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Dear NCLS Faculty,

There will be NO School this coming weekend, 28/29, due to the Memorial Day holiday. 

1. 校行政现场办公 / Online Office Hour  2. 2022 Online Summer School Registration / 暑期网络夏令营报名
3. Fall 2022 Online Registration /2022 秋季学期注册
4. SEP Financial Aid Application [to NCLS tuition]
5. 2022-2023 教师教学意向表
6. 2022-2023 助教 (TA) 申请表
7. Administrative Interns Program Recruitment
2021-2022 年终大会暨毕业典礼
9. 2022-2023 教师招聘 / Teachers Recruitment
10. 第31届全美青少年国画书法比赛成绩揭晓
                     See details below

Lijuan Han: Principal 
Naizhong Chiu: Vice Principal


校行政现场办公 / Online Office Hour 

Office closed due to the Memorial Day holiday. 
2022 Online Summer School Registration 暑期网络夏令营报名


Registration link / 报名链接

2022 Summer School Registration System Introduction / 注册系统介绍

2022 Summer School Course List / 课程一览表

2022 Summer School Course Schedule / 课程表

2022 Summer School Q & A / 问题和解答

Fall 2022 Online Registration 

2022 秋季学期注册

1. Register for Same Course (老生优先) Period  (5/24/2022 -- 5/31/2022)
     Registration opens to currently enrolled students only.

2. Open Registration Period (Starting from June 1, 2022 -- )
      Registration opens to public -- for all students.

For more details, please visit the NCLS website:


SEP_Financial Aid Application
The NCLS Support Education Program (SEP) offers financial assistance to needing families by providing partial or full scholarships to cover NCLS tuition.

Scholarships are funded through grants, donations, and fundraisers from SEP.

Application and Grant Process:

Step 1: Please register the NCLS courses at
Please note: the financial aid application will not be considered without the course registration.

Step 2: Fill out and sign the application form (to be completed by parents/Guardians of the household). The deadline for the Fall semester is the last day of July. The deadline for the Spring semester is the last day of December.

Step 3: Once receiving the application form, the SEP Financial Aid Committee will review the application. The approval process usually takes about 1-2 week.
Please note: The Committee may ask the applicant to provide more information or documents if needed.

Step 4: The applicant will be notified through email about the financial aid decision. If approved, the tuition in the registration system will be deducted based on the approved amount.

Please send the form to and email us should you have any questions.
SEP Financial Aid Application Form can be download:

2022-2023 教师教学意向表

Teacher Teaching Intention Survey

Dear Teachers,

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication during school year of 2021-2022.

In order to better organize the teaching work in the new school year, please fill out and submit the teaching intention form by 5/31/2022.



                                                                                                NCLS Admin

2022-2023 助教申请表/

TA  Application Form

Thank you for interested in serving as Teaching Assistant at Newton Chinese Language School for the school year of 2022-2023!  

This form is for both new applicants and current TAs. Please submit this form by 6/20/2022.  

请于6/20/2022 前提交助教申请表:

                                                                                              NCLS Admin


Administrative Interns Program Recruitment

Application Requirements:

Has worked as a student Teaching Assistant (“TA”) for at least one year at NCLS and has been named as an excellent TA of NCLS at least once.

Please check the Administrative Interns Management Guideline 

请查看 牛顿中文学校行政实习项目参考手册

Application Materials: Resume and cover letter; send to

Application Deadline: June 15th, 2022


2021-2022 年终大会暨毕业典礼



                                                                                           2021-2022 年终大会筹备组


2022-2023 教师招聘 

Teachers Recruitment

To accommodate its growth, Newton Chinese Language School is recruiting Teachers for the 2022-2023 school year. Parents, teachers, staff members and friends of the community are all welcome to apply for the position. 
* Legal work permit in the U.S. is required.
* Online teaching experience with Zoom preferred.

Job Term: September, 2022 - June, 2023

Application MaterialsResume and cover letter; send to

Recruitment Process
  1. Selected applicants will receive a phone call to schedule a phone interview;
  2. The selected candidates after the phone interview will attend a face-to-face interview by the NCLS admin team.

Math Teacher

Teaching Language: English  
Payment: Class standard salary, plus bonus

Math Teachers We’d Like to Have:
NCLS math department offers Singapore math (K-9), AoPs math, competition math, and standardized test math preparation. NCLS is now hiring all levels of math teachers, including high school, middle school, elementary school, and substitute math teachers.

  • Teach mathematics at elementary, middle or high school level in English
  • Develop and administer assessments (quizzes, midterm test, and final test)
  • Communicate with parents about students’ performance and progress via email and/or WeChat
  • Communicate with school administration to discuss students’ progress and classroom management
  • Attend workshops/training sessions organized/recommended by the school
  • Teach at NCLS for at least one school year, follow school’s rules and regulations
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or related field
  • Master’s degree in Education (preferred)
  • Solid mathematical knowledge and excellent logic thinking ability
  • Minimum one year of math teaching or tutoring experience
  • Passionate about teaching and love working with kids
  • Fluency in English, ability and desire to make math fun for students
  • Online teaching experience with Zoom or Google Meet preferred
  • Excellent team player

Chinese Teacher

Teaching Language:   Chinese / 中文
Payment: Class standard salary, plus bonus

  • Passionate about teaching Chinese, and patient with young students
  • Fluency in standard Mandarin Chinese, and strong knowledge of Chinese language and literature
  • Ability in teaching and class management
  • Effective communication skills with parents, students, team members, and staff
  • Previous teaching experience is highly desired
  1. 热爱中文教学,有强烈的责任心,对学生有耐心
  2. 汉语普通话标准、流利,具备深厚的中国语言和文化知识功底
  3. 有较强的课堂教学和组织管理能力
  4. 具有良好的语言交流和沟通能力
  5. 有相关中文教学经验,最好有在美国教中文的经历


Payment: Class standard salary, plus bonus
  • 热爱中国传统文化,热爱儿童教育事业,喜欢小朋友,有耐心和爱心,有责任心
  • 普通话标准,举止大方,相貌端庄有亲和力
  • 有团队合作精神和组织协调能力,有丰富的少儿舞蹈教学经验和热情
  • 舞蹈相关专业,专科及以上学历
  • 有知名度,有课程研发能力者优先


Art Teacher

Payment: Class standard salary, plus bonus
  • Teach young children or teens art studio class
  • Inspire students to create art projects, teaching them to use different materials and artistic concepts
  • Drawing, sketching, watercolor painting experience is a must
  • Previous teaching experience is preferred
  • A bachelor's degree is preferred



5 NCLS students won prizes at the 2022 All-American Youth Chinese Painting and Calligraphy competition. Including one Silver Medal. The jury date was May 21, 2022. 

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