You are reading – the first EUNWA Newsletter which is being mailed to all of our network partners  and stakeholders. In October 2014 EUNWA held its founding conference in Vienna which was, at the same time, its first annual meeting, we are now organizing our third, see below.
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News from the EUNWA

MAY 2016

Dear EUNWA member/network partner,
two years ago, proNACHBAR, Vienna, started a project aimed at initiating a European communication platform for neighbourhood watch schemes and stakeholders interested in the protection of citizens from becoming victims of crime, burglaries, personal injuries, harassment, scam and similar crimes.
In October 2014 EUNWA held its founding conference in Vienna which was, at the same time, its first annual meeting. EUNWA’s concept of acting as European umbrella organization was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. In the meantime, we conducted a survey among members reviewing the community policing situation in many countries, extended greatly our partnership network of members, authorities and sundry stakeholders (described in the “White Book of European Neighbourhood Watch”), and assisted our Italian members of ACdV in organizing the second annual meeting in October 2015.
EUNWA has now arrived at a point where our internal organization appears to be consolidated and ready for the next upgrade. We are now working hard to organize the third annual meeting (see below), we have succeeded in gaining an international sponsor (see below) whose contribution will be a tremendous help in our further development, and are finally in a position to start a regular monthly newsletter as standard communication platform. You are holding – or reading – the first EUNWA Newsletter which is being mailed to all of our network partners including privately organized neighbourhood initiatives, nation-wide schemes, crime prevention authorities, and other stakeholders from all walks of life (communities, business, academic institutions, safety-oriented associations and many other kinds of organizations interested in safe living and the protection of citizens).
At this point we would like to ask you for your assistance to put this newsletter together with meaningful information on a regular monthly basis. While we will scan local and international news for interesting items, we will also rely on your regular contributions to make the newsletter both interesting and relevant to the aims of our members. Your contributions should include (but not be limited to):

  • Facts/developments/messages/information from your organization
  • Conferences and events organized or attended by you
  • Criminal activities and methods observed
  • Cooperations and successes
  • Developments in your membership and services
  • New promotional materials to be shared
  • English translations of interesting news items in your country

We also plan to feature one of our member associations each month describing their scope of activities, problems and successes.
Thank you for your active participation!


Karl Brunnbauer



  • EUNWA Annual Conference 2016
  • EU project “INSPEC2T”
  • Meetings and conferences attended by EUNWA
  • AVOCET sponsorship
  • Extension of EUNWA Membership
  • White book
  • Survey on community policing

EUNWA Annual Conference 2016

The 2016 Annual Conference will take place in Vienna on Friday, September 30 (whole day) and Saturday, October 1, 2016 (until noon). Participants should arrive on Thursday, September 29 in time to participate in the traditional welcome meeting in a nearby pub.

The main topic will circle around the effects of the increased migration of asylum seekers from the Near East on the residential population of target countries, and the reactions of both police/crime prevention forces and neighbourhood watch schemes in meeting the resulting challenges. Individual topics may include:

  • community policing in the light of migration problems,
  • the EU reaction at the level of the competent Directorate General (Home) or of EUCPN,
  • the development of INSPEC2T tools to improve communication between the police and residents (see below),
  • the problem of increased possession of firearms by residents,
  • the growing level of antisemitism observed with the increase of migrants from Muslim countries,
  • Asylum-seekers’ motivations for coming and expectations for integration, etc.

If you have suggestions for further individual topics and/or related lecturers please let us know.
Please send us pre-registrations by end of May to
In line with international practice it was decided to ask participants to pay a registration fee to help us cope with the financial burden of organizing the conference. The following fee structure will be applied:

  • Members paying an annual membership fee of EUR 500.00 can send 3 persons without paying a registration fee.
  • Members paying the minimum annual membership fee of EUR 100.00 can send 1 person without registration fee.
  • Members exempt from the annual membership fee and all other network partners will pay a registration fee of EUR 30.00 per person attending.

The preliminary Conference agenda will be prepared after receiving your comments on the topics, latest by end of May. We look forward to your comments.


Last year, our Greek partner firm KEMEA has won an EU grant for the development – together with other partners – of a new hi-tech communications tool that should be deployable by 2018. Our President Karl Brunnbauer has been invited to participate in the project in an advisory capacity as member of a stakeholder advisary group.
KEMEA has offered to organize the EUNWA Annual Conference of 2017 on the Isle of Crete. We are very grateful for this offer, and look forward to going to Crete in fall 2017.


  1. Zagreb, Croatia: In November 2015 Chairman Karl Brunnbauer was invited to participate in the annual Prevention Days of the Croatian Association of Security Managers where he presented EUNWA. One of the main topics of the Meeting was the problem of graffiti and how it can be alleviated. The Association of Security Managers (HUMS – Hrvatska Udruga Menadzera Sigurnosti) is one of the oldest EUNWA network partners and is active all over the Republic of Croatia.
  2. In December 2015, NHW – the Neighbourhood and Homewatch Network of England and Wales – held it strategic meeting where this biggest European neighbourhood watch association serving 3.8 million households set the course for its targeted growth over the next years. Karl Brunnbauer was able to participate in many discussions, e.g. on active community policing and the deepening of cooperation between citizens and authorities.
  3. In April 2016 one of our Italian member associations, Associazione Controllo del Vicinato (ACdV), met for its annual convention where questions of growth, the formation of new neighbourhood groups and improved police cooperation were discussed. Karl Brunnbauer, being an honorary member of ACdV, participated and learned about the near-term and long-term goals of this important and growing organization. ACdV had organized the very successful EUNWA Second Annual Conference in Castel Ritaldi in October 2015.
  4. Since the Second Annual Conference of EUNWA in Castel Ritaldi last year, KEMEA (Center for Security Studies) in Athens has been one of our distinguished members. KEMEA was awarded an EU grant for the development of a new hi-tech communications tool between citizens and the police. Karl Brunnbauer was elected into the SAG (Stakeholders’ Advisory Group) meeting regularly to provide input to the project development. Read more in the special KEMEA item of this Newsletter (see content point #2 - EU project INSPEC2T).


AVOCET is a UK manufacturer of unique safety locks, forensic burglar identification and related products.

AVOCET is also the main sponsor of NHW, our member in England and Wales. Participants at the Vienna Conference in September will have a chance to inspect the AVOCET products and to inform themselves about the product features and benefits to users.


Although our members and partners network covers quite a range of European countries, there are still some countries where we have little or no contact with neighbourhood schemes or the national crime prevention authorities. Also, even in countries where we are represented there may be other relevant organizations, not necessarily competing with existing members, with whom EUNWA should establish contacts for their benefit and the benefit of EUNWA and its present members. Please, if you know of any eligible organizations in your own country or in a neighboring country, be kind enough to let us have their contact data so we can try to bring them into the folds of our umbrella organization.


In the first two years of its existence, EUNWA managed to build a remarkable communications platform of European neighbourhood watch schemes, crime prevention authorities and sundry network partners and stakeholders from all over Europe. Information about these partners has been collected in the “White Book” which is available to paying members. For more information and to order the White Book, please e-mail


In 2015 EUNWA performed a survey among its members questioning them about the degree of community policing existing in their respective countries. The survey was complemented by the results of a similar survey held a little earlier by EUCPN, the European Crime Prevention Network domiciled in Brussels. Taken together, the two surveys show a realistic picture of the actual community policing situation in a number of European countries. The survey is available to paying members. For more information and to order the Survey, please e-mail
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