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September 2016

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With the EUNWA Annual Conference in Vienna approaching rapidly, this month’s Newsletter concentrates on the highly interesting and relevant topics that have not yet been communicated in the July Newsletter. 

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  1. EUNWA Third Annual Conference Vienna September 30 to October 1, 2016 – Latest Version of the Agenda
  2. Abstracts of Some Presentations
  3. Further Information
  4. Burgernet Netherlands
  5. EUNWA Sponsors: Avocet UK, VAV Insurance, Austria

1. EUNWA Third Annual Conference Vienna
September 30 to October 1, 2016 – Latest Version of the Agenda

We are proud to point out that this Conference takes place under the patronage of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.
Please see our final Agenda

2. Abstracts of Some Presentations at the Conference
Tamar van de Paal
Nextdoor Nederland
‘Introducing Nextdoor – why a neighbourhood app – and how does it work’
  • Introduction into Nextdoor - why a neighbourhood app - and how does it work,
  • our vision on enabling digital neighbourhood watch,
  • practical implications digital Neighbourhood watch,
  • introduction into our Public Agency platform for police and local government,
  • expansion in Europe, what comes after US, NL and UK  
Lisa Fellhofer
Austrian Integration Funds, Vienna, Austria
‘Migration and Integration in Austria – Recent Developments’

To date, 21.4% of the Austrian population have a migrant background. In addition, some 117,000 persons applied for asylum in the past year and first months of 2016. These numbers show that integration has not only become a major issue, it also entails a number of vital challenges for the future development of our society. The three main areas of activities of the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) are language acquisition and education, values and orientation in society, as well as professional integration. The ÖIF is partner of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs along with many responsible authorities on integration and migration in Austria. It operates integration centres located throughout Austria offering information and counselling services.
Mario Furlan
City Angels, Italy and Switzerland
City Angels, Angels of the street
City Angels are emergency street volunteers. We help people in difficulty, trouble or distress. We prevent and fight crime. And we support the homeless, through material and psychological help.
City Angels are a multiracial, multiethnical and multireligious group. Our mission: spread the concept of brotherhood between all peoples. Focusing not on what divides us, but on what unifies us. We often organise public events where priests, imams, rabbis and pastors pray together.
Tiina Ristmäe
Estonian Neighbourhood Watch Association, Estonia
‘Strong multilevel partnership in countering crime in all of its forms
and manifestations’

The Estonian experience of partnering and supporting the community initiatives and voluntary input, fostering the active participation of citizens by offering diverse possibilities to take part in law
Stefan Ofner
INA – Institut für neue Autorität, Ardagger Markt, Austria

‚Project – Courageous Community‘
In my short presentation I will describe the project „Courageous Community“. It is a pilot-project promoted by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.
First there will be a brief description of the concept of New Authority and Nonviolent Resistance. Then I explain the process of the project and the main goals, also relevant for many other communities.
Kate Algate
Operations Director, Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, England and Wales, UK

‘Cyber-Crime – a rising threat’
‘The term cyber-crime is becoming more commonly used and referenced by many, but what does it mean? Kate explores key issues from the ‘dark net’ through to social media and what it means to Neighbourhood Watch across England and Wales.’
Peter Komposch
Safer Cities, Villach, Austria
‘Analysis of preventive effects of alarm systems’

Protection against burglary is heavily myth-laden:
  • Official opinion: Lock each door, window and loophole
  • one popular:
    • Do not show, that you use a burglar alarm, because that indicates, you have objects of value in your house
    • And there are some more wrong opinions.  
To find out, which protection is really working, we took many thousands of published burglary reports - using “google alert” over the last years and analysed burglary practices - their success, abandonment and imprisonment.
The results have been so surprising, that we decided to finance an independent mathematical statistical investigation by experts. We will show you first results.
Clive Lloyd
Avocet Hardware Ltd., UK
’Avocet – Applied crime prevention’
Avocet’s ABS high security locks with unique patented snap secure technology meet the highest safety standards - is British Kitemark stamped, with a TS007 3-star rating, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond standard and is Secured by Design accredited – a combination that no other lock on the market can currently match.
Meanwhile its Affinity window and door hardware range ensures the company is once again one of the leading players in the home window and door security market.
Andreas Holzer
Head of the Organized Crime Bureau, Criminal Intelligence Service Austria
Deputy Head of Department 3, Investigations, Organized Crime and General Crime
Vienna, Austria
‘Fight against national and international organized crime – cases, strategies and best practices: the Austrian way forward’
Organized crime (OC) is often presented as primarily invisible and flexible phenomenon the activities of which are considered as immense international threat. In the Austrian security policy, too, organized crime is attached great importance. These efforts are political strategic goals and of particular interest to the state. The effects of organized crime are visible and concern the society in a comprehensive way. Therefore, the fight against OC seems to be a challenge for society as a whole. This presentation will cover international organized crime cases which affected Austria as well as strategies to combat organized criminal groups. The topics will be “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs”, Russian OC like Thieves-in-law, Balkans OC groups, Mobile OC groups and communities.
Isabell Plich
Head of the Coordination Office on Domestic Violence at the Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony, Germany
’The contribution of civil society in the field of crime prevention’
The great importance of voluntary, civil and neighbourly commitment in the field of crime prevention has been distinguished since many years.
The presentation informs about some current examples and trends, especially at local and regional government level.
George Vayssier
George Vayssier, M.Sc., director Nuclear Safety Consultancy Netherlands (NSC Netherlands), Hansweert/Netherlands and Vienna, Austria
’Nuclear Safety – What does it mean for residents?’
Nuclear energy is used in the world on a large scale - there are 440 operating nuclear power plants (NPPs), about 60 under construction and about 100 more planned, and there are numerous hospitals using radioactive substances for medical diagnosis and treatment.
Public focus is on the NPPs and their perceived risk, yet there is limited understanding of the nuclear physics and of the actual risks of NPPs. Remarkably, there is little understanding of the risk we all face, the risk of radioactive radon in our homes. The presentation explains the principles of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, describes the sources of risk and the safety features to mitigate this risk, and compares the risk from radiation to other risks in normal life. It also touches briefly on the climatic risk which we all face as well. It describes the role of nuclear processes in medicine. It describes briefly actions to protect the public against nuclear risks. And it gives recommendations what to do against the risk from radon in our homes.
Maria João Guia
European Society of Criminology, CINETS, Portugal
’Crimmigration and Human Trafficking: Victims and Aggressors’
This communication will reflect upon policies of criminalization of the immigration in the last 30 years and how that may have built a mass of supposed “aggressors” by the rise of new ‘crimes’, while many of the involved are victims. It will also bridge to the human trafficking crime involving non-nationals and on the European Union focus on the fight against this form of organized crime.
3. Further Information
The following information will be of assistance to participants.
Itinerary to the Conference Venue
Interactive City Map
Conference Venue at the Amtshaus Hietzing, Hietzinger Kai 1-3, 1130 Wien:
Entry via Dommayergasse 12, 1130 Wien. There will be signs showing the way. Please follow the link to all the Conference Locations.
Airport Taxi Service:
Tel.: 0043 1 408 94 64 from € 27,-- one way. Please indicate that your booking request is for the EUNWA conference in Vienna, to make sure you will get the special offer.
1) From / to Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center:
City Airport Train
from Vienna Airport to Wien Mitte / Landstraßer Hauptstraße in 16 minutes daily from 6.09 – 23.39 hrs - every 30 minutes, from Wien Mitte by underground U4 direction Hütteldorf – to station Kennedybrücke Hietzing in 23 minutes.

Vienna Airport Lines Busservice from Flughafen Wien to Wien Schwedenplatz in 22 minutes
at 1.20 hrs a.m., 2.50 hrs. a.m., 4.50 hrs. a.m., from 4.50am - 0.20 a.m. every 30 minutes,
from Schwedenplatz by underground U4 direction Hütteldorf – to station Kennedybrücke Hietzing in 25 minutes.
2) From / to Bratislava Airport to Vienna City:
Ryan Air Shuttle Service: Participants who have booked their flights with Ryan Air, will be offered a Shuttle Service provided by Ryan Air.
Postbus: an alternative way to get to Vienna/Bratislava Airport is a bus service run by Postbus leaving from Vienna Main Trainstation Hauptbahnhof to Bratislava Airport in app. 1 hrs. 50 minutes.
Reservations: Vienna AirportLines
Tel.: 0810 222 333 (24hrs daily)
Slovak Lines - Bratislava
Tel.: +421 18211 from 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Tel.: +421 2 55 422 734
From Vienna Main Trainstation Hauptbahnhof by underground U1 direction Leopoldau - to station Karlsplatz,
from there by underground U4 direction Hütteldorf-  to station Kennedybrücke Hietzing in 20 minutes.
If you have not yet registered for the event, please REGISTER now.
4. Burgernet, The Netherlands
Burgernet, which is a solution by CGI Group Inc., gets citizens involve in police work for public safety. Burgernet is a collaboration between municipalities, citizens and police supported by the right technology. In November 2008, nine Dutch municipalities in five police districts introduced the pilot ‘ Burgernet ’- a new way for citizens to play an active role in the safety of their neighbourhood, and a new way for the police to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Key benefits of Burgernet are:
  • Increased citizen confidence in their safety
  • More efficient suspect detection
  • Missing people and vehicles found more quickly
  • Compliance with national standards and laws
  • People and technology delivering results together
More about Burgernet, please, visit the link
If you have not yet registered for this exciting conference, please REGISTER now.

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