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FRIDAY chapter three is here...

I am happy to say the third issue, which ends the first "act" of the larger story, is out today on

Please go check it out. This is the best one so far, and is Marcos and Muntsa's best work ever, I think. This book is so much fun to do, and to watch Marcos labor over every aspect of it like he does. We even decided to expand a scene in the middle of him drawing the issue, because it needed a bit more space. This is the advantage of doing a book this way, with no set page-count per chapter.

Anyway, this issue we learn more about the history of the town of Kings Hill and Friday gets caught in a hell of a snowstorm. Life-changing, some would say...

Here's a preview:
If you haven't checked out FRIDAY yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try. The first three chapters are up on and you can pay whatever you want to download them, even zero. And it's available in both Spanish and English, and in widescreen and single page formats.
The other day I got a great surprise in the mail... my copies of FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, the second book in the Reckless series. This photo makes the oranges and reds look brighter than they actually are for some reason, but here's the two books together, on top of my keyboard (for those wondering, I use a Freestyle 2 keyboard, because they're the best for not injuring yourself by typing all day long).
I can't tell you how great it was to see these two books side-by-side. Last summer we were just starting out on what seemed like a crazy idea and hoping it would work, and now it's the most popular thing we've ever done, and the second book in the series is already coming out.

FRIEND OF THE DEVIL is (obviously) the same length and format as RECKLESS was, 144 page hardback, comic-size, and it's out in a few weeks, officially. If you haven't done it already, you may want to reach out to your local shop to reserve a copy. The last few hardbacks we released sold out pretty fast all over the place. If you, sadly, don't have a comic shop in your life, then you can find it online at all the usual places.

I'm still waiting for my new copies of the CRIMINAL Deluxe Editions vols 1 and 2, but I'm told they're arriving this week and should be in stores soon. All the Criminal books have seen a big spike in interest recently, for some reason, and we're just about sold out of the CRUEL SUMMER oversized deluxe hardback, so if you're still on the fence about that one, you may want to act now.
First up we have a question from Thomas Karlsson...

I am curious about how your collaboration with Nicolas Winding Refn on the TOTDY series went? Did you sit in the same room while writing or did you emails ideas back and forth?

Refn and I worked in all sort of different ways on that show. We started out sitting around his house kicking ideas around, to see if we had enough for a ten episode show. Then we started working on the pilot by talking it through as I wrote an outline. Then I'd write pages and we'd go over them and Nic would make changes or say "this is boring, he should say this instead" and our wonderful assistant/associate producer would give me the notes and I'd take that and work from it. It was a lot of back and forth.

Then once the show was sold, we worked over skype to plot out the rest of it, and I'd write and get feedback from him and rewrite. It was a lot of rewriting, and episodes that started out being one thing would go through so many changes sometimes I'd lose track. We brought on my friend Halley Gross once we were heading towards production, to help carry the load, and often she and I split up scenes for rewriting.

Once we got into production, it became more insane, as Refn films scenes in chronological order, and makes changes on set working with the actors a lot, and that would lead to more rewrites for the future episodes. So we'd often meet at night or early in the morning to go over that days rewrites with him. It was the most exhausting two years of my entire life, I think, and it took me six months to recover from, energy-wise. But it was also a great working experience, in other ways, with many amazing people and some of my favorite actors, and screenwriting is almost as natural to me now as comics writing is.

By the time we were done filming, the show was similar but also very different to the one we started making. (The opening 20 minutes of episode 6 are the closest to how it started out, for anyone wondering).


And Tyler Scott asks about PARKER...

I've just recently gotten into the Parker novels. I saw Point Blank years ago and just watched Payback: Straight Up and I can't decide which one I like more.

If you had to pick a favorite which one would it be? And have you seen The Outfit? Is it any good? It's not on bluray or streaming.

Do you think any more Parker books will be adapted?

I really like the Payback: Straight Up cut, and think it's probably closer to the novel in some ways, but Point Blank is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I think actually gets the character better, even though it is way out there in many ways. So I would pick that one. I watch it every couple of years, just because I love it so much.

The Outfit is good, but feels like a low budget crime film from the early 70s, too, so some parts of it don't really grab me, while others are just perfect. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a Parker fan, and in the US at least, you can find it streaming on Amazon Video, for rent or purchase. Duvall does a great version of Parker, though I think he's called Macklin in that one.

As for more Parker movies? It's hard to say. On the one hand I'd like to see some, but I'm also more than happy with the books and the graphic novel adaptations. Parker could be done, but a big part of the fun of the books is the structure, and the bare-bones part, and nowadays all heist stuff is hi-tech and a bit boring. Hackers on computers yelling "Go!" to someone over an ear piece. Parker and his crew sawed through rooftops and dug tunnels. That was fun and lo-tech. So if someone wanted to do it right, making it a 60s/70s period piece would be the best way to go, I think.
Okay, let's get onto the wonderful world of crime news.

First up this time is a really strange one...

Next, this is a great old crime story I had never heard of...

Next is one that was sent in by newsletter reader Jase, from Melbourne Australia...

And finally, a wild local story in LA, that is going to be very interesting to follow...

All right, that's it for this time out... I'll be back in a few weeks to remind you that FRIEND OF THE DEVIL is out, probably.

Until then, send any questions for future newsletters to:
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