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Cold Fall days are upon us!

The leaves are falling or have fallen, Buckeyes are dropping from their trees and rolling right out of their cozy beds and the Madrone berries are just perfect for snacking on. Not just for people either, but for the American Robins, Varied Thrushes, Band-tailed Pigeons, Cedar Waxwings, Northern flickers, Quail, Raccoons, Squirrels, Mule deer, and Bears, to name a few!

Below are photos of Madrone berries BEFORE they are really ready to eat and then when they are red and ready. 

Sometimes we think it is too cold to go outside so we keep the kids in, but truly, treasure hunts are ready and waiting for you to go out and search for the wonders that are all around. OR you can even look out your window and see if any Squirrels, Robin Red Breasts, or Flickers are flying about looking for food.  

Have you ever seen a Madrone Tree? If you take a walk in one of your local parks do you think one would be there? 

And, if you don’t know what they look like, can you look it up and then you and your child go on a grand adventure to find one??  

We don’t really have to go far to find Nature’s ongoing changes. It surrounds us with opportunities for curiosity, awe, wonder and delight.

The seasons, particularly the ones that often are not considered as desirable due to weather changes, show us that we can always count on change. 

And with change comes the opportunity to aid our young ones in developing resiliency. Learning to adapt is one of the most crucial ingredients to resiliency, problem solving, self esteem, collaboration with that which is uncomfortable and discovering the beauty that once was not seen.

So go outside, enjoy the different colors of the sky this time of year, the weather changes, the differences in the trees, garden, ground and even your hair, if it is a very dry winter day. :)

May you find so much fun in this Little Sun time of year.

Happy Holidays,

Tender Tracks Fall Season 2018/2019

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