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GRAND Happenings
A Legacy Coalition Newsletter
December 2019 edition
Legacy Coalition exists so that (y)our grandchildren and their grandchildren follow Christ.

Inside this issue:

  • Worst Possible Time – A Christmas devotion
  • Summit Spotlight – Giving Tuesday
  • Legacy Coalition Resource Partner – Miss Pattycake
  • Church Happenings at New Hope Church
  • Featured Product of the Month
  • Praise and Prayer Focus
  • Important Links for Future Engagement

Worst Possible Time

How many times have you heard the phrase – worst possible time? I hazard to guess it has been numerous times and usually concerning a variety of things from the mundane to the heart wrenching. This is the worst possible time for … to happen [you fill in the blank.]

May I draw your attention to Mary this Christmas season?  If you have been pregnant or around someone who has been, it gets pretty hard toward the end. Never mind just trying to tie your shoes or even see your feet. Everything gets harder the closer you get. Now back to Mary. The Scriptures tell us that “it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.” Keep the phrase, those days, in the back of your mind for a moment.

Luke 2:4 goes on to share that Joseph and Mary must travel to Bethlehem, because Joseph is of the house and line of David. The end of verse 5 gives us a clue how far along Mary really is – “Being great with child.” While not such a complimentary statement, certainly a great descriptive one. Just in case you missed how far along Mary was, the very next verse states, that “while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.” Not long (Scripture doesn’t tell us how many days) after their arrival in Bethlehem Mary gives birth to her firstborn son. Scripture does tell us they were still not staying in an inn.

I cannot help but wonder if I would have thought worst possible time to travel. Worst possible place to deliver a baby. Worst possible condition to bring a child into the world. Worst possible crib for a new baby. Worst possible - you fill in the blank. Yet amidst all the human worst possible thoughts – God enters the world! What is possibly the worst inconvenience becomes the most excellent long waited help and hope of the world – Emmanuel.

While all seems to be the worst possible from the human perspective, this tremendous inconvenience ends up a perfectly timed, magnificent event in God’s plan to save each and every one of us. Those days were finally here – the days of God with us in the flesh. “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” This day – the long awaited foretold day had arrived.

Luke 2:19 sheds a little light on what Mary was thinking – “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” Worst possible time to the exact perfect time – what a transformation occurs when God enters the picture.  The impossible had become possible, the worst had become the most blessed event - a reality before Mary’s eyes and held in her arms.

Fast forward to today – to you! Maybe you are in the midst of a ‘worst possible time’ – look to Mary or better yet look to God. Maybe you have stepped into the role of parent for your grandchildren – this season of your life when you hoped to be retiring and resting. Instead you have been called on – worst possible time for this to happen, worst possible conditions, and worst possible you fill in the blank. God may be up to something BIG! It may be in fact, ‘the day you have been waiting for,’ the exact perfect time to see God move with a mighty transformation!  Look down into the eyes of the grandchild you are holding, listen to their cries, and hold them tightly as you ponder like Mary.

Summit 2020 Giving Tuesday Challenge

We are so excited to announce that at least fourteen grandparents raising grandkids will be sponsored to come to national grandparenting Summit 2020. This is due to the generous donations given during Giving Tuesday. Gifts are still being accepted so if you still would like to give to this worthy project please go to to donate. We ask for you to please consider Legacy Coalition as part of your end of the year giving. God is blessing the ministry as it spreads the flame of intentional Christian grandparenting across North America. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for 2020. We could not do all we do without you so thank you!

Introducing a new Legacy Resource Partner – Miss Pattycake

Our desire to create the largest hub of Christian grandparent resources continues to be realized as more and more resource providers partner with us. We are excited to introduce Miss Pattycake. Jean Thomason, through the brightly
costumed character of Miss Pattycake, plants biblical truths into little lives. This is all accomplished through faith based, music driven resources which also help equip parents to lay a spiritual foundation. Please visit and consider using her wonderful resources

Church Happenings: New Hope Church Minnesota

In the fall of 2017 we began the Legacy Grandparent Ministry at New Hope Church in a western suburb of Minneapolis. We began with monthly meetings September to May, taking a break in December. We offer a morning and an evening meeting. We began with the Legacy Summit DVDs (1st year) then followed with Grandparenting, More Than Rocking Chairs by Tim and Darcy Kimmel (2nd year). Our time consisted of watching and discussing the DVD segment of the night.

This year we are offering the following topics which have doubled our attendance:
  • Grandparents at Prayer (G@P) our second time doing this on Grandparents Day, the first Sunday of September. The first year we followed the plan offered by Lillian Penner. The second year we designed our own concert of prayer.
  • Grandparenting ideas for Birth to PreK (2 preschool directors spoke)
  • Grandparenting ideas for Elementary grandkids (elementary teacher/learning style specialist presented)
  • Grandparenting ideas for teenage grandchildren (youth pastor and teen panel – great for learning what they are dealing with in school…)
  • Educating and Equipping parents (and grandparents) in the Transgender Trends (representative from the Minnesota Family Council spoke and made available the manual they published by the same name as our listed topic.) Go to for more information. 
  • Internet safety against porn. How to safe guard your computer, the side effects of viewing porn, porn addiction and cures. Our speaker will be David Howe, author of Live Pure and Free.
  • Other subjects in consideration: GrandCamps, long distant grandparenting, another G@P evening
Two events this year are a Grandparent/ Student Lunch after church on Sunday. We will get acquainted over lunch, play jeopardy and adults will choose a teen (from our church) to pray for this coming year or longer. The second event is Battle of the Ages, an idea from The Today Show. It includes some fun competition between the grandparent age adults and teens and is open to the whole congregation.

See the wonderful calendars by checking out these links:
2019-2020 Calendar
2018-2019 Calendar
2017-2018 Calendar
[Special thanks to Joanne Lundberg for this article and calendars. Joanne is the Legacy Grandparent Lead for New Hope Church.]

Featured Product of the Month

New from Steve Arterburn and Marcus Brotherton!

Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles:
A 12-Year-Old’s Take on the Totally Unboring, Slightly Weird Stuff in the Bible, Including Fish GutsWrestling Moves, and Stinky Feet

What happens when a room full of kids find themselves without a junior-church teacher? They choose one of their
own crowd to take her place, of course! Twelve-year-old Kirby McCook, mentored by his grandfather, leads his rambunctious friends through the Bible in this creative and fun Bible storybook.

Bible stories laced with middle-grade humor help teach kids that Jesus has been part of the story from the beginning and can be found throughout the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation.

Go to to get your copy today!

You can also purchase this book in the Legacy Coalition Store along with many other great grandparenting resources.
Purchase Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles

Prayer and Praise Focus

Heavenly Father, we fervently pray for Your grace and truth to shine within the hearts of our grandchildren this Christmas season. We ask for them to receive the precious gift of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. We pray for them to grow in humility, compassion, mercy and love for you.

We gratefully praise and worship you for the wonderful gift of Jesus. The best gift anyone could receive as well as the gift everyone needs to receive. We praise and thank you for your guidance and wisdom to us. May we speak, sing and live to give you glory!  Amen!

Our prayer team would love to join you in praying for the needs of your grandchildren.  Email us at

Important Links for further engagement:


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