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January 2017

Dear EUNWA Member/Network Partner, 

first of all, all the best for 2017 to all of our members.

This year we are looking forward to our 4th EUNWA conference end of October in Greece with an extraordinary program which all participants can play an live part in. EUNWA will have a block of presentations within this conference. More details will follow soon.

We are very much looking forward to this event and hope for numerous registrations. Details will be released according to the organisational progress. EUNWA will have half a day of presentations within this confernce, so if you would like to discuss a certain topic or would like to present your topic, please let me know.

Looking forward to your input.

Karl Brunnbauer
CEO / President
1. Greece, October 2017 – 4th EUNWA conference part of the event agenda, organised by KEMEA

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) has been established as the Greek Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction (former Public Order & Citizen Protection) think tank on security policies. It provides advisory and consulting services to the Ministry and other Public and Private authorities on relevant issues and support the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of technology between the Greek public Services responsible for Law Enforcement and Civil Protection and the respective European stakeholders.
2.    MTÜ Eesti Naabrivalve | NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch (ENHW) – current activities

Estonia’s Internal Security Development Plan 2015-2020

The Internal Security Development Plan is regulating the co-operation between the state and the ENHW. Starting from 2008 the Estonian Ministry of Interior is involving different partners into the process of putting together the development plan and our co-operation and input has increased every year. There are four focal topics in the development plan but the general idea is to prioritize, promote and support individual commitment and contribution, safety is not just the states responsibility.
ENHW contributed very intensively in putting together Estonia’s Internal Security Development Plan 2015-2020. Since we are the biggest and oldest volunteer organisation in this field, our experiences and knowledge was highly valued. We can straight admit that our co-operation with the state is in very good level, it’s not a project based support any more. Now we are facing a new challenge - policy development is taking a lot from our resources and we don’t want that our main activities will suffer through this work.
Who has more interest towards Estonian security policies, here is the English version

2 national campaigns
3.    Adriatic Security Conference – Croatia, Opatja, March 2017

As for the Adriatic City Security Conference, scheduled for March 16-17, we are currently awaiting confirmation of the venue, which will most likely be Opatija, Croatia.
The conference is organized by Zaštita journal (Tectus Ltd. Company) and Croatian Network of Urban Security Stakeholders (CNUSS) under the patronage of Croatian Ministry of Interior. SIGG 2017 is supported by National Protection and Rescue Directorate (DUZS), Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatian Counties/ Cities Disaster Risk Reduction Platform and Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia. The Conference is intended for mayors, deputy mayors, cities’ safety and security managers, local authorities and government, county managers, deputy county managers, county safety and security managers, directors and management of all businesses that take part in the national security structure, directors and representatives of companies for physical and technical protection, presidents and members of the Council for Prevention and all security managers and experts. The participants will be provided with an opportunity to exchange information and share ideas presented by representatives of major Croatian and European cities.

Expert topics of SIGG 2017 conference are:

• Prevention for safer cities
• New technologies for safer cities
• Migrant crisis
• Protection of critical infrastructure
• Climate hazards’ effect on urban security
A regional competition for “The Best Local Community Security Project” will be held within the SIGG 2017 Conference. The competitions collects written entries of projects/programs/activities of interested local and regional authorities aimed at improving security of an individual local community. The competition is open for successfully implemented projects/programs/activities in 2016, as well as for projects/programs/activities in the field of security scheduled for 2017. The conference will present the ranking of the safest cities in Croatia, as a result of the annual analysis conducted by Zaštita journal for the 6th year.

For more information please contact
email: yuliana[@]

4.    Fighting crime hot spots

A circle of experts discussed the situation regarding the Wiener Westbahnhof (Railway Station Vienna West) at oe24-TV. (VIDEO LINK)

Violence in Vienna - especially at the Westbahnhof (Railway Station Vienna West) - keeps dominating the headlines. Last evening, several top(-class) experts analysed the situation.
"There is no feeling of security at the moment"
FPÖ-spokesman for security, Walter Rosenkranz, does not blame police but politics: "the "Innenresort" (Ministry of the Interior) and the Minister of Finances. It is not about this feeling of security - which has come amiss at present - but about restoring actual safety."
"Need for a plan and a political solution"
The vice-president of the Viennese police force Karl Mahrer emphasizes that police cannot master the challenge on their own. A "mutual plan to offer these young people some perspective" is now required. This is said to be the main reason for crimes happening.

Gerhard Zatlokal, chairman of the district Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, wants to improve the current conditions by youth supervison. Another strategy would be installing emergency buttons in dark corners.
Karl Brunnbauer takes more radical measures: In 2007 he founded a "Bürgerinitiative" (citizens' initiative) group in Austria, Vienna district Hietzing. "Never before has there been so much aggression, the situation at the Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station) has now become a completley different one."

You have organisational news? You want to introduce your organisation? Let they others know!

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