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Summit 2020 Speaker Reveal

We are excited to have confirmed as speakers Dr. David Jeremiah, David Green of Hobby Lobby, The Isaacs, Ken Davis, John Stonestreet, Dr. Josh Mulvihill, Rob Rienow, Tim and Darcy Kimmel, Kara Powell, Cavin Harper, Ken Canfield, Valerie Bell, Bill High, Terence Chatmon, David Pendleton, Tina Houser, Denise George, Elaine McAllister, Wayne Rice, John Coulombe, and Larry Fowler. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements in the weeks to come!

Be sure to go to and click on Summit. There is where you will find the latest information as well as how to be a church remote satellite site for the simulcast of the Summit conference. Preparations are well under way for an amazing Summit that will fine tune your vision of intentional Christian grandparenting to 20:20.

Make your plans to come – September 17-18, 2020. You will not want to miss it!
This video tells all about the 2020 Legacy Grandparenting Summit to be held in Birmingham, AL September 17-18, 2020.

But I'm not old enough...

There was a time I could not wait to be old enough – old enough to ride my bike without training wheels, stay out after dark and play “Ghosts in the Graveyard” with my older siblings, learn to drive a car, get a job, get married and on and on. One I never thought about was being old enough to be a grandma. My grandmothers were OLD – really they were. They sat in rocking chairs and told us stories. They didn’t do a lot of stuff but sit. My one grandfather was always falling asleep in his chair. They had gray or white hair and moved slowly when they did move. Then one day it happened – the announcement of a grandbaby on the way!

It was days before I realized or should I say it was pointed out to me that I was going to be a grandma. Friends starting asking if I felt like a grandma. What does a grandma feel like? I was over the moon excited! That was not what they meant – I quickly discovered they were talking about did I feel old. The answer was simply NO!

I joined the ranks of so many more who feel the same way. The average age of a first time grandparent is 47 which happened to be my age.  There are many who are in their early 40’s and even late 30’s. We do not resonate with the grandparents of past generations. Great grandparents are now the “old” ones.

We are still working (60%) – they were retired. We are on social media (75% are online with 45% on social media) – they read newspapers and wrote letters. We are active running here and there (43% exercise or play a sport) – they were rocking in their chairs. We like to be called fun up beat names – they were Grandad and Grandma. We may still have teenagers or young adults at home – their children were all gone and on their own.

Maybe the main reason we approach grandparenting so differently is because we do not feel old therefore we do not act old. The youngest recorded age a person became a grandparent is 23. Guiness Book of World Records states that the most generations alive at one time has been seven – SEVEN! Wow. We [Legacy Coalition] exists so that (y)our grandchildren and their grandchildren follow Christ. That is a four generational vision.

Being a young grandparent does not take away from the sheer joy of being a grandparent. In fact a whopping 72% say being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life. In fact, 90% enjoy talking about their grandchildren to just about anybody.

Here are some additional interesting and fun facts from the Pew Research Center. 63% say they can do a better job caring for grandchildren than they did with their own. 68% think being a grandparent brings them closer to their adult children. 46% wish they could live closer to their grandchildren. 81% have their grandchildren for at least part of the summer vacation. 72% take care of their grandchildren on a regular basis with 13% being the primary caregivers.

Big takeaway is that grandparents desire to be actively purposely involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren. We at Legacy Coalition are here to help as you intentionally build into the lives of your precious grands. Go to for great resources.

Featured Products of the Month

New from Steve Arterburn and Marcus Brotherton!

Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles: A 12-Year-Old’s Take on the Totally Unboring, Slightly Weird Stuff in the Bible, Including Fish GutsWrestling Moves, and Stinky Feet

What happens when a room full of kids find themselves without a junior-church teacher? They choose one of their own crowd to take her place, of course! Twelve-year-old Kirby McCook, mentored by his grandfather, leads his rambunctious friends through the Bible in this creative and fun Bible storybook. Bible stories laced with middle-grade humor help teach kids that
Jesus has been part of the story from the beginning and can be found throughout the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation.

Go to to get your copy today!
Go to to purchase the book from the Legacy Coalition bookstore.

Legacy Coalition Resource Highlight:

Getting ready to start your grandparenting ministry? Equipping Grandparents provides ideas and resources to help your church reach and disciple the youngest generation through grandparents. Get ready to see the lives of families changed as you help grandparents pass on their faith to their children’s children. Go to . There you will find a sample chapter to review as well as the table of contents.

Praise and Prayer Focus

Praise God who gives grace to the humble, wisdom to those who ask, and opportunities for us to use our spiritual gifts and resources to bless our grandchildren! May God grant us divine opportunities to testify to our grandchildren of God's guidance through His Word.
Our prayer team would love to join you in praying for the needs of your grandchildren.  Email us at
Don’t forget to go to to see the NEW church partnership information that provides products at HUGE discounts.

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