Development Round-Up July 2022
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Development Round-Up
Latest updates on developments around Deptford Park and Folkestone Gardens
We're sure it hasn't gone unnoticed that Deptford Park & Folkestone Gardens are surrounded by new developments.

Some are in progress but there are more to come....
Apollo Business Centre
(currently dominated by Southwark Metals)
The site is on Trundleys Road opposite Folkestone Gardens.
Who won't be sad to see the back of Southwark Metals? The scrap metal yard has bought huge HGV's, noise and pollution to the area just yards from Sir Francis Drake Primary School.

The crossing is a nightmare for all road users so we will be asking the developer to look at this with LBL Highways and for S106/CIL to be invested into Canal Approach.

The developers (Hurlington) intend to bring housing and mixed use business space to the site in keeping with surrounding development. Expect height. The development will be car free except for disabled parking and access for waste and businesses.

Hurlington are holding two public engagement events where you can find out more as follows:

When: Tuesday 19th July 3.30 - 8pm
Where: Ron Hoskins Scout Hall, Childers Street, SE8 5NR

When: Saturday 23rd July 10am - 2pm
Where: Sir Francis Drake School, Scawen Road, SE8 5AE

A letter with more details has been circulated that you can read HERE.
Trundleys Road
(opposite Folkestone Gardens)
Developers Aitch are delivering 190 homes including a 15-storey tower. Demolition work has now commenced.

You may recall we put out an email last year asking you to respond to the planning submission. We asked you to respond and ask for S106 funds for Folkestone Gardens Playground, commitment to 15-minute neighbourhoods and other amenities.

Having reviewed the S106 agreement signed in November 2021 we can let you know that funds have been allocated as follows:

£192,300K for Folkestone Gardens Playground
£50K for cycle infrastructure improvements

THANK YOU to all who responded.  
Neptune Wharf
(Between the parks opposite Sir Francis Drake School)
This project was first granted planning permission some years ago. Due to protracted negotiations between Network Rail and the developer, Galliard Homes, over access this one has only really started construction in the last few months.

The development consists of 200 homes spread across a number of buildings including a 12-storey tower. 

We are excited by the new public realm elements that will partially open Canal Approach and allow access through the development under the bridge connecting Deptford Park and Folkestone Gardens. This will negate the need to walk under the road bridge making it safer for all and improve school routes.

There is also provision for a 'cycle cafe' in the planning agreement (pictured below).
We believe completion is expected early 2024.
Evelyn Business Centre
(Grinstead Road/Evelyn Street)
At the other end of Grinstead Road is Evelyn Court. The site is currently offices and small businesses. Lewisham Council's Draft Local plan suggests the area will be redeveloped into mixed use business space and 38+ homes.

There is a parcel of land within the site that is owned by Lewisham Homes. We understand the development is on hold until the council decide if they are going to bring Lewisham Homes in-house i.e. managed directly by the council.

Mayor & Cabinet recently approved that the consulation for bringing the housing provider in-house can go ahead.

With the site being adjacent to Canal Approach we will be asking for investment to open up the walking/cycling route from S106/CIL and to create a safer crossing across Grinstead Road - provision for which is referenced in the draft local plan.
aka Deptford Landings
Developers Lendlease are behind the Deptford Landings development between Evelyn Street and Grove Street.

As with most large developments the project is being delivered in phases by plot. Last week there were two consultations for Plot 5 at the Lendlease site office off Evelyn Street.

It is also available online HERE for you to view and feedback. Also THIS leaflet with more information was posted to locally. 

A key feature of Plot 5 is a sizeable podium garden/fenced-in green space with play equipment which will only be accessible to residents. 

We also understand that plans for Plots 1 & 3 have been submitted to the council after consultation was undertaken in 2020. We hope that Lendlease make provision to open up the route under Blackhorse Bridge following the route of the Surrey Canal.

Residents would also like to see Dragoon Road reimagined to connect the old and new housing estates of Deptford in a green and sustainable way. TfL plan to route an extension of Quietway 14 cycle route along the road.
Convoys Wharf
Convoys Wharf is going through a number of consultations on their many different plots. It is a huge development of 16.6ha delivering 3,500 homes - so it dominates the conversation - but we shouldn't forget the many other small developments. Nor should we forget New Bermondsey (3,500 homes) and Canada Water (3,500 homes).

Tens of thousands of new residents will have a HUGE impact on resources, amenities, infrastructure, capacity and, of course, green spaces.

We will continue to ask for PLOT 21 on Convoys Wharf to be turned over to green space, to extend Upper Pepys Park, to create a new park for Lewisham.

You can read more about that campaign HERE.

Simply put, Plot 21 is outside of the initial outline planning permission that Boris Johnson approved when he was Mayor of London.

In order for this area to be developed (in any way) further planning consent is needed and the legal provisions of land use changed.

This is an opportunity for Lewisham Council to lead on climate change and create a new park for all.
Canal Approach
A Walking & Cycling Route
You may have detected a theme running through this mailout and that is Canal Approach. All of the developments above will have impact on parks, green spaces, transport, amenities and the public realm. 

Canal Approach runs along the old Surrey Canal route from Folkestone Gardens to Evelyn Street.

It has the potential to connect green spaces, cycleway 4 to cycle way 10, create traffic free walking & cycling paths, safe school routes, connect to the new Surrey Canal Road overground station and so much more.

The plan is to open up the path under Blackhorse Bridge connecting the route through Lendlease development and onwards under Oxestalls Road to the Linear Park.

The project is part of the Deptford Park Liveable Neighbourhood project first awarded £2.9m of funding in 2017 (5-years ago!). It has been through public consultation and has had overwhelming support. The funding fell away due partly to the pandemic and the financial pressures put on TfL.

We have recently met our councillor Will Cooper to show him the route and he subsequently has shown the opportunity to senior LBL officers. 

With all these developments, and the associated NCIL, CIL and S106 funding available we are struggling to see a reason why this cannot be realised.

Lewisham Council recently came bottom of the Healthy Streets Scorecard. Delivering a project like this could change that.

If you go to any of these consultations be sure to mention Canal Approach.

It might just happen.

Useful Links: 

Deptford Folk & DPLN
DPLN on CommonPlace
Canal Approach on CommonPlace
Supplementary Planning Document Surrey Canal Triangle

31st July Deptford Park

The National Trust will be kicking off the Greening Evelyn project in Deptford Park. The project aims identify greening opportunities and create more green space in Deptford. 

Climate Action Lewisham and Lewisham Cyclists will also be in the park. You can try out the bikes in the Family Cycling Library.

Full details of the event soon.
And finally the Evelyn ward's new councillors have started holding regular surgeries...
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