link to the existing asphalt pathway; restoration and painting of the Oculus canopy.  Wrapping the existing steel posts with architectural stone cladding is also planned.

We hope you will enjoy this upgraded area!
Montgomery Underpass Mural Project

Arts Etobicoke in partnership with the City's StreetArt program, are working towards a new mural along the Montgomery Road underpass. Residents of the community are encouraged to participate in the design and production of the mural.

In early July there will be an online consultation where residents can state your input. Closer to the end of July, a call for volunteers will go out. Preparation work and painting will occur between August to early October. The mural is expected to be completed by mid-October.
Centre Median at Royal York Road and Glenroy planted

After many years, the centre median is now beautifully planted at Royal York Road and Glenroy.

The entrance to the neighbourhood looks great!  Thank you to staff for the lovely low maintenance Hostas.
Homesmith Park Road
The office of Councillor Di Ciano has received requests to permanently close Homesmith Park Road.

Councillor Di Ciano will have an on-site meeting with staff to review the history and usage of the road.  A community meeting hosted by the Councillor will take place late Fall, 2016.  We will advise once details have been arranged.
Ballacaine Speed Humps

The results of the resident poll were positive and two new speed humps around the area of Parklawn School will now be installed during the road resurfacing in July/August, 2016.

Justin did a "walk" with staff to review any minor improvements to the road and chatted with a few residents in regard to the upcoming project.

Thank you to staff for working with Councillor Di Ciano to make this happen!
Glenellen Drive East Traffic Calming Poll Results

The results of the poll for speed humps on Glenellen Drive East between Prince Edward Drive South and Park Lawn Road here:  This information is also located on our website 
Usher Sidewalk
This item was deferred at Community Council on June 14, 2016. Councillor Di Ciano has received much interest in this file and felt it prudent and fair to hold a community meeting in the Fall before the item is debated at Community Council in the future. We will advise meeting details when confirmed.
Traffic Reports
Recent Traffic Reports for Ballacaine Drive and Varley Lane are located on our web site
Please use the "search" option top right or email our office for assistance
Traffic / Pedestrian Cross-Over (PXO) - Bloor / Kingsway 
Councillor Di Ciano has requested that staff investigate the following:
  • The waiting and crossing time at the PXO at Swiss Chalet
    • UPDATE: Staff will implement a shorter wait time (OFF PEAK) and longer crossing time. When the changes are implemented we will advise.
  • The waiting and crossing time at Bloor St. W. and Montgomery Rd.
  • An advanced green for Royal York at Bloor St. W., between 8/8:30 am and 9:30 am in both the north and south direction.
We will update you as we receive information from staff.
The Prince Edward Bus Route 66A
At the Stonegate Community Meeting hosted by Councillor Di Ciano on June 16th,  it was suggested that the bus stop at Bell Manor be removed by the TTC. It was agreed that any revisions to bus stop locations should take place after the new development is complete. Please keep in mind that if agreeable, the removal of this stop may be an indefinite one.
Ward 5 Development Updates
689 The Queensway - The House of Lancaster site
This property address may be sold in the near future. We will advise as we are provided with more information.  
2888 Bloor Street West Development Application (Prince Edward Drive and Bloor St. – North / East corner)
Councillor Di Ciano has been advised of the intent to file an application for this property.  Once we have more details we will advise you.
2915 Bloor Street West (Medical Building)
The Preliminary Report by Planning Staff will be on the agenda of Etobicoke York Community Council in the Fall 2016.  A public meeting is anticipated in October 2016.  We will advise with the detials once known.
4125 Dundas Street West (Kingsway Crescent)
The preliminary Staff Report for the development application at 4125 Dundas Street West may be found here:
Please note from staff:
"Minor Variance Decision # A23/03E, approved several variances for the adjacent residential building to the west at 25 Earlington Avenue (formerly known as 4135 Dundas Street West). One of the variances approved by the Committee of Adjustment was to permit a west side yard building setback of 0 m and east side yard building setbacks of 2.6 m above grade and 0.5 m below grade in lieu of the minimum required side yard building setback of 10.8 m. Approval was also granted for a building height of 19.6 m measured to the top of the main roof and 25.6 m measured to the top of the mechanical room in lieu of the maximum permitted building height of 14 m."
The Dundas Avenue Study implemented by the former Councillor can be found here: The Report is important to read with regard to the application at 4125 Dundas Street West.

Excerpt from the study:
"No side yard setback is required, except where the side yard abuts
a street, in which case the side yard setback shall equal the average
setback from the street line for the block."
1025 The Queensway (Rio Can Application next to Cineplex)
A public meeting was held at the Legion Hall on May 30th and was well attended by local residents.. Councillor Di Ciano, City of Toronto Planning Staff and the Applicant were on hand to give a presentation on the project and answer resident questions. Many residents left the meeting with a better understanding of the planning policies in place by both the Provincial and Municipal governments.

The height was the chief concern.  It was explained that in order to facilitate a larger green space more height would be required at The Queensway and Islington intersection. Councillor Di Ciano is also concerned over the height (although the density is only slightly above what is As Of Right), to that end Planning Staff will provide comments. If the height is reduced then the programmable green space may be reduced to a small parkette.  We will advise.
4195 Dundas Street West Development Application ( South / West corner at Prince Edward Drive)
Please see the link for the application and Preliminary Report for 4195 Dundas Street West here:

A public meeting will be scheduled for later this year.


Aberfoyle/Bloor Townhall @ Kingsway Baptist Church — July 5th
Queensland Park Community Meeting @ Holy Angels Church — August 10th
  1. Please send a short description of the event (75 words or less) to with the subject line "Community Event Flyer".  
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