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Special National Grandparenting Summit 2019 Edition

A Call to Grandparent on Purpose

How do you summarize and encapsulate three jam packed days? It’s not possible, but a few words might provide some sense of the emotions, feeling, knowledge and new thinking that happened on the beautiful campus of the Evangelical Free Church – Fullerton.

Informed, international, changed lives, challenges, hope, acceptance, encouragement, excitement, enlightened, conflicted, conviction, troubled, intentional, purposeful, joy, love and God moments are just a few of those words that come to mind.

Speakers from various organizations, several of whom impacted the grandparents’ lives years ago, shared their hearts for today’s children in our contemporary culture. Some things shared troubled us as grandparents, but in that concern came the challenge – What are we going to do about it?

Other speakers began to answer that question in the small scale of our own families as well as in the larger measure of our churches, our nation, and our world. Since the first Summit in 2016, the materials and resources available to challenge and assist grandparents have multiplied. These resources are providing a depth and breadth of information and practical ideas to help grandparents in a variety of situations. One of these comes from our own, Legacy founder, Larry Fowler. He discusses “How to navigate painful problems with grace and truth” in his new book, Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers.

Fowler opened the conference challenging grandparents to raise the bar of what they do and say even higher. The Deuteronomy Mandate (Deuteronomy 4:9) must be lived out with a balance of grace and truth. He stressed the urgency of the task; calling us to a higher standard so that the God-given role of grandparents becomes a part of the fabric of families today.

Wayne Rice reminded us that just because you can’t spend as much time with your grandchildren as you’d like doesn’t mean you can’t have a huge impact on their lives. He and his wife Marci shared practical ways of creating experiences with grandkids despite distance. Rice’s new book, Long Distance Grandparenting, provides a broader discussion of how to “be there when you can’t BE there.”

Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry of Renew a Nation and one of the founding members of Legacy Coalition, Josh Mulvihill brought Biblical grandparenting to the forefront in his general session and through his two books, Biblical Grandparenting and Grand Parenting.

The Summit provided a rich and positive outlook, but not without a few cautionary tales. One national crisis most people are aware of is the opioid crisis. Sessions focused on Grandparents raising their grandchildren with the data indicating that most of these multigenerational homes are a result of that crisis. Josh McDowell shocked grandparents when he presented the terrible effect of internet pornography available to young and old.

The Legacy Coalition on-site bookstore along with other ministries provided access to a wealth of materials that grandparents could use in their intentional grandparenting. Conversation cards, books for children of all ages, games, activities, and programs become great additions to the grandparenting toolbox. New ministries shared their visions of how to help the children and youth of today in the battles of faith in our world. Partner groups shared resources and led workshops to provide practical help and crucial information.

While tools and ideas are valuable and can be helpful when grandparents want to be purposeful, in the end, the true bottom line, the core that needs to surround every great idea is prayer. Prayer brought the Legacy Coalition into existence. Prayer covered the Summit before anyone arrived in Fullerton. Prayer covered every general session and every breakout. Hurting grandmas or grandpas could go to the prayer room for private prayer or to ask for prayer. Prayer also brought innumerable God Moments when two or three people would step aside in a session and pray together. Conversations prompted by a speaker turned into moments to take it to the Lord.

The Legacy Coalition Core Team, the Ambassadors and volunteers worked tirelessly to bring together a beautiful and challenging spiritual experience. A wonderful volunteer crew from EV Free made a huge impact on everyone with their servant hearts. They planned and executed their roles with prayer. The prayers of righteous people are powerful, and the Holy Spirit came to Legacy 19 in power.

[Our thanks to Carol Beaver, Legacy Coalition advocate and ambassador from Georgia for writing this article for us.]

Next steps:

Don’t let your provoking Summit experience end with great notes and memories, DO SOMETHING NOW! Grab the momentum, take your first baby steps.

May we suggest you start with reading these great resources:
Equipping Grandparents is a compact user friendly resource written by family ministry experts to encourage church leaders to think about grandparents. It contains a wealth of ideas and resources to help your church reach and disciple the youngest generation through engaging your grandparents. Ready to see the lives of families changed as grandparents pass on their faith legacy to their children’s children. Obtain your copy today by going to our website then clicking ‘Store” on the top bar. You will also find all our newest resources there. Along the top of the page there is a special code to use to obtain a 15% discount.

The Resource tab, found next to the Store tab contains lots of helpful information for you. If you go to Tools under this tab, you will find a sample Ministry Statement and Plan. It could be useful as you begin to craft your own. Also a document can be downloaded about multigenerational-intergenerational ministry. Check these free documents out today and start out strong!

Maybe you have already been doing a grandparent ministry and are ready for more. Check out our resource partners at

Also under the Resource tab on our Home page, you will find Summit Media resources. This is where the Summit 19 audio resources from the breakouts can be ordered.

A thumb drive with all 51 breakout sessions is still available for a limited time. You can order this thumb drive until April 22 for $179.00. Click here to order.

Each recording is available for download directly from our website. You can search to find sessions by number, title, or other key words. Previous years are also available there. Click here for 2019 recordings.

Check back as we are in the process of setting up our On Demand video channel where you will be able to purchase, view, and download videos of the general sessions.

Save the Date!

Coming June 2019 – Grandparenting Matters DVD: A seminar experience for small churches. Check it out at

September 8, 2019 – National Grandparenting Day
Start planning now for a great event. Stay tuned for great resources coming your way! Celebrate.Honor.Challenge

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