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So, almost immediately... 

...I received a bunch of emails from people confused (some even angry) about the above part of the newest newsletter. 

So to be more clear - because it sounds like this is all from people who only buy our books in trades and hardbacks - two of these first four CRIMINAL issues are standalone short stories. They're not being left out of some book we're putting together to punish people who only buy trades and hardbacks. I would never do that.

All I'm saying is I'm not sure how and when they'll be collected yet because they are short stories. I may have to wait until I have two or three more stories that go well with them to make a collection, and I'm not sure how soon that will be because we're about to start a longer arc with issue 5. 

Sean and I have actually have a CRIMINAL book coming out in July, but I can't get into the details of it yet. 

So rest assured, if you are worried that you're going to miss something, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying if you want to read the stuff now, here's where you can find it. If you want to wait, that's up to you, as well. 

I hope that clears it up. (or makes it more confusing, at least)

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