January 12, 2022

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As we begin our 76th year as a parish, we want to celebrate our parishioners who are living their faith beyond the walls of the church on Lincoln Way.  First in a series:
 An interview with Shannon Evans  
“When you chop down a tree, does it hurt God?”
On a hike with her 3-year-old son, Shannon was asked this question. She was taken aback by her young son’s sense that God inhabits all living things in some mysterious way. Questions like this from her family prompted Shannon to consider writing a book about the challenges and opportunities for women balancing family and personal needs.

Shannon says:Rewilding Motherhood sort of ‘wrote itself.’ ‘Rewilding’ is an ecological term referring to letting a piece of land return to its healthy natural state by removing harmful human intervention and reintroducing original species. I liked the thought of removing all the expectations and pressures of motherhood and inviting women to ‘rewild’ themselves and rediscover who they are as image bearers of an untamed God.”

Shannon’s family
“My husband Eric and I are raising five kids, four boys and a girl whose ages range from 2-11 years old. Our oldest is adopted and the other four are biological. Eric was on staff at STA for five years and now has a part-time spiritual-direction practice while also being the primary caregiver while I work full time. My parents moved to Ames two years ago to help with the kids, and they are very much a large piece of our lives as well.”

Shannon’s professional obligations
She works full time as Social Media editor for the National Catholic Reporter. In addition, she has
authored a few books, write a monthly column for called “Everyday Ignatian” and has
contributed to magazines such as St. Anthony Messenger, America, and U.S. Catholic. You can access her work through the website You can sign up for an email
newsletter at She also is active on Instagram (@shannonkevans) and Facebook (@shannonkevans.writer) and Twitter (@shannonkayevans).

Thoughts about the Church
“Our family is actively involved at the Ames Romero House, a Catholic Worker house of hospitality offering shelter and community for men recovering from homelessness in Ames. The friendships our family have made there are very valuable to all of us. I fear that we have been separating world and Church. I hope the Church can continue to move toward looking more like the actual life of Jesus: radically inclusive, intentionally going to the margins of society, making room for everyone, prioritizing the laity.”
The Covid-19 Emergency Fund has transitioned to the Story County Immigrant and Refugee Collaboration. The full announcement is available on the web site but a brief overview of their scope is:
Vision Statement: We envision a Story County in which immigrants and refugees are valued and fully included as a vibrant force in our communities.
Purpose Statement: The Story County Immigrant & Refugee Collaboration brings together diverse organizations and individuals. Collectively, we work to ensure immigrant and refugee households have access to the services and opportunities necessary for full participation in our communities.
Please contact Chuck Glatz if you are interested in participating in any of their activities as described in the announcement.
Please use your own good judgment about coming to Mass when the weather conditions are poor. With the exception of truly extraordinary conditions, weekend Masses will not be cancelled. But if the weather causes you serious concern (due to age, physical condition, driving conditions, etc.), please do not take any unnecessary chances.  Your safety is important.
According to the Catechism: "The faithful are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on days of obligation [Sundays and holy days], unless excused for a serious reason..."; unsafe weather conditions qualify as a serious reason.
Check the online parish calendar first:
cancellations (Masses and events) will be posted as soon as possible. The message on the church phone will be changed if possible, but expect delays with a number of calls coming in.
If ISU offices are closed or classes canceled because of weather, the parish office will be closed, more than likely all parish events will be canceled, but the church building will remain open.
Faith Formation
Cancellations for Faith Formation will be posted on our website. Note that if the Ames Community School District cancels school due to weather, all Faith Formation at STA is automatically canceled. There may be additional instances where Faith Formation needs to be cancelled due to weather, and these will be posted to our website.
Monday evenings
February 7, 21 & March 14, 28 
6:30 - 7:45 p.m. (CST) via ZOOM

Moving Toward Racial Equity is a 4-part series held via Zoom striving to address the injustices of racism.
  • Session One (February 7): How do we address our own prejudices? What do we do about ourselves? Presenter: Dr. Katrina Neeley Farren Eller, Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Loras College, Dubuque.
  • Session Two (February 21): How do we effectively communicate with others regarding racial injustice? A dialogue with Dave Heiar, Jackson County Economic Alliance Senior Advisor, and Anderson Sainci, Director of Shared Prosperity and Neighborhood Support, City of Dubuque.
  • Session Three (March 14): How does racism affect the quality of life in your neighborhood? Presenters: Dr. Mary Gitau, Associate Professor of Social Work at Clarke University, Dubuque, and Clara Lopez Ortiz, Equity Coordinator, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Dubuque.
  • Session Four (March 28): What can we do within our sphere of influence to effect necessary changes to impact systemic racism? Presenter: Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, Member of US East-West Leadership Team of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.
Cost: $20 per person includes all four sessions.
Register online at: or by calling 563.582.3592 by Friday, January 28, 2022.
This series is sponsored by the following ministries of the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, Iowa: Canticle of Creation Center, Shalom Spirituality Center, and Social Justice Coordinator
Café El Zapote
This weekend after Masses in the Student Lounge
Ceremonial "ground breaking", by Fr. Supple (with Fr Seda and Fr Geary) to begin STA's 50th Anniversary, in 1997, which included the major renovation of the church building and student center as well as establishing the Msgr. Supple Endowed Chair of Catholic Studies at ISU.
Way of the Cross on Campus in 2004.  Bob Horton and son Mark leading with Lois (Oldham) Fulton and future husband (Dr.) Dan Fulton following.  Hortons and Fultons still parishioners!
Welcome Back Fr. Kyle
Fortunately, Juan Valdez has nothing to worry about in terms of employment in the coffee fields!
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