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  • When Grandma and Grandpa are also Mom and Dad
  • Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2019
  • Lost and Found – Summit 2019
  • Partner Spotlight – Grandmas with Heart
  • Church Partner Program
  • Getting the Message Out
  • Resource Review
  • Important Links for Further Engagement

When Grandma and Grandpa are also Mom and Dad

There is a huge issue affecting grandparents of today. There are over 3 million grandparents that are raising their grandchildren because the parents are not able to or are unwilling to do so. It is a huge painful tragedy that so many grandparents suffer through quietly in isolation! This must not be so – it must change – God called us to help bear the burdens of others. The challenges affecting these grand families are as varied as the issues that brought on this home situation.

HEARTBREAK, STRESS, EXHAUSTION, and TRAUMA are just a few of the words that come to mind! Pray for grand families you know and that God will give you an opportunity to help. Are you one of the 3 million grand families – we want you to know we care! Maybe you are one of the 30 million Christian grandparents who are not raising their grandchildren –here are some ways to help be a release valve for these precious grand families.

First, do not wait for them to ask for help! Many will not ask for help. Instead, see them, include them, come alongside them and build a nurturing friendship. Look for tangible ways to offer help such as their grandchild is at the same school or sport team as yours – offer to pick up and drop them off along with yours. Invite them to neighborhood and church events. Introduce them to other grandparents, allowing them to share their story in their own way and time. Be an extra set of willing ears to listen, really listen, and care. Be an extra set of hands and feet that are quick to jump in and help with tasks like homework, transportation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, car repairs, home repairs, school supplies, clothing, and even babysitting. Maybe you can be an extra set of grandparents to a grandchild from a grand family in your area. Take him to a sports event, out for an ice cream, a round of miniature golf, a donut or lunch at his favorite place. This will give the grand family much needed time to rest or run an errand while you enjoy the pleasure of the child’s company.

Consider gift cards for gas or food or a camp sponsorship to help with the tremendous financial burden on these precious families. Would your church be willing to start a support group? Above all, listen to what God is calling you to do. It could be a small or big role in the lives of these precious grands who so desperately need to know a loving, faithful Savior who    will never leave nor forsake them. Let’s love on these grand families that are not empty nesters but full time caregivers.

[Thank you to Connie Wills for her firsthand knowledge and input into this article. Connect with her: 832-580-0494]

Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2019

“Great conference – almost on overload. It (1) gave me practical tools to help me, (2) new ideas and vision, (3) many resources to help us.” [ Summit 2019 attender]

”It is possible to maintain relationships with my grandkids into their teens. With intention, caring and sincere love, I can make a difference. I’m not in this alone, There are people who share the same concerns and desires. Thank you!” [ Summit 2019 attender]

“I loved all the speakers and enjoyed the wide range of diversity. There was something for everyone at every age that made an impact.” [ Summit 2019 attender]

Would you love to go back and listen to the general session speakers again? Would you like to hear the breakout sessions you missed? Would you like to share the awesome general sessions and breakouts with others? Need information for your small group, discipleship group, or grandparenting kick-off event? Were you unable to go to this year’s summit? You don’t have to miss out on the great speakers and the practical information they shared any longer. Maybe you were not there in person but you can still be equipped with the tools. Go to

This year’s audio resources are listed as well as the ordering details. Be sure to check out the video sessions by going to our Vimeo OnDemand channel. There you can set up an account if you don’t already have one, then purchase one or all the videos you want. You can view them online or download to your device. Let’s join in putting to use all the great information and helps to influence and impact our grandchildren and beyond.


Lost and Found-Summit 2019

Did you leave the National Grandparenting Summit full of great ideas but empty of car keys? Well, we have found two pairs of car keys.

Please contact to claim your left behind keys.

Partner Spotlight – Grandmas with Heart

Grandmas with Heart is composed of a group of grandmas who believe grandmas have much to offer to other grandmas (grandpas and parents, too) when it comes to handing down the faith. We know the concerns and joys you experience and we understand the desire to hand down our faith.

On the Grandmas with Heart blog – – you will find at least two encouraging equipping new posts each day. Additionally, you will find books along with free resources to equip and empower you as you point those who come behind you to God. Connect with us through facebook, pinterest and twitter. Check out Grandmas with Heart, liking and sharing it with others.

We are committed to purposefully impact the generations. Join us on this journey. Our prayer is that the information and resources provided will enable you to hand down your faith heritage to your grandchildren. There is nothing more important for us to do than to hand down our godly faith to our grandchildren. Grandmas with Heart is here to help you do exactly this.  

[Our thanks to Lynda Freeman for her submission of this article]

Church Partner Program

Are you getting ready to start or have you just launched your grandparenting ministry?

Do you know about the Church Partner Program – why there is one?

We believe the best avenue for grandparenting ministry to take place is the local church. Our desire is to partner with churches whose leaders encourage, envision, and equip grandparents to be intentional disciplers of their grandchildren. The word, “Coalition” in our name represents our partnership with churches having a common commitment to grandparenting. Together, we see the potential for discipleship in the grandparent role, and are doing something about it.

The Church Partner Program has four available levels of registration depending on your interest and involvement goals. You may choose to sign up for free, or contribute to our ministry through paying the registration fee. The fee is designed to help us with our ministry expenses, as well as equip you through valuable discounts and free resources. Each level offers a variety of benefits so be sure to check them out. Registering with the Legacy Coalition also allows an area Advocate and Ambassador to know you have a grandparenting ministry. They are a great source of encouragement and information as you seek to pass on your legacy of faith to the next generation and beyond. Join our coalition of churches not only for these valuable resources but to network with others so we all can become stronger together! Go to for more information and to register today.

Getting the Message Out

“I so believe in Larry’s vision for Legacy and feel the urgency to grow faster and bigger. I’m so grateful to have heard from all the brilliant minds at this summit. I am excited to take this message to as many churches as possible in the coming year. Thank you. Congrats on a stellar job!” [ Summit 2019 attender]

If you join in agreement with this urgent need to get the message of intentional grandparenting out faster and further, please consider giving to Legacy Coalition on a monthly basis. Become a financial partner today. Your gift to the Legacy Coalition will be multiplied as Christian grandparents influence multiple generations for Christ. Go to to donate - it is an easy, safe and secure way to impact generations for Christ.

Resource Review

Grandparent Role Resource

Long Distance Grandparenting by Wayne Rice is jam packed with practical easy to implement ideas to impact your grandchildren in a huge way! Wayne encourages you to not allow distance to become an excuse or obstacle but instead see it as an opportunity. An opportunity “to be intentional about connecting with grandchildren, and doing so with regularity.” There are so many ideas it is hard to decide on which one to choose first. Ideas range from creating a bucket list of things you want to do with each of your grandchildren during the next five years to what apps help you stay in communication with them as well as create your own emoji and everything in between. Wayne ends with a great reminder: “Be yourself and do whatever you are able to do…pray that God will bless your efforts. He loves our grandchildren even more than we do, and He is faithful.” You will not want to miss this book. Grab your copy today at

Grandparent Ministry Resource

Grandparenting Matters Seminar DVD Pre-sale

This great DVD seminar experience for your small groups is coming June 1st. This will allow you to tailor the seminar to best meet the needs of your church and grandparents. It is flexible and adaptable. The retail price will be $75 for the DVD and $12 for the workbook. Pre-order now and pay $65 for the DVD and $11 per workbook. Go to
Watch this video for more information about the Grandparenting Matters Seminar DVD Study product.
Grandchild Grandparent Resource

Let’s Talk – set of insightful questions to laugh, learn, and become intimately acquainted with your grandchildren. These are great as a launch pad for conversations at mealtime, bedtime or travel time. An added bonus is the questions are two-sided and color coded by age, divided by preschool, elementary, and teenage years. There is also a special section for the grandchild to ask the grandparent. They are conveniently packaged on a ring and measure about 3 ½ inches by 2 inches. They are the perfect size to throw into your purse or glove compartment. 72 two sided cards with one question on each side amounts to 144 questions! Ready to get to know each other better, order yours today! Go to

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