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The new book is officially out...

I know I just put one of these out yesterday, but right after I sent it, Sean informed me our interview on Publishers Weekly was already live, and it had been for like a week. Haha. Sigh.

So go check that out if you're interested. Slight spoilers for RECKLESS if you haven't read it yet.

And last night someone sent me this photo from Cape and Cowl Comics in Oakland, which really made my day, so I wanted to share it...

That's just about the best thing you can see as a writer, a human-sized stack of your new book the night before its release.

If any other shops want to send in photos of their stacks and displays, please do. It always makes me smile, plus I'll try to include them all in the next update.

Question Time
Since I've got you here, I might as well answer a few more questions... this time from reader Ryan Alcock...

I've been wondering how shifting to the graphic novel format affects your marketing activities - dedicating time to interviews for example - compared to how you would approach single issues.
I've often felt that whilst it does many things well, the single issue monthly format doesn't lend well to a marketing cycle (beyond issue 1) and I'm interested if you are seeing a benefit from releasing every few months? Are there intangible benefits to your productivity as you have several months of work without marketing, then more energy when you dedicate and block time for marketing?

We're still in the learning curve on it, but so far it's been helpful to be dropping full books now, months apart, as far as getting press coverage and word-of-mouth, compared to when we were doing single issues. What I found was most of the press a comic that's released in single issues gets is when it's announced, which is often 6 months or so before it debuts. Then when you're actually on the shelves, everyone that might cover it has already written about your book, so it's much harder to land anything.

I don't think the PR part of it will ever be easy, really - Graphic novels are still not treated the same by journalists as novels or memoirs are, and it's only the rare ones that get many reviews or profile pieces done... but I definitely prefer not having to worry about that side of it every month. Now it's twice a year that I spend a month or so doing interviews and pushing out previews to readers and press.

And on the productivity side, that's been a huge time-saver. All three of us, me and Sean, and Jacob, prefer doing the longer graphic novels than doing single issues. Our momentum stays moving faster, and for me, I get to think farther ahead. Like currently I'm writing DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, the third Reckless book, while I'm mentally figuring out the 4th and 5th books at the same time. With monthly releasing, I was never thinking quite that far ahead. Anyway, I hope that answers your question.

Okay, that's it for this time out. Grab your copy of FRIEND OF THE DEVIL at your local store today, if you don't have a local comic shop, you can find it online.

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