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There are 10,000 new homes planned for the Evelyn Ward. This will have a major impact on existing parks and green spaces in the area. There is very little new green space planned in new developments. Protecting and enhancing what we already have is important for present and future residents.

Convoys Wharf is the BIGGEST development in the area (3,500 homes). It will have big impact on transport. However, it is vital to monitor what is happening elsewhere. Some of the smaller developments will have a greater impact on the existing streetscape. This newsletter is a round up of the status of development in the area. It includes responses you can make, exhibitions you can attend and updates. Please get in touch if you have any comments.

Lewisham Council's Planning Portal is unreliable. If links do not work try again later. 
  1. Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood - Next stage engagement
  2. Convoys Wharf - Public Meeting 30/7/19
  3. Evelyn Hall (Staunton Street) Committee 1/8/19
  4. Safa House/The Stone Institute - Respond
  5. The Arches - WE WON!
  6. Cycleway 4 - LB Southwark Consultation
  7. Prince Street Road Closure Starting August 6th

1. Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood

Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood (DPLN) is an ambitious project to make the area surrounding Folkestone Gardens, Deptford Park and Fordham Park safer, healthier, and a more accessible and pleasant place to live.

Focussing on transport and active travel we want to reimagine Rolt Street, improve Woodpecker Walk, create a play street at St Francis Drake School and introduce a number of complimentary measures throughout the area. It's a Mayor of London funded project and part of Lewisham Council's 2019-2041 (30 Years!) Local Implementation Plan.

In order to ensure the proposals reflect the needs of the local community Sustrans will be holding more engagement events.
  • Woodpecker Youth Club Tuesday 30th July 2:30-4:30pm
  • Deptford Parks Art Trail Festa Sul Prato Tuesday 30th July 7-9pm
  • Woodpecker Youth Club Tuesday 6th August 2:30-4:30pm
  • Woodpecker Roaming Pop up Event Thursday 8th August 4:00-7:00pm
  • There will be more Co-design events along the route from the19th to 30th August: timings TBC

2. Convoys Wharf  Plots 08, 15 & 22 Public Meeting 30/7/19

There is a public meeting on Tuesday July 30th from 7pm-8.30pm. at the Evelyn Community Centre to discuss Convoys Wharf. This is to discuss Reserved Matters for Plots 08, 22 & 15. Plot 15 includes 123 "affordable" housing units while plot 08 has none. Plot 22 is the jetty.

Cllr Paul Bell (Lewisham Cabinet Member for Housing) said on Twitter:

"Just so we are clear, we do NOT have poor doors or segregated play areas between tenure in Lewisham. We will not have them either."

This is good to hear. Convoys Wharf is ONE development site of many plots. The play areas are planned to be fully segregated for use only by some Convoys Wharf residents. The rest of the community will not benefit. 
Convoys Property Group recently submitted proposal DC/19/112403:

They are proposing to demolish part of the listed wall surrounding the site on Watergate Street and erection of hoarding and entrance gates to Convoys Wharf. This is not included in the Public meeting. See technical drawing HERE and LBL PORTAL.
Which local authority will be responsible for traffic management here? This application is in Lewisham but the other side of the road is Greenwich. How will these councils ensure concerns are not lost on the boundary running down the middle of Watergate street.

Construction on Convoys Wharf has not yet started. It is a HUGE development. Traffic and parking in this area will increase. It is essential that local street safety as addressed as soon as possible. Heavy goods vehicles destined for developments like Convoys Wharf must be kept off residential streets. Read on to find out more about plans for Prince Street outside the Dog & Bell pub.

3. Evelyn Hall - Object DC/18/110165

Object to Evelyn Hall
This proposal will be heard by Planning Committee C on August 1st 2019.  Anyone can attend.

Lewisham Council officers have recommended to approve the development. Question 1 in last Wednesdays Questions to Council asks about Staunton Street & The old Evelyn Estate rent office. Worryingly, the response from Lewisham Council addresses a different street (Diana Close) and building (Evelyn Hall).

It is clear that planning officers have a poor grasp of the immediate area. There are no 'social' and/or 'affordable' homes of any definition in this development.
The redundant road at Staunton Street could be combined with some council owned buildings/land to make better use of the land. At present Staunton Street is a miserable Healthy Streets failure and a fly-tipping hotspot.

The developer did a parking assessment on a Tuesday. For a church which blocks the street with cars all weekend. The council have accepted this.

According to the developer the congregation will be getting on their bikes to attend the new development so will not need any parking. 
Object to Evelyn Hall

4. Safa House - DC /18/109174 Object 

Object to Safa House
Safa House committee hearing in June was cancelled. Until it goes to committee responses can be made. DeptfordFolk have successfully campaigned to have this historic building considered for Local Listing. Please register your objection to the plans.
In the picture of the proposed renovation 4 floors are crammed into the existing two. You can see the 1st floor windows halfway up the original aperature. Windows on the 1st floor will be at ankle level.

Residents will need eyes on their knees to look out. There are no 'social' and/or 'affordable' homes of any definition. More information HERE.

5. The Arches - Rejected by The Planning Inspectorate

Fantastic news! The Planning Inspectorate has REJECTED the Developer's appeal to convert The Arches on Childers Street to unsuitable housing. 

This took 5 years, 3 planning committtees, 2 legal interventions (due to missing information) and a whole lot of other nonsense. Thanks to everyone who objected. Great news for the Creative Enterprise Zone.  Proof that poor desision making can be challenged and overcome.
We look forward to a concerted effor by Lewisham Council to support businesses to use these units in the new Creative Enterprise Zone.

6. Cycleway 4

Work has begun at London Bridge on Cycleway 4 creating a continuous segregated cycle route between Tower Bridge and Greenwich, improve public spaces and facilities for people who are walking. 

The Evelyn Street sections will begin in summer 2020 with the sections outside schools undertaken during the school holidays.
Earlier this month DeptfordFolk joined Heidi Alexander, Lewisham Councillors and the TfL team behind Cycleway 4 at City Hall. It was great to hear how the Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood project is beng intergrated into this major initiative to improve walking and cycling in Deptford.
DeptfordFolk & Lewisham Cyclist's Second Sunday Cycle Repair Sessions have been helping people get on their bikes for almost three years. 

Jane Davis who works with us on the project was recognised as one of Cycle UK's top 100 women in cycling for all the work she does to make cycling accessible for all. Come along to get your bike fixed, volunteer or find out more about Cycling in the area on Sunday August 11th 10am-2pm at the Scout Hall on Childers Street SE8 5NU.
Southwark Council are consulting on their Rotherhithe Movement Plan to Enable people to lead more active lives, by providing better cycling and walking environments. It includes the Lower Road section of Cycleway 4The movement plan aims to mitigate the effect that new developments (like 3,500 home Canada Warer) will have on parking and travel.
Changes up the road in Southwark or down the road in Greenwich will have a huge impact on Deptford especially communities that use public transport along Evelyn Street. 

7. Prince Street Road Closure

Since the Deptford Parks Liveable Neighbourhood Project started DeptfordFolk have been contacted by organisations and residents in the Evelyn Ward and across Lewisham about making their streets safer and healthier. One of these is Prince Street on the Sayes Court Estate. From August 5th to September 9th Prince Street will be closed to traffic.
Over the last few months we have met with London Car Free Day, Lewisham Highways Officers, Hutchinson Whampoa, Youth First, Greenwich Highways Officers and The Dog & Bell to discuss Prince Street between Watergate Street and New King Street. We have had the support of Cllr Sophie McGeevor (Cabinet Envoirnment & Transport) and Cllr Louise Krupski (Clean Air Champion) too. Now Prince Street will be temporarily closed to assess the possibility of permanent closure.
Why close this street?
It is a notorious rat run. Drivers need to mount the pavement to get through. It is used by drivers to avoid stopping at the lights along Evelyn Street. There have been accidents, near misses and damage to parked vehicles. It fits with Lewisham's local implementation plan (LIP) for the Mayor of London’s transport strategy: streets and street networks will be designed to encourage walking, cycling and public transport use to ensure that London grows in a way that benefits everyone.

Why is it a temporary measure?
This is right on the border with Greenwich. It is important that all traffic can still move around the area so everyone can get where they need to go. Greenwich are planning road closures on their side too. This will allow traffic modelling. Closing streets is complicated. Healthy Streets is Mayor of London and Lewisham Council policy. We are campainging to have this policy applied on Prince Street as we have done for DPLN.

Is this connected to the Convoys Wharf Development?
This is Lewisham owned land adjacent to Convoys Wharf. Lewisham Council will decide what happens here. However the development has a huge bearing on the future of residential streets. Rat Running in the area by contractors will increase when construction starts. There can not be an increase of heavy goods vheicles on this small street and schol route.

Why is Hutchinson Whampoa (HW) Involved?
HW are developing Convoys Wharf on one side of the street. The look of that building is not yet determined. If this becomes a non car space than ideally the ground floor of the building would have some amenity use (shops/cafe etc.). This is in development now. As a community we can understand this space better and make sure whatever HW builds works for us too. Section106 payments can be used to make improvements to the surrounding streets.

But HW have left the hoardings looking awful for years?
We agree. We have requested that the hoardings are replaced. HW have also agreed to allow the young people at Youth First to decorate the hoardings with a mural. We hope to do a mural workshop with Youth First this summer. All Evelyn developers need to be held to account over the state of their hoardings and sites.

Will it just be an empty street?
Probably not. The Dog & Bell will undoubtably find a good use for the space outside the pub. Young people will be able to walk to the youth club/adventure playground safely. This was a key consideration for them in recent surveys. This is a key school route for Deptford Invicta and Rachel McMillan Nursery School. It will make the route to Twinkle Park, Charlotte Turner Gardens and on to Greenwich safer. It is already well used by pedestrians.

I have ideas about how this should look, can I get involved?
Yes! The plan is to see how this works and start a collabraive design process with any interested parties if permanent closure is to go ahead. Make sure you're on our mailing list and following DeptfordFolk on social media to stay up-to-date.
Next Second Sunday Cycle Repair is on August 11th. Read more HERE.
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