DPLN Update + Local Plan Response
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Local Plan Response
Respond to Local Plan
Lewisham Council are consulting on the local plan which will determine how the area develops until 2040. You can read about it here. There is an easy Summary  and more detailed texts.

We encourage you to send the email template to Lewisham planning to ensure reopening Canal Approach, part of DPLN is a priority for North Deptford. This is an easy dliverable whih even had TfL funding (see DPLN update below)

SELCHP is proposed as an integral part of the Local Plan. Polluting waste incinerators are usually located in the most deprived neighbourhoods so we are dissapointed the council want to entrench it in our communities and lungs into th future.It brings hundreds of trucs to our streets from across London. Furthermore, by 2035, incineration will be a more carbon-intensive process than even landfill. Let's make shutting SELCHP down a priority.

Play does not feature as a priority in the local plan. Covid-19 has meant children in this high density area have had little access to high quality play. Existing playgrounds have taken a hammering over the last year. Lets's see a huge investment in playgrounds and safer streets for children.

Let's ask for a reduction in the kinds of industries that create noise pollution and bring thousands of trucks to our neighbourhood every week. Like the scrapyard at the north end of Folkestone Gardens (rejected by MP & cllrs in Lambeth) which has 240 trucks/HGVs A DAY across Quietway 1 and local school routes. The crossing is perilous.

Finally, as outlined in the January email, we need a new riverside park on Convoy's Wharf. Let's ask for that as a priority.

CLICK HERE to respond to the local plan with a template (you can add more if you like) and ask for Canal Approach, Playgrounds, the closure of SELCHP and a new park.

We need some ambition for this area to make it healthier, greener and safer for all.
Respond to Local Plan
(Above) Lewisham's priorities for the North area
Respond to Local Plan
DPLN Background:

In 2017 Lewisham Council was awarded £2.9m to deliver the DeptfordFolk Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood Project. The key elements of the project were:

Canal Approach
A Walking/Cycling greenway along the old Surrey Canal towpath connecting Folkestone Gardens to the River. Intersecting with Quietway 1 (recently changed to Cycleway 10) Cycleway 4 (which should be coming soon to Evelyn Street).

Rolt Street
Removing motorised traffic from the street and enlarging Folkestone Gardens to make more green space and safer school routes.

Scawen Road
Permanent 'school street' outside the front of Sir Francis Drake school. 

Lewisham Council submitted the BID and engaged Sustrans and Watermans to deliver the engagement and work around the project. Residents supported the project in a 2019 council consultation. However, when Covid hit in March 2020 TfL funding was paused. This is extremely disappointing as the delivery of the project should have been in 2019. Given the pressure of local government finances it is imperative that when funding is available to deliver for communities it is spent in good time.

Scawen Road was filter using separate covid funding in April 2020. However Trundleys Road remains extremely dangerous on the other side of the school. See coverage of that issue HERE and HERE.
Respond to Local Plan
Respond to Local Plan
The need for more GREEN SPACE
Lewisham Council's own Open Space Study published in 2010 recommends that 13.71ha of open space is required to maintain space per 1000 population i.e. to DOUBLE the amount of green and open space by 2025. This was published before many of the recent developments were approved and built.

Space will keep this growing community healthy and resilient. Our representatives, councils and governments need to recognise this.
Lewisham Council's 2010 Open Space Study recommended an increase of 13.71ha (twice the size of Deptford Park) for the Evelyn Ward.
Respond to Local Plan
Art Trail in Folkestone Gardens
You may have seen some art appear in Folkestone Gardens. It was comissioned by Lewisham Council and Sustrans using DPLN funding. There wasn't an open compettion to ensure that other artists could tender for the paid contract. The DPLN funding intended for safer, healthier streets was used despite no mention of this side project in the original Liveable Neighbourhood bid. DeptfordFolk asked that this was not installed until the key aims of the DPLN project, safer streets and improved accessibility to the parks, was delivered.

Lewisham council recently approved an
update to the DPLN project. Canal Approach, the flagship element of the project has been quietly dropped (make sure you respond to the local plan!).. The report was sent to ward councillors for approval. We believe only one ward cllr responded. On a £2.9m infrastructure project, one of the biggest in the borough, this is dismal. We would prefer interventions that deliver safer school routes and prevvent further injuries and fatalities around Deptford Park and Folkestone Gardens. But we got some art and more poles, a LOT more poles, despite "clutter" removal being mentioned in the original bid.

If you are interested in making public art check out this
great opportunity from Deptford X.An Open Call for London based visual artists with lived experience of migration. Deadline: May 16th 2021. Looks like an exiting way to ensure a wide range of ideas and people from all walks of life get fair access to opportunities for funded public art projects.
Park Safety for Women & Children
On 22nd March at 4.30 PM in Pepys Park a 15 year old girl was a victim of a serious sexual assault. The full MET witness appeal is HERE. If you were in the park or know of anything or recognise the descriptions please please please contact the police via the links in the appeal notice.
Make Space For Girls is a new organisation that campaigns for greater equality in public spaces. They have found that parks, play equipment and public spaces for older children and teenagers are currently designed for the default male (Here's their research findings). Provision is almost entirely in terms of skate parks, BMX tracks, football astroturf and MUGAs, which are used predominantly by boys and men. This is certainly true in Deptford.

The promised playground to accompany the Skate Park in Folkestone Gardens in 2014 never materialised. This was space allocated and used by young children to play. The Special Needs play equipment was removed to accommodate the skate park. A playground would provide natural surveillance and make the skate park facility more welcoming and inclusive.. Younger children are routinely intimidated off the skate park by adult men. Public urination, alcohol and cannabis use IN the playground are now commonplace. Many women, including those in adjacent specialist housing for women fleeing domestic violence feel intimidated by the men congregating late into the night. Police presence has increased during covid as has (costly) security/steward presence from Lewisham Council.

DPLN would have delivered healthy, safer streets. It is dispiriting some of the DPLN funding was used to fund a male artist to create public art to the exclusion of women, BAME or any other artist.. The playground promised in Folkestone Gardens would have made an immeasurable difference to children and women (who tend to do much of the primary care). Systemic unfairness at the heart of decision making leads to entrenched social injustice.

This needs to change.
Don't forget to register to vote for London Mayoral Elections on May 6th HERE
You may meet canvassers on your doorstem ask them what their candidates will do to improve our parks and deliver more greenspace.
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