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New comics coming your way

My "good friend" Chip Zdarsky and our own Jake Phillips have a fantastic crime comic launching, NEWBURN and it's on FOC (Final Order Cutoff) this week, so please tell your retailer you want it. Jake has apparently inherited his father's work ethic, and in addition to coloring our books, he's now doing two (or maybe three) of his own comics that he draws and colors. I've been watching this one come together for about a year now, and it's been a lot of fun. It's an idea that is so good that I'm angry at Chip about it, and they're knocking it out of the park. So you definitely want to be onboard from the start. 

Also on the new comics horizon that should be checked out, my pal Marc Guggenheim has a new series coming out from Dark Horse, that I've been meaning to plug as well. You've probably seen tons of people telling you to order it already, but better late than never. 

And I had the chance to read the first three issues of the new Matt Rosenberg and Tyler Boss's new comic, WHAT'S THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE? and it was the strangest new series I've read in a long while. It feels somewhat like an 80s alternative comic, and somewhat like a weird European TV show, and somewhat like a recurring nightmare. 

Anyway, you want to check it out, comic fans. 

(I don't plug comics enough in this newsletter, I just realized, most likely because I haven't been to a comic shop since the pandemic started, so I'm missing a lot of good stuff)

You've probably seen headlines about supply chain shortages around the world the past month or so, and thought, "hmm, that sounds bad" - well, it is. Because paper is very hard to get right now, and printers are backlogged because there's not enough trucks on the road to ship everything, and if you printed overseas your books are likely stuck in the port waiting for season two of The Wire to unload them. It's a bad situation (online I see we're being told to order Xmas presents now, to ensure they get there in time).

So, because of delays at the printer, the next Reckless book, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS has been delayed a week. It's out on October 20th, not the 13th, as originally planned. (We ordered our paper far in advance, so it's still the same beautiful package, never fear). Still, I'm sad you all have to wait a week longer to see it because it's my favorite one so far, but the last month or so I've been seeing other hardbacks pushed back months, even from Marvel and DC, so I feel very lucky this isn't worse. 

So look for a reminder email from me in a few weeks, where I'll reveal the full cover for the next book, THE GHOST IN YOU (which we are really far into already), and because I don't say it enough, please spread the word about these books if you dig them. You'd be surprised how much 'word of mouth' is still the best advertising for any comic. 

And speaking of comics on FOC, the first FRIDAY trade is taking orders this week, as well. I've shown you so much of this book over the last year so I'm not going to hard sell you again. But if you've been print-waiting on this one, please tell your retailer to reserve you a copy. The book is really gorgeous, I promise. 

That's the retailer poster we did, which hopefully you'll see on display at your shop soon. 
So I guess it's time for more crime news. And there's lots of it this time out.

This one caught my eye, for sounding like the back of a pulp novel in the headline... 

This one is just weird as hell, and I'm not sure what the deal is with it (and neither is anyone else, I guess)...

Next up, a cold case from Hollywood... 

Here are a few in the spirit of the Halloween season, I guess... 

And finally, this is a fascinating look at how far crime has come recently... 

Bonus points for using Mad Max in a headline. 

Okay, that's it for this time out. I'll be back in a few weeks to remind you the new book is out, and until then, any questions for future newsletters can be sent to: 
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