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A safe and healthy place to work is important—for you and your employees. Not sure where to start? Our free online trainings can help—in about 10 minutes or less.

Hazard identification | Take the training now

Finding and fixing workplace hazards takes time and practice. Learn what to look for and which problem areas to tackle first.

You’ll enjoy this training if:
You excel at playing “What’s wrong with this picture?” AND you can sniff out danger from a mile away.

Take the training (approx. 10 minutes)  |  Find more resources

Accident analysis | Take the training now

Learn a simple six-step process for getting to the root cause of workplace accidents and incidents.

You’ll enjoy this training if:
You’re a fan of detective dramas. AND you know that solving a mystery is rarely as simple as it first seems.

Take the training (approx. 8 minutes)  |  Find more resources

Safety meetings | Take the training now

Oregon employers are required to have a safety committee or hold regular safety meetings. We’ll help you figure out what’s right for your business.

You’ll enjoy this training if:
You’re a natural safety leader. AND you’ve been dying for a reason to make team t-shirts.

Take the training (approx. 10 minutes)  |  Find more resources

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