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Legacy Grandparenting Summit 19
is fast approaching…

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Don’t know what to tell the kids you want for Christmas? Have everything you need? May we suggest asking them to help toward the cost of coming to the Legacy Grandparenting Summit 19. It will indeed be a gift that keeps giving and giving! Check out all the great speakers and workshops at
One of the blessings is getting to worship alongside hundreds of other grandparents. You will experience classically-trained pianist and composer Fernando Ortega as he shares his thoughtful folk melodies. They come out of a combination of Celtic, bluegrass, and Latin American influences. Fernando has won Dove Awards and is known for his fresh arrangements of hymns like “Be Thou My Vision” and “Jesus Lover of My Soul.” Come ready to enter the presence of Our Lord as we lift our voices together.
“A joyful heart is good medicine…” Do you need some good medicine? Well, we have it! David Pendleton will be amusing and amazing us with his ventriloquism. His ability to make you believe that anything can talk coupled with his comedy act will keep you laughing from start to finish. One of his favorite characters is lovable but blunt Aunt Tilly, a 94 year old spinster. Come ready to laugh and relax.
Be sure to check out the informative Pre-conference workshops. Choose from five crucial grandparenting topics. Click below for details and registration.
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Tis the Season of Giving

As you consider this time of giving, would you consider The Legacy Coalition in your year-end giving? Grandparents are incredibly important to their grandkids. They are uniquely positioned to spiritually influence their grandkids. Grandparents have a Biblical mandate to do so. Most Christians agree with these statements about grandparents, but so little is being done to challenge and equip this huge group — 30 million strong — of potential influencers. This incredible potential for discipleship, is unrecognized and under-resourced. Grandparents themselves often lack vision, need support and community, or don’t know of tools which can help.

That is where we come in – The Legacy Coalition. The Legacy Coalition was birthed in the heart of Larry Fowler to be a platform for coalition ministries to engage the Church in the task of envisioning and equipping grandparents to impact future generations who know, love and serve Christ.

Go to for more detailed information and to donate or click the link below to go directly to our donation page.

Join this fast growing movement who desire to pass on their legacy of faith to the next generation and beyond.
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Generational Traditions

What were some of the ways your grandparents celebrate the Christmas holiday? What are some of those traditions that you have brought to your family? Did some of them get passed on to the grandchildren or even great grandchildren? We thought it would be fun to share some great ideas that have been shared with us.
Image result for recording a book for a child photo“Steve and I have started a tradition of giving our grandchildren Christmas books that record us reading to them.  We take turns reading pages or paragraph, inserting their names at the beginning or the end.  Their parents say they listen to them often at bedtimes. This is especially helpful for the children that don't see us often. We also tape our photo in the front cover along with a personal message.”
[submitted by Steve & Tina, Maryland]

 Image result for recording a book for a child photo“What started out as a church community candy making activity has become a cherished family tradition. I learned how to make the hard candy at a church in Michigan, taking it with us when we moved to Wisconsin. As the children got older they helped with the making of the candy and giving of it away to teachers and friends. Friends were invited to help and the circle of candy making became larger. The children became adults with their own families so now it is with the grandchildren that I make the candy. The grandchildren look forward to it each year, reminding me as the time approaches. One of the grandchildren even did a “how to” speech on it at school, giving every student a piece of the candy. It is the longest tradition and also has a service aspect to it.”

[submitted by Linda, Illinois]
I never knew my maternal grandmother. However, this Danish immigrant profoundly impacted my life through the stories her children told and the traditions and recipes she brought with her from Denmark.
Image result for recording a book for a child photoShe was the mother of twelve and stepmother of her husband's son, whose mother died while he was an infant. Their stories of their mother reflect a strong, courageous, yet tender woman. She managed her home and children while living out a deep faith. My mother, who ended up spending a longer period at home, benefitted most from the sharing of her mother's deep love for the Lord l, and she passed that to me.
She also passed on my grandmother's recipe for Yule Kag, the Danish version of Christmas bread. I didn't like it as a young child because of the candied fruit. Later I would come to love it, especially toasted. Soon, I will make the first batch for the year, relishing my family and cultural legacies.
[submitted by Carol, Georgia]

Call to Action

“Be sure to communicate and convey your greatest treasure in life to your grandkids – JESUS!”

Cavin Harper

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