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Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hannukkah…
All these celebrations, if boiled down to their most basic meanings, are celebrations based on Gratitude for the Returning of the Light.

American robin

I have contemplated the current traditions of these celebrations for a long time. I have watched and noticed people's movements, emotional reactions and responses to them and the pace that comes about from these modern rituals.  

And then, I wonder, what must it have been like when there were no light switches to instantly bring light to our darkness? What must it have been like when hunger came, and to get food you had to hunt, harvest, get the fire going by one's own efforts before the food could be cooked or baked? What kind of connection to the natural movements of life must have taken place within one's heart, mind body and soul? And how might all of this have affected a child growing up where one's fears, needs, desires and discomforts were not met immediately?

In our modern world, where we have so much abundance to create instant ease, comfort, satiation, I wonder what also might be lost from that which is so easy for us now: instant gratification.

I also wonder what our bodies really long for during this time of year, when Nature slows, slows, down. Where the Sun goes to bed so very early and rises later still. A disregard of these shifts came about, at some point, by way of changing our clocks so we don’t have to feel the inconvenience and discomfort of going to work and school when it is still dark.

What would it be like to really feel Nature's changes in our day-to-day life for a few months out of the year? Might a greater sense of Gratitude arise within us, within our families?

Have you ever noticed your body not fully on board with the same old routine that is not in sync with the Sun and weather changes?

In times long ago, great rituals of thanks giving were given to honor this time when the Light promises its return and the hope for longer and warmer days to come. What would it be like if we stopped the frenzy of this modern season and allowed ourselves the gift of simplicity of movement, pace and ease?

These are the things I assess regularly in my life and I offer to you for consideration and contemplation.

For a moment, sit with your children looking at a warm and gentle glow of a candle, or a fire. After some moments of silence, give thanks for the Sun’s Return with its reminder of longer and warmer days to come.

Here are some questions to consider: What would that be like for you? For your children? For your family? How might this, would this, aid your family in any way, shape or form?

At this darkest time of year, I send this simple holiday wish for us all:

May we have ease, peace, harmony and delight for the mysteries of winter.

May we have much gratitude for the Promise of Sun’s returning light.

May we delight in the simple pleasures that are free and in abundance all around us.

With joy and warmth to you and yours,

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