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A Mid Summer Exploration:

a green door surrounded by ivy

... A doorway to a multitude of possibilities

So many times I have heard parents say, “I don’t want my child to be bored.”

And I wonder, what does that really mean? AND, what is so bad about being bored anyway? Why do we try to usher it away like it was a disease to be snuffed out?

In the fear of “boredom” an inordinate amount of activities have arisen to send our children to. The thought seems to be that this will add to their health, well being, IQ, education, and alleviate their “suffering.” 

Yet, will it really?   

I offer a few simple thoughts this month, to ponder…

What would it be like to view boredom as an opportunity to gain a more creative and resourceful state of being for your children?

What would it be like to allow your children to sit in their moments of “boredom” until they discover what true interests arise from, within themselves? From their own creative inner resources?

What would it be like if you gave yourself permission to sit in the place of “boredom” during those uncomfortable parental places. 

What would it be like to simply wait, until you got a knowing or an inspiration from within about what to do next?

What would it be like to allow the moments of discomfort for you, for your children, to be, without disseminating suggestions.

Just Being and seeing what emerges.  

Please note, for some children there may be initial chaos and frustration that you are not providing an instant antidote to their immediate discomfort. 

Hold steady, make room to be with them while their inner world adjusts and discovers…

Joy, aliveness and creativity will begin to flow.

a view through a door to a patio and a tree
May this be helpful for you, may this be helpful for me.

In joy,
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