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Karl Brunnbauer


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EUNWA third annual conference Vienna Sep. 30 – Oct. 1, 2016

The 2016 Annual Conference will take place in Vienna on Friday, September 30 (whole day) and Saturday, October 1, 2016 (until noon). Participants should arrive on Thursday, September 29 in time to participate in the traditional welcome meeting in a nearby pub.

The EUNWA third annual conference will cover a wide variety of subjects,

  1. from the highly topical area of asylum seekers, migration, integration, organized crime and the relating problems for state, crime prevention, and resident population,
  2. to the ever-present question of how to make our cities and neighbourhoods a safer place to live in,
  3. to the new challenge for EUNWA to assist in establishing a completely new nationwide neighbourhood watch scheme in a large European country, and
  4. to a number of sundry problems and issues concerning, among others, the growing incidence of cyber crime, the “forgotten” question of nuclear safety of the general population in Europe, and a reminder of the beneficial work of our member City Angels in Milan.

Ad 1: Austria being among those countries that are most affected by the recent migration movements, we chose some of the persons most deeply involved in the relating challenges. So, for the first group of topics, we were able to sign on Franz Wolf, Director of the Austrian Integration Fund, Andreas Holzer, Head of the Organized Crime Bureau of the Interior Ministry, and Walter Fuchs of the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology. We also asked Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian Foreign Minister, to present his view of past and potential future development of international efforts to control the rising flow of asylum-seekers. Given his obviously tight schedule, Mr. Kurz may not be available for a personal appearance but we hope he will delegate a knowledgeable representative.

Ad 2: Tiina Ristmäe of Estonia and Martin Graham of England, will, each with their own focus, talk about different and interesting activities on the local neighbourhood watch level. We believe there is a lot to be learned from these excellent examples of local initiatives in such diverse countries as Estonia and England.

Ad 3: EUNWA considers it one of its foremost goals to assist in the establishment of neighbourhood watch schemes in countries where no such initiatives exist.We are proud to offer a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges of establishing a nationwide neighbourhood watch organization in a large country. Poland has spectacularly emerged from Soviet domination and is now occupying an important place in the European Union. The problems of growing prosperity are now catching up with Polish society. David Huse of England, with his extensive experience in business, management, and organization of charities and public events, is tackling the challenge of setting up a Polish neighbourhood watch organization starting in Warsaw now. We are looking forward to his progress report.

Ad 4: A variety of presentations on different subjects rounds off an interesting and, hopefully, stimulating conference program. Kate Algate of NHW England & Wales will talk about Cyber Crime, which is developing into a bigger and bigger problem to all parts of society. With Internet and IT, netbanking and social media occupying more and more of our daily lives, not even the humblest retiree can be sure he will not become victim to cyber crime. George Vayssier, Dutch nuclear expert, will showcase the problems of nuclear safety to residents. It is an amazing fact that, with all the new international problems occupying our minds, the old but unresolved problems of nuclear threats drift out of our mental focus, but we should keep them in mind nevertheless. Mario Furlan will remind us about the tremendously successful work he and his City Angels are doing in Italy, and Panayiotis Papanikolaou will update us on the progress of the EU sponsored “Inspec2t” project. Last but not least Clive Lloyd of Avocet, England, will show us amazing new tools for crime prevention.

Please find the latest version of the preliminary AGENDA which, we hope, will not be changed dramatically until September.

If you have not yet registered for this exciting conference, please REGISTER now.

Karl Brunnbauer honored in his home district

On April 15, 2016, our Chairman Karl Brunnbauer and his neighbourhood watch initiative “proNACHBAR” were honored as the most popular grassroots movement in Vienna’s 13th District of Hietzing.

Karl has been proNACHBAR Chairman for 10 years creating a platform for residents concerned about burglaries and other kinds of crime. Members are informed about recent occurrences in their neighbourhoods and exchange relevant information. proNACHBAR has been active in the most populated areas of Austria and cooperates closely with local police.

In 2014 Karl extended the scope of his activities tremendously by founding the European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA), a much-needed international umbrella organization for the exchange of information and experiences. EUNWA’s Third Annual Meeting will take place in Vienna September 30 – October 1, 2016, again hosted by the 13th Borough Mayor Silke Kobald.

The photo on the left shows the presentation of an elegant glass plaque handed to Karl by Silke Kobald in recognition of his outstanding service to the 13th District and to all residents benefitting from Karl’s and proNACHBAR’s activities.


Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary movement within the UK and sees tens of thousands of volunteers sharing information every week to help keep themselves and their communities safe from crime.

Since it was first established in the UK from America in the 1980s the movement has expanded and now the distinctive, round yellow signs (above) have become one of the best known brands within the crime prevention sector.

Neighbours join together to keep a watchful eye on the homes within their watch area and be a good neighbour to their vulnerable and elderly neighbours. Increasingly, with the emergence of cybercrime and fraud, members are becoming the frontline in raising awareness about practical steps to protect themselves and others from a variety of crimes.

The Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHHWN) was established to be a strategic voice for the movement. It is a national charity based in Leicester covering England and Wales and is supported by the Home Office, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and the College of Policing.

The charity’s staff work in partnership with volunteers, the police, local authorities and other relevant organisations to offer advice, guidance, support and resources.

P-REACT a low cost solution for Petty Crime prevention

The P-REACT solution focuses on connecting citizens, business owners, infrastructure owners and security and law enforcement personnel so that Petty Crime incidents can be effectively dealt with and prevented in the future, whilst ensuring compliance to legal, ethical and societal concerns.

Petty Crime incidents such as theft, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour are on the rise in Europe due to the economic crisis and in turn incidents adversely impact the local socioeconomic environment. The P-REACT project developed a low cost surveillance platform to detect Petty Crime incidents encompassing intelligent video and audio sensors, a cloud based monitoring, alert detection and storage platform. Technology trends in computer vision, motion detection, video retrieval, semantic video analysis and cloud technology are exploited.

The final P-REACT project review meeting took place during the 9th and 10th of June in Athens during which the consortium prepared a live demo involving the detection of events such as fighting, bag snatching, screaming, glass breaking, graffiti, intrusion (break in) and running (chasing).

The P-REACT consortium is comprised of 7 partners: 2 research/academic institutes (VICOM, CERTH), 3 SMEs (ADITESS, FINT, KINESENSE) and 2 end users (KEMEA, SRM).

Visit the following link for a sneak peek video to the P-REACT solution when put in practice:

FP7 P-REACT has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no[607881]. For more information about the project please visit our website:


AVOCET is a UK manufacturer of unique safety locks, forensic burglar identification and related products.

Participants at the Vienna Conference in September will have a chance to inspect the AVOCET products and to inform themselves about the product features and benefits to users.
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