December 2016
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Membership Updates

AGM 2016 - Thank you!
For those of you who were able to attend the AGM held Wednesday Oct 19th - thank you! It was great to see so many familiar faces and incredibly valuable to the division to receive your input regarding the future structure of the division.  A big component of that evening's discussion - and certainly a large part of what our division (and divisions all over the province) are going to work of over the coming year is the impact of the recent changes to the BC societies act. Stay tuned for more information about how the Sea to Sky division hopes to tackle some of these changes!

Patient Medical Home in Sea to Sky
We were fortunate to have Dr. Garey Mazowita present some information to us regarding the concept of the Patient Medical Home (and the related, Health Authority focused Primary Care Home) models.  This included a review of the 12 Attributes of the PMH, and discussion around what types of in-clinic supports might be suitable for family practices in Sea to Sky.  A copy of the presentation may be found here.            .   PMH continues to evolve, as does the structure intended to support participating physicians. 

In late November, Drs. Larry Klein and Karin Kausky attended a GPSC session that touched on how the 12 Attributes of the Patient Medical Home might be interpreted by physicians in practice, by patients, and by others providing care in the community.  In early 2017, the division hopes to bring interested members together to dig into the 12 Attributes, the PMH model, and to determine what type of leadership team or structure might best support early steps towards PMH in Whistler and Squamish. 

Up to Date
Doctors of BC has revisited their agreement with Wolters Klewer for their Up to Date product, and has succeeded in their efforts to have the physician re-authentication period from (the current) 90 to 180 days. Division physicians now only have to log in through their division’s website and open UpToDate once every 180 days (6 months). If you need assistance with logging into Up To Date, please contact the Up To Date Support Team at: 1-800-998-6374 or

Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Collaborative
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The CYMHSU Collaborative aims to support increasing numbers of local children, families and caregivers receiving timely access to MHSU care and services, and to document examples and results of the involvement of children, families and caregivers in decision making and policy development.

In Sea to Sky, the CYMHSU Collaborative Local Action Team (LAT) has identified increasing First Nations Cultural Competency as one means supporting these aims.  On October 27th the LAT hosted Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village.  This experiential workshop was a powerful opportunity for participants to learn about traditional Aboriginal ways and values and how Canada’s assimilation policies-including the Residential School system - continue to impact Aboriginal communities in Canada. Workshop participants felt the workshop met or exceeded their expectations and they left feeling confident in their ability to use the days experience to create a more culturally safe practice for their First Nations clients and patients. 

A second means of supporting these aims is the creation of Patient Journey Maps.  These maps trace patients' and families' as they move through their MHSU experience and treatment, and can be highly revealing of barriers and gaps in the local MHSU system.  Locally Patient Journey Maps have been in progress since early fall, with 4 parents and 3 youth involved in sharing their stories.  These stories will be provided for public input when the LAT hosts a community stakeholder dinner on December 8, 2016 at the Howe Sound Inn in Squamish.  At this event we will share findings from the Patient Journey Mapping process and seek input to determine our tasks for improving the patient journey over the next year.   

For a complete report on the workshop and the collaborative please click here.

Those of you interested in First Nations Cultural Competency and Safety training who were unable to attend the Building Bridges workshop are welcome to pursue the following opportunities:
  • The Provincial Health Services Authority offers ​Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Online Training at
  • The First Nations Health Authority's Cultural Safety and Humility campaign includes a wealth of information, actions and learning opportunities.  You can find the information at the following link.
An open invitation was extended by Squamish Nation Elder Bob Baker, welcoming people to drop in on the weekly Elders Luncheons (every Wednesday at 12 at Totem Hall) for those who want to learn more about local history or ask specific questions about the Squamish community.

Family Physicians Still Welcome to the CYMHSU Collaborative! 
The Local Action Team is seeking Family Physicians who are interested in Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use issues and wish to integrate and strengthen the local support system for families and youth.  If you are interested in contributing, there are several ways you can do so:
  • Join our Local Action Team: a bi-monthly commitment to participate with key community stakeholders in a two-hour meeting, network with other support providers and share your insight, expertise & ideas to help set priorities for our work.
  • Join one of our working groups: roll up your sleeves and help us with specific tasks.  We have two working groups that would benefit from GP input: A First Nations Cultural Competency and Safety Working Group & a Patient Journey Mapping Working Group.
  • Attend a Local Action Team event:  Our next one is an important one being hosted on December 8, 2016 at the Howe Sound Inn in Squamish.  At this dinner event we will be sharing the findings from the Patient Journey Mapping process and seeking input to determine our tasks for improving the patient journey over the next year. 
If you are interested in joining the CYMHSU LAT please contactMargaret Forbes, Sea to Sky CYMHSU Local Action Team Lead or 604.902.3647

VCH Adult Mental Health & Substance Use - Expansion of Services
Locally, VCH AMHSU has received funding to expand MHSU services.  This will include expanded hours and MHSU staff availability at Squamish General Hospital, and expanded hours in VCH's Whistler Health Care Centre.  As these staff and services are refined over the balance of the fiscal year, local VCH Adult MHSU management has invited Squamish GPs to meet, learn about the changes anticipated at SGH, and provide their feedback regarding the Health Authority's plans. 
As this work progresses we expect to receive an invitation to include Whistler physicians in this work.  Interested physicians from either community are encouraged to reach out to Monica McDonald at or 604 815 8520.  We're excited to learn more about this effort, which includes potential services such as transition beds, and sets a foundation for treatments such as home detox in the corridor.  The next meeting of this group is Tues. 13 Dec, 18:30, Executive Suites Hotel, Tantalus Way, Squamish (in the Tantalus Suite).   

MHSU Links from Community Providers:
At the September A GP for Me MHSU Community Forums, a number of community groups requested that we share more information with GPs regarding the services available to patients in the community.  Below are links to some of the services shared by community resource providers:
  • HeadsUpGuys was developed through the generous support of the Movember Foundation and is based at The University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. HeadsUpGuys is one project of the Men’s Depression and Suicide Network, a Canadian initiative to develop resources, services, and programs to improve the mental health and well-being of men.
  • Work BC/Training Innovations in Squamish and Whistler provide mental health support to clients looking to return to the workforce. You can find out more about what services they offer here.   This video highlights the story of one man who was unable to continue working in his regular job due to physical limitations. He is now successfully producing beautiful wood carvings and selling them at the Pemberton Farmer's Market.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Learning Centre
The ABA Learning Centre is dedicated to providing family-centered services for children with autism spectrum disorders and other complex developmental disabilities. Based in Richmond, ABA is extending its service area to include the Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton communities.
Sylvia Hunter (604-232-4122)
is a local certified behavioral consultant and analyst living in Squamish who works primarily with children and families experience Autism Spectrum Disorders. For more information on the programs and services offered by ABA, please see the following brochures.
Provincial Sleep Group - Sleep Therapy Referral Form
At the request of the Provincial Sleep Group, Intrahealth has developed an electronic version of their Sleep Therapy Program Referral Form, which you can download here.
The Referral Form auto-populates patient demographics, physician demographics, dates, checkboxes, and text fields for easy and convenient use - leaving only for you to print, sign and send the referral form.
For questions regarding the form, please contact Christina Moser (Clinic Managers & Sleep Clinician) at 604-298-5944.

Ministry of Child & Family Development:
Child & Youth Mental Health Programs
Rob Smith, Team Lead for CYMH at MCFD and co-chair of our CYMHSU Collaborative, wishes to share the following programs running out of the MCFD offices in Squamish.

  • The Circle of Security is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children.
  • The Connect Program is an evidence-based 10-week manualized group program for parents and alternate caregivers of pre-teens and teens who struggle with significant behaviour problems and mental health issues.
  • DBT Multi-Family Skills Group: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is the most thoroughly researched treatment for people with self-harm and suicidal behaviors.
For more information on these programs, please contact Rob Smith at or (604) 892-1400.

GPSC Fall Summit
On November 28-29, 2016 the GPSC Fall Summit was held in Richmond.  The Division sent two GP representatives to this event, which featured two interconnected objectives:

  • Mon, Nov 28: A GP for Me Celebration and Learnings
  • Tues, Nov 29: Bridging & building to the Patient Medical Home/Primary Care Home model.

Much was learned about the Patient Medical Home/Primary Care Home models.  Most notably, it was clear to participants how open to interpretation the 12 Attributes of the Patient Medical Home are, and how much the interpretation of those 12 Attributes may affect what the Patient Medical Home looks like in practice.  In early 2017, the division will host interested GPs to take a closer look at the 12 attributes and what they mean to GPs in practice in Whistler and Squamish.

Upcoming Events / Member Engagement Sessions

CYMHSU Stakeholders Event
Thursday, Dec 8th 2016
Howe Sound Inn

VCH MHSU Meeting (Squamish Physicians)
Tuesday, December 13th 2016
Executive Inn, Tantalus Suite


January 16 2017:
Tentative CSC Meeting

January 27th 2016:
ICSC Meeting

February 6 2017:
Tentative Sea to Sky DOFP Board Meeting

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