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How to Deepen our connection to Nature in our everyday lives

Life is so full. Yes?!! In each and every day there are just so many things to do: work, cook, clean, children off to school, lessons, play dates. There are upsets, joys, birthdays and holidays to tend to. You want it all for your children and, most of the day to day experiences are in doors.

How in the world can we “deepen our connection to nature” yet still get everything done? What to do???!!!

Firstly, you don’t have to wait to go on that great trip to the beach, the wonderful bike ride or the long awaited camping trip. Connecting to nature can happen in every single moment because, nature is EVERY WHERE!!! :)

I have asked this question for decades as I watched my self and other families live regular and full lives. I have played with dozens and dozens of modalities, thoughts, suggestions and teachings. What I discovered is that it actually is quite simple.

It is all about being in the present moment, no matter how brief that may be. You might say, ‘Well, how in the world can we do that?’ ‘That sounds like meditation and I certainly don’t have time for that.’

Here is what I have been practicing with myself and my students for quite awhile now that has allowed for being in the present moment and having fun:

Every now and again, take one or two slow breaths, notice where you feel good, where you don’t feel good. Notice if you are enjoying how you feel in your body at that very moment or not and then adjust for ease. Then forget about it and move on. You can even set your, watch or phone to give you a little reminder every hour with a gentle little bell or ring.

I have been a Mother and taught children for well over thirty years and it is truly as simple as this. As a matter of fact I have been playing this game with my students for quite sometime and am always delighted and amazed how much they not only enjoy it but how much more they notice about their nature and the nature around them.

On the blog this month you will find a couple of suggestions for other fun games to play with your children on a daily basis that are simple, take very little time yet deepen ours and our children’s connection to the natural world.


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