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February 2017

Dear EUNWA Member/Network Partner,

one of our main aims in the following months will be to intensify communication and cooperation between all our member organisations.

There are a lot of activities and projects going on on a European level which we would like to share.

In Austria the initiative launched by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior – ”gemeinsam sicher” – to enhance communication between citizens and local police authorities in terms of safety issues is taking pace. More details see article 1) excerpt of the EUCPN Newsletter February 2017.

We would also like to remind you on the IISL International Institute for the Sociology of Law – Workshops in May 2017.

And - last but not least - we would again like to motivate all our members to share your activities with our community.

Looking forward to your input.

Karl Brunnbauer


1. Project ”together safe” ”gemeinsam sicher” – launched by the Austrian initiative of the Ministry of the Interior
Excerpt – article of the EUCPN Newsletter 02/2017:
Together, we'll combat burglaries committed in autumn and winter after nightfall!
“Once the cold season starts and night falls early, burglaries are on the rise. Therefore, the police will take action against this type of crime in autumn and winter 2016 and 2017, too. Specific analysis methods and swift search and investigative measures combined with more prevention are to be adopted to counter this type of crime. Direct contact to police officers lies at the heart of these measures.”
Analysis of last years' burglaries has shown that most burglaries are committed during autumn and winter months. For that reason, in recent years the police took numerous measures that focused on how to get to grips with this phenomenon and managed to reduce the number of burglaries greatly. This know-how will now serve as the basis for the measures to be taken in 2016/2017.
Burglary at nightfall and the offenders' modus operandi:
These burglars strike between November and January, in particular between 16:00 and 21:00 hrs, depending on when dusk falls. In most cases, they break into flats and houses that have good access to main routes and offer a good chance of making a quick escape. Residential areas with highly secluded premises and flats at ground-level are also targeted. Most commonly, the burglars attempt to gain access to homes by forcing open terrace doors and garden-facing windows, doors or cellar accesses. To achieve this, they use very simple methods and break open poorly secured doors or windows by means of screwdrivers or pliers. Once they have managed to gain access to the home, they go for easily saleable goods. That's why it is advisable to keep jewelery, cash and valuable objects in a safe or, preferably, avoid having large amounts of cash at home.
The police are prepared: The police prevent this phenomenon and respond in a target-oriented manner. A combination of analysis methods as well as swift search and investigative measures have been adopted and police patrols focus on hotspots. This year again, special attention will be paid to prevention and contact with the general public, because it is easy to deter burglars with simple security measures. This is confirmed by the Police's Crime Statistics: In 2015 more than 40 per cent of all residential burglaries in Austria failed. Fortunately, this high percentage has to do with the fact that residents protects themselves very well and take appropriate preventive measures.
Good neighbouring relationships and mutual help are enormously important in this respect. A trusted person who will keep an eye on your property during your absence, clears the letter box and removes advertising material from the doorstep serves a valuable purpose. However, the police also want to encourage people to call them when they notice suspicious activity. No one should shy away from contacting the next police station or dialling 133 in an emergency.
Tips from the Crime Prevention Unit:
  • Good neighbouring relationships and mutual help are very important! Neighbourliness deters criminals!
  • Avoid signs of absence! Have someone clear your letter box and remove advertising material. Make sure your home does not present itself as unoccupied. The neighbours' commitment is very important in this respect.Close windows, terrace and balcony doors.
  • Avoid visual cover that would allow burglars to carry out their work undisturbed. Keep everything stored away that could be used to break into your home.
  • During times of absence in the evening use timer-switches and install outdoor lighting.
  • Secure terrace doors by installing burglar resistant roller shutters or worm fences.
  • Have only high-quality locks and cylinder locks installed.
  • Contact: Police can be reached throughout Austria at the local rate number 059 133.
  • For further Information please see
2. IISL International Institute for the Sociology of Law – Workshops 2017

The IISL is a foundation created by the Basque Government and the Research Committee on Sociology of Law under the auspices of the International Sociological Association.

We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming workshop in May 2017:
“When the Exception becomes the rule”- European Union Societies on the move
(Wanda Capeller (Sciences Po Toulouse), Maria Joáo Guia (University of Coimbra lnstitute for Legal Research (UClLeR), António Casimiro Ferreira (University of Coimbra Centre for Social Studies), Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen Mary London))

whích will take place at the Oñati lnternational lnstitute for the Sociology of Law (llSL) on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May 2017. The llSL will take care of local arrangements, which includes accommodatíon, meals and transport on arrival and departure as explained in the annexéd documents.

For more information please see and the workshop calendar 2017.

If you would like to register for one of the upcoming workshops please contact:

Malen Gordoa Mdizabal
IISL Workshops - IISJ Reunionies
International Institute for the Sociology of Law
Avenida de la Universidad 8 - Apartado 28
20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) - Spain
T: +34 943 71 88 89 - F: +34 943 78 31 47
E: malen[@] - W:
@MalenIISJ @IISJOnati #Workshops #ResidenceGrants
3. ”Vulnerability Checklist” - We are asking for your support for ACdV Italy

Dear EUNWA members,
Gianfrancesco Caccia from Associazione Controllo del Vicinato Italy has asked for support from EUNWA and input on the following topics: He is currently setting up a “vulnerability”-checklist for Italian citizens regarding securing their homes and personal belongings in times of absence, but also for general security topics in everyday life.
”I am looking for documents/links/kind of checklists concerning summer holidays or more generally "educational aspects" towards the citizens to help them recognize (understand, prevent) behavioural or environmental weaknesses connected to their person/family or surroundings... something like a questionnaire, checklist or list....”
There are for sure many checklists around published by national authorities, the police, etc. but there are for sure more topics that can be covered, like IT-Security at home, things to watch out for when you move around in the public, or when doing business in your bank or with authorities, but also from at home, and many more.
Your Neighbourhood Watch Organisation may be able to provide Gianfrancesco with more detailed instructions and information that you are already using for your members.
We are grateful for your support. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHECKLISTS TO ME so I can collect and forward all information to Gianfrancesco.
MANY THANKS! :-) and kind regards

You have organizational news? You want to introduce your organization? Let they others know!

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