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From the Desk of Ed Brubaker...

So, it's going to be a short one this time out, because I don't have a lot in me right now, honestly. But comics and film and TV and books are a great diversion for your mind when times are hard. The only time I've felt normal in the last week was lying in bed reading a book (Don't Panic by Neil Gaiman, about Douglas Adams). So my meager offering of comfort to you this week is KILL OR BE KILLED #4, a book about how fucked up the world is right now. Heh. 

Anyway, this is the end of our first arc and answers some questions while asking some other ones, and I'm really pleased with how it's all come out. Here's a preview: 

The new issue is out tomorrow, along with new printings of issues 1, 2 and 3. Including this cool new David Aja cover for the 4th printing of issue 1: 
And we'll be right back in January with the start of our new arc. Sean's changed the cover design for the next arc just a bit, as you can see with the cover to issue 5 here: 
So look for the new issue in stores tomorrow, and the next big arc starting in the New Year. 

On another note, I'll probably be deleting my twitter account soon, so this newsletter and my comics will really be the only way to communicate with me, unless we're friends in real life. I quit it for a while in the past, and I think overall, it's just become a negative thing for me. I love the immediacy of it in some ways, but I feel like immediacy is one of our problems as a civilization sometimes. 

QUESTION TIME will return with the next newsletter, and if anyone has any more questions to send in, the address is: and make sure you put QUESTION in your subject line. 

My best to you all and please be good to each other,
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