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These days, one of the leading skin concerns is the new category of acne caused by wearing face masks and coverings referred to as Maskne. But how to tell if there is something else going on with your skin? We consulted with our Founders & Top Skin Experts, Dr. Ava Shamban as well as Christine Nell, FNP & Karri Ann Khalil, FNP on how to determine the difference between Maskne and Rosacea.

MASKNE (mask-nee)
For Maskne, that acne caused by face masks and coverings is primarily pimple breakouts in the areas where the mask is touching such as the chin, cheeks and at times, the bridge of nose. It is predominately caused by the friction and pressure of the mask rubbing constantly against your skin along with long periods of time breathing into the mask that creates a humid environment which is a breeding ground for those breakouts.   

In order to prevent maskne (or heal it) there are several tips to share. First, wash your mask daily after each use. Then, address the breakouts by exfoliation and hydration. Yes! Proper hydration is essential to avoid a dry flaky mess on your skin. We suggest visiting monthly for the Infuser by Hydrafacial treatment and adding on the Extractor service for those pesky pimples or Reducer service for any large cysts.  Additionally, wear sunscreen daily applied all over your face and neck. 

ROSACEA (rose-say-za)
Over 16 million people suffer from rosacea and most do not even know much about it. Rosacea is a skin condition that gives the skin an appearance of a blush or burn. In the beginning, it can simply start as a flush, but can last for long periods of time. Over time, it can develop bumps under the skin. There can also be itching, burning sensation and exposed blood vessels. 

How to treat rosacea? First, it is essential that you are using the appropriate skin care products. We suggest scheduling your Face Assessment with our SKIN FIVE skin experts to receive a customized Beauty Prescription, our personalized skin care program designed just for you. Additionally, we suggest monthly skin appointments for Spotless by Laser Genesis, a micropulse laser treatment that can reduce the redness while tightening pores and stimulating collagen. Treatment and anti-aging all in one. Yes, please! Finally, wear a sunscreen daily. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends sunscreen for those who suffer from rosacea to help control flare-ups and keep skin safe from UV rays that can trigger it.

Not sure what products to use? We can help. Click on the link below to schedule your complimentary face assessment with our SKIN FIVE skin experts and receive your customized Beauty Prescription for your best skin ever.
This month only! This Dermal Repair Kit contains deluxe sizes of the most requested Senté skincare products that all skins can use to calm red, irritated,reactive - even the most sensitive of skins. What makes Senté so sensational? Their products exclusively contain HSA (Heparan Sulfate Analog) which is unlike any other hydrating agent. It goes beyond surface hydration to revive skin's natural renewal process.

Inside this special skin kit are the essentials:
1.) Daily Soothing Cleanser - gently removes environmental debris as well as make-up leaving the skin soft and supple. Formulated with HSA & Camellia Leaf.

2.) Dermal Repair Cream - the universal all-in-one for deep hydration & skin renewal. With continued use, this ultimate repair cream is clinically shown to diminish the appearance of wrinkles while improving skin tone & texture.Formulated with HSA, Sodium Hyaluronate & Vitamin E

3.) Invisible Shield Full Physical SPF 49 -  a broad spectrum sunscreen that is 100% physical sunscreen that goes on easily and feels weightless. Featuring an advanced antioxidant blend that protects against pollution while defending against blue light damage. Contains Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide.

This deluxe kit is specially priced at $66 or offered as a gift with purchase of any Spotless series.To purchase & reserve your gift, just click on PURCHASE button.
To learn more about Senté products, join us for another IG Live session @skinxfive on Tuesday September 8 at 12:30pm (California time of course!) The Skin Sisters Beverly Hills, Christine & Karri Ann will discuss their fave products with JP Calderon, Regional Manager for Senté Labs.
Starting this month, we are inviting our HIGH FIVE members into both locations for their annual skin evaluation which is included with their membership. This service we call The Analyser is our imaging expert that assists in learning so much more about your skin than what we see. Learn your exact skin condition (from underneath your skin) We digitally measure your skin in six areas: 1) wrinkles, 2) spots, 3) pores, 4) evenness, 5) bacteria and 6) UV damage.

Once we image your skin, our SKIN FIVE skin experts review your results to create both your Beauty Treatment Plan with your Beauty Prescription for your total skin care program-that is unique for your skin. No more guessing on which products to use. Eliminate the confusion on what face treatment is best. Non-member cost is $125 which can be applied as a credit to any SKIN FIVE product or treatment purchase. Schedule your Analyser appointment today. 
We have shared a lot about our most requested body treatment, Emsculpt which is popular for refining the abdomen and buttocks but what about those hard to reach areas? Living in So Cal, we live in sunny weather and temperatures that allow us to show off our best assets, all year round. With the fall season ahead, don't cover up! Get armed & ready. At SKIN FIVE, we offer the specialized curved applicators from Emsculpt that are designed for specific targeted areas such as the upper arms, inner thighs and calves. Curious about how it works? Click on the WATCH link for a teaser.
We are adding a new section to our monthly newsletter, called SKINxFIVE. We will bring beauty & wellness tips from our SKIN FIVE Founders who embody the genuine beauty that comes from a healthy lifestyle. This month: Mask tips. Each week, take time to turn off your phone and indulge with a facial treatment mask that offers enhanced skin care benefits (and results in radiant skin!) We have several options from detoxifying clay masks to hydrating gels. Our staff fave at SKIN FIVE is the Flawless Skin Mask by Instytutum. This age-defying perfecting sheet mask comes in a 5-pack to last thru the month.
How to Mask: At the end of the day, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying your facial mask. Prefer the morning to mask?  Be sure to sweep your face with the Instytutum Resurfacing Glow Toner prior to applying your facial mask. Find a cozy spot. Take a deep breath in & exhale. Put on some relaxing music or pick up a good book & RELAX. After 30 minutes, remove the facial mask then massage the remaining serum into your skin. Ahh! How beautiful do you look and feel?! We like to follow up with the Instytutum Anti-Wrinkle Brightening C-Serum daily to keep our skin glowing.To purchase the Instytutum products, visit our E-Shop.

We love sharing our beauty, health & wellness tips, which is why we're always posting new habits to support health & wellness. You'll also love our posts about staff faves in products with treatments - all for the best skin of your life. Follow us on social to learn more.
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