9 August 2016
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Your Division Update!

A GP for Me
The A GP for Me project formally concluded as of March 31st 2016 in Sea to Sky. The Division was successful in its request to carry forward some unspent A GP For Me monies to support additional EMR/ practice optimization and attachment efforts.
At the April board meeting, the Division's board approved the pursuit of A GP For Me Impact Funding to support an additional year of transition for the Quest Satellite Attachment Pilot. Between September 2016 and April 2017, the Division intends to transition full responsibility for the Quest Satellite Attachment Pilot to its University partner.  Physicians interested in taking on shifts at the Quest Clinic are asked to contact Dr. Larry Klein at

Practice Support Program (PSP):
The Division would like to extend its deepest thanks to local PSP representatives Jo Kontogiannis and Renata Lewis for supporting us with our A GP For Project. In June 2016, PSP wrapped up the final learning sessions of the Child & Youth Mental Health Module. PSP staff are in the process of following up with participants in their clinics.Clinic staff and physicians have expressed a desire for increased patient education around utilization of the ER for primary care purposes. Concern has also been expressed in Whistler about the perception of patients "Doctor shopping". To that end, PSP staff are working with 2 Whistler Clinics to produce a Patient Information Brochure. The brochure is still being revised, however a sample draft can be found here:  Any suggestions for changes can be directed to Josefa Kontogiannis at

Whistler Health Care Centre - Discharges to Primary Care
Some Whistler ER physicians have expressed frustration regarding challenges their newly discharged, unattached patients report experiencing.  Securing primary care follow up within a specific number of days of discharge from Whistler Health Care Centre is proving difficult for some unnatached patients, who may subsequently return to WHCC seeking follow up for primary care.  As a result, a small group of Whistler GPs – one from each of the four Whistler clinics – met and established a Clinic of the Week schedule.  Representatives of Whistler’s Health Care Centre prepared a single page discharge referral and summary sheet that will alert local Primary Care clinics when an unattached patient is discharged and referred to them for follow up care.  Unattached patients discharged from ER are now directed to seek follow up care from that week’s Clinic of the Week, where staff and physicians are prepared to accept them.  The Division will support the four clinics in monitoring the impact of this pilot, and the Practice Support Program staff will continue to work with participating Whistler clinics to create patient information brochures (as mentioned above) that support increasing patient understanding of where to seek assistance for primary care concerns, and about the importance and value of patients’ relationships with their primary care physician.  We will track utilization of these referrals, identify any issues that may arise at the clinic level, and will report back as to what we’ve learned.
Changes to Societies Act
The Societies Act is new legislation that was passed in spring 2015 and will come into effect on November 28, 2016. It governs how societies - such as our own Division - are run in B.C. This new legislation includes significant updates to allow for more flexibility in how societies operate, while still protecting the public interest. The new Act and the regulations to the Act will come into effect on November 28th, 2016, but societies will have until 2018 to implement the new regulations.  Changes to the act will primarily affect the following areas: new qualifications for Directors; remuneration regulations and transparency; new Senior Manager appointment; change in threshold to pass special resolutions. For more in-depth explanation of the changes, please click here.

Child Youth Mental Health Substance Use Collaborative
The CYMHSU Collaborative Local Action Team (LAT) will be working towards mapping the journeys of local youth and their families who have navigated the health care system when seeking support for mental health and substance use concerns.  Through journey mapping, an LAT can learn from the patient, in this case the youth and their families. The CYMHSU Collaborative is requesting that physicians refer families with children or youth who have previously sought support for a mental health or substance use issue in Squamish or Whistler to participate in a "Patient Journey Mapping" interview. Families and youth would be providing a valuable contribution to local system health care improvements.
Questions and referrals can be forwarded to CYMHSU Project Lead Margaret Forbes by email: or phone 604.902.3647.  Patients can also contact Margaret directly to schedule an interview if they wish to participate.

VCH Adult MHSU Advisory Committee Opportunity
Vancouver Coastal Health's Mental Health and Substance Use team has asked us to circulate information regarding an Advisory Committee they are creating in Sea to Sky. This Advisory Committee aims to target clients, family members and community partners and seeks to gain input that will support planning and decision making for adult MHSU services in the community. For more information or to join, please contact Kirsten Ellingson at 604-966-8872 or   

Pathways Sea to Sky launched in June 2016 and continues to grow across the Province as more divisions gain access. There is now data available for more than 3,000 specialists, 800 clinics and hospitals, 1,000 resources and 1,200 referral forms. Pathways is a searchable data base of specialists, specialty clinics and services along with patient, physician and community resources.  Watch this 6 minute Introduction to Pathways video to learn more about how Pathways can help you in your practice.  
For Pathways support, please contact Kari Mancer at or  604-907-0019.

Patient Medical Home / Primary Care Home
At the last Provincial Division meeting, attendees learned more about the concepts of the Patient Medical Home and the Primary Care Home, both promoted and supported by the GPSC.  A link to the GPSC’s presentation may be found here:  strategic direction, PMH/PCH    The Patient Medical Home and the Primary Care Home are two main areas of focus of the GPSC.  These emerged in part due to feedback from the approximately 1,700 doctors who contributed to the GPSC’s 2015 visioning efforts.  The Patient Medical Home and Primary Care Home concepts overlap one another, and together form a foundation expected to support a seamlessly linked system of comprehensive care – delivered by GPs, specialists, specialized services (such as supports for frail seniors) and health authority inter-professional teams.  The Patient Medical Home is the family physician side of this equation, and is comprised of 12 basic attributes, a list of which may be found here the 12 Attributes.   GP practices will be supported to achieve these 12 attributes of the Primary Care Home, and will further be supported to develop partnerships with Health Authorities, specialists and service providers to better link services.  We expect to have an opportunity to bring everyone together in the early fall to learn more about what the Patient Medical Home and Primary Care Home mean to you in practice, and to explore what opportunities might emerge from this work. 

Residential Care Initiative
As of June 30th, 2016, Dr. Judith Fothergill has resigned as Medical Director at Hilltop House in anticipation of her retirement at the end of this year. Dr. Annie Gornall has taken over the position of Medical Director. Dr. Fothergill will remain active as Chairman of the Squamish Hospice Society and will be working on fundraising efforts to provide four Sea to Sky community hospice beds.

Innovation Fund Opportunities
A reminder that applications for Innovation Funding are received on an ongoing basis.  If you have an idea for a project that may foster organizational development for the Division, please consider whether you would be willing to participate in an Innovation Fund application.  Further details about the Innovation Fund can be found here:  
MHSU Community Forums
As a final part of A GP for Me, the Division is hosting two final Mental Health information sharing sessions in September.  These events have be well attended in the past, and have generated very positive feedback from physicians who attended.  These nights provide an opportunity for GPs to receive information about resources available within their communities, meet representatives from various services face to face, and gain understanding about resources and services available to their patients. 
Please RSVP early to Kari Chambers at

Monday, Sept. 19th
Whistler Conference Centre

Thursday, Sept. 22nd
Executive Suites Squamish

Comings & Goings:
A huge thank you to Sue Maxwell, who has now wrapped up her role as Project Lead for the Division’s A GP for Me project. Sue is planning to return her focus to her day job as an elected official with RMoW.  Thank you Sue for all your hard work, dedication and your exceptional commitment to seeing A GP for Me through to completion!

Also, please join me in welcoming Margaret Forbes as the Project Manager for the Child Youth Mental Health Substance Use Collaborative in Sea to Sky.  Margaret joined the collaborative in July and will be working under the direction of the Collaborative to further their objectives until at least Spring of 2017.
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