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CRIMINAL #3 out today!

Don't miss the senses-shattering conclusion of this most-shocking tale of two guys avoiding a comic convention in the late 1990s! 

Seriously though, part two of BAD WEEKEND is out today, and you really should pick it up before it sells out. If you don't see it at your shop, please let your retailer know you want it (they're not mind readers, it turns out). 

I'm really happy with how this one came out, after struggling to get all the pieces in place, and we'll actually have some BIG NEWS about this story soon, but... probably the next newsletter, not this one.

Here's a preview of the issue, for those who missed it elsewhere...

And here's the cover... 
It's been a while since I've shown any process stuff, so here's a page from later in the issue, in script, inks, and finally colors. 
And since I showed that longer preview in the last newsletter, I'm going to give you guys some peeks at issue 4, which Sean is almost done with already, and Jake is zooming away on now. 

Here's a few random pages and panels. Issue 4 is a single issue story about Ricky Lawless. 
And here's the cover. It's out next month. 
I've been having a blast on this new run of CRIMINAL so far, and I should tell you that two of these first four issues may not get collected, or at least not for a long time. The only way you'll be able to read them is in the single issues themselves. As I said, we're trying to bring back value to the single issue format, and part of that is readers needing to make sure they don't miss anything that might not get collected. 

With issue 5, we're starting a longer story, but even that will be different in some ways to what we've done before... But you'll have to wait a few months to find out how. 
Alan Bowman asks: 

The scenes in CRIMINAL issue 1, pertaining to the old wrestler in Japan really intrigued me, so I wondered if either Ed or Sean have ever been to Japan and what were your experiences?

I have never been to Japan, though I do plan to go someday. At least to see the Studio Ghibli museum. But Sean and some of his artist friends went to Tokyo just a few months back, for some kind of expo or something, and as I recall, he loved it. 

Side note -- That wrestling/diamond heist story is loosely based on the actual biggest diamond heist in Japan, actually. And that hotel was a Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Up next, Micah Hall asked: 

I wanted to ask about the status of Incognito. Personally it's my favorite series (like picking my children) created by Ed and Sean. I don't really hear you guys discuss it as much as your other series. Is this because you all weren't happy with it? Because it's tied up at Marvel's languishing Icon imprint? Any chance it will be coming to Image or starting a new series with that cast?

And Joey Stipak has a similar question: 

I recently started reading comics again after a lay-off of a few years. I started again with the new Criminal series from Image. I noticed in the back pages of issue two, you have adverts for other creator owned works you’ve published with Sean Phillips. I remember one you did with him called Incognito. Is it out of print or is there a rights issue? Do you plan to publish an edition similar to the recent softcover edition of The Fade Out?

INCOGNITO is currently only available in a deluxe hardback edition, the INCOGNITO CLASSIFIED EDITION. The paperbacks are out of print right now, initially because I thought a movie was going to go into production and so I'd been waiting to do a new printing to coincide with that, but we will be looking at getting the trades out in new editions through Image soon. 

I'm not sure if we'll ever do another sequel to it. We enjoyed working on it and it was a big hit for us, but it's still a twist on the superhero genre, and I'm not sure that's something we feel like trying our hand at again, at least not right now.  (insert Ed complaining about superheroes for the nth time)
There's a PODCAST dedicated to me and Sean's books
We are not affiliated with this in any way, it just came into existence a while back. But if you're a big (or obsessive) fan of our books, then you may want to check it out. 


Here's a couple of my recent favorite stories. This mob execution is pretty fucked up, but fascinating.

Some more news about this has come out about this in the last few days, which you can probably find somewhere. 

And this one is not specifically crime news, but it's just the greatest thing ever:
Okay, that's it for this month... be good to each other out there, and write to me at: with any questions for the next newsletter. 

And remember to buy CRIMINAL #3 this week. 
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