Math League Contest, In-school CNY celebration& More
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Dear NCLS parents,

We hope you had a warm and safe day! We finally got a snow storm in the season. School will be open this Sunday according to the current weather forecast.

We are thrilled to announce that NCLS will be hosting Math League Contest for the first time on March 5th! Please check the registration info for the contest below.

NCLS' in-school Chinese New Year Celebration will be this coming Sunday, February 12th at auditorium! You are welcomed to attend!

Don't forget to tag you and your families's New Year Gala pictures on our Facebook page!
Math League Contest
We will be hosting 6th, 7th & 8th grade Math League Contest at NCLS.

Fee:                     $25 per student (check)

Payment Due Date:        Please pay the fee at library on 2/12/2017

Contest Date and Time:   1:00PM – 1:40 PM, March 5, 2017

Classrooms:   Room 318 for 6th Grade;
                         Room 319 for 7th Grade;
                         Room 320 for 8th Grade

Please down load and print out the registration form from the following link:

Please submit your payment check and Registration Form together for the registration at library, Newton Chinese School on 2/12/2017.
2017 NCLS In-School Chinese New Year Celebration
February 12th
Hope you enjoyed the our school’s Chinese New Year (CNY) Gala two weeks ago. As our tradition, NCLS will be hosting the in-school CNY celebration this coming Sunday February 12th. Our the students and teachers can have another opportunity to perform and to celebrate the lunar new year at school.  The performance will take place in the auditorium from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
This event is free to all. And, we would like to invite you all to join us in the auditorium to enjoy the show and to show support to our performers. We encourage you to stay through the performance to reduce traffic in the auditorium and to show respect to the performers.  If you have to leave, please exit quietly in between programs.

Click here for the program sheet.
2017 Craft Fair/Yard Sale
Fundraising for NCLS Support Education Program
March 5th
The annual craft fair/yard sale will be held in NCLS on Sunday, March 5, 2017. This year’s craft fair includes a yard sale, bake sale and art exhibition. The items are sold based on what you want to pay except those labeled with specific price. All proceeds go to 2016-2017 Support Education Program (支教). Unsold items will send to local charities/churches. If you have any questions, please contact See more detail below:
Craft Fair 2017
Fundraising for 2016- 2017 NCLS Support Education Program
How you can help:
  •  Donate your gently used household items and clothing such as toys, decorations, paintings, crafts, paper cuts, sculptures, wallets, scarf, pottery, electronics, clothes, shoes, children’s books, CDs, sportswear, kitchenware
  •  Donate a cake or any types of bakery for bake sale
  •  Register for business booth to service the community
  •  The NCLS art teachers can volunteer to participate in art exhibition and sale
  •  Come to the fair and buy the yard sale items, art pieces or bake goods
  •  Items for donation should be brought to school cafeteria before 1:30pm on 3/5
  •  Parents on duty or volunteers can help with donation sale
 F.A Day Middle School Cafeteria
Sunday, March 5, 2017, 1:30pm -5:00 pm


时间:二零一七年三月五日,1:30pm – 5:00pm
地点:学校一楼 餐厅 (NCLS)
捐赠各种使用过的,但仍然有价值的艺术品,装饰品,日常生活用品,陶瓷器具,电子产品,衣物鞋帽,玩具,儿童书籍,厨房用具,运动用品, 光碟,录像带, 或其他。请将捐赠物标上你的估价,送到 F. A. Day Middle School 餐厅, 由我们的工作人员卖出去。所得额全部交 NCLS支教项目。未售出的物件送去慈善机构。
欢迎商家摆摊设点。注册费将归 NCLS 支教项目,营业利润则属于业主。详情请联系
Open House
教师: 沈安平(教育博士,麻州教育部学生测试中心教育专家)
时间: 2017 2月12日 (周日)下午 1:00-2:00 
地点: 牛顿中文学校  二楼  218 教室

我们在海外的华裔家长在儿童家庭和学校教育方面有许多成功的经验,值得我们的总结和分享。但是由于东西文化的巨大差异和社会环境的日新月异,我们也面临着许多困惑和挑战: 如何认识美国学校教育的理念与实践,如何欣赏孩子的个性和特长,如何引导孩子主动有效地地学习,如何促进孩子的社会交际能力的提高,如何为孩子的进入高等学校出谋划策, 如何与孩子一起分享亲子交流和成长的快乐。成功的儿童教育既是解决孩子成长中所面临的具体问题, 又是一个环环相套的整体家庭教育理念与实践的过程。
我们每个家长都是家庭教育公司的创始人, 首席执行官和首席教育专家。我们的职责就是要使我们的孩子快乐健康的成长,同时又拥有扎实的知识基础和敏锐的思维能力。这对我们大部分的家长来说是一个全新而又责任重大的创业过程,需要我们首先努力提升自己的家教知识与技能。这门家教课程就是提供这样一个平台和讲台,让感兴趣的家长每周聚集在一起进行交流,磋商,和共同探讨,每个参与的家长既是学生,也是先生,同时也会根据需求提供个别家长的家教咨询。
Introducing New Private Group Flute Class
1PM - 1:45PM (Full)
12:15PM - 1:00PM
2:00PM - 2:45PM
Class materials: flute, staff paper, pencil
Each class: 45 minutes
For all levels, no matter the age: students will be placed in classes according to proficiency.
Class content:
Basic Level:
1. Embouchure, breathing, fingering of the first notes, and basic technique
2. Basics of reading music (clefs, pitches, rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, basic
dynamics, basic harmony)
3. Long tones, scales, beginner pieces, beginning sight-reading
Intermediate Level:
1. Technique development (speed exercises, rhythm exercises)
2. Different articulations
3. Scales in 24 keys, and corresponding etudes
4. Intermediate level sight-reading; duets
5. Introductory chamber music
6. Preparation to perform more works
Advanced Level:
1. Advanced fingering techniques, and corresponding exercises
2. Study of advanced etudes, sonatas, concerti, including classical, modern, pop, and other
styles; sophisticated musicianship
3. Advanced sight-reading
Register the Class
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Warmest Regards,
Ben Xia, Principal
Jian-Qiao Gu, Vice Principal
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