Daring  from the Soul 
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Daring from the Soul
The Embodied Experience of Callings 


I want to bring words to the embodied experience of answering a calling. Of saying yes to a dare from the universe. I want to speak of the palpable experience of leaning into longing and desire.  I want you to taste and feel what it is like to step into what lights your soul on fire.

To step into a calling is one of the most liberating experiences you can have.
It sets you free in a way that only surrender can.
It is an enticingly invigorating experience, full of rich somatic sensations.
And at the same time it is often shrouded in fear.
It's terrifyingly awe-some.
Stepping into our divinity, answering our Wild Calling, threatens our ego, because you are listening to the voice of your soul. To answer a calling is to surrender to the soul. The part of us that is bigger than just this body and moment. The part of us that transcends time and space. The part of us that is home to infinite love. The part of us that is spanda, life force pulsing and wanting to experience itself. This is the part of us that holds a pearl of the divine and all of its wisdom.
To answer a calling demands a type of courage that we are rarely called to use. The courage of callings is one of fierce tenderness, of radical vulnerability. It is the willingness to get on your knees, surrender and pray with your whole body and being.

And sometimes I am willing before I am wanting. I feel the tugging on my heartstrings and the hollow pit in my stomach. My solar plexus lights up with fire and there is an ache in my bones. To answer a calling demands a softening of our willpower and control and a welcoming of something much bigger than us.

And for me there is often a grieving process to this. I am very human. There is a moment that I have to acknowledge and honor the expectations, hopes, images that I've projected up until that point.
It is human to dream, imagine, and desire. Have no shame in what you've wished to create. Simply take a moment to coddle your ego with compassion. This act of tenderly holding all parts of yourself sets the foundation for magnificently and fully taking on your calling.

I find that when I offer myself this whole-hearted acceptance that on the other side of the tears of grief, the tears become those of truths. My eyes and being are flooded with the weight and resonance of the calling I'm willing to say yes to. And this is one of the most stunning experiences.

To answer a calling is to embody trust. It is no easy feat, but it is certainly one that we are all capable of.

It simply takes creating the space for the heart to speak and the willingness to listen. The courage to step outside of and stand in the face of all that seems irrational and illogical. To answer the Wild Calling of our souls means being willing to feel it all and to embrace all parts of ourselves - desires, fears, longings, dreams, love, and purpose.

Above all else it is the willingness of put down attachments in hopes of something even richer than we ever could have imagined.

I dare you all to answer the call of your souls. To learn and listen the voice of your desires and hearts. To be willing to jump with the hope that you will land somewhere even richer than you could have dreamt. 

This is willingness & dare is the foundation of The Wild Calling

The Wild Calling is a journey back to yourself.
It is a spiraling path to walk yourself home to your core.
To answer The Wild Calling is to say yes to your heart,
your soul’s purpose,
the earth’s ecstatic dance,
to communion with Spirit in all of its forms,
to become embodied wisdom.
The Wild Calling is a 9 month online mystery school that combines somatic life coaching, tantric meditation, shamanic journeying, plant spirit medicine, and nature based ritual & ceremony work to bring you into a more intimate relationship with yourself and what is most sacred in your life.

Throughout the course you will walk through 4 core experiences:
Learning the voice of your soul & its desires
Embodying your divinity, the essence of who you are
Peeling back fear with compassion

Stepping fully into your unique life’s purpose.

Alongside these core experiences you will also learn how to:

Learn how to lead & gather in a moon circle

Tap into your inner vision and body wisdom

Birth a new project, self, being into the world

Intimately know the cycles of the moon & earth

Build sacred, seasonal altars in your home & on the land

Work with plant, stone, and animal spirit medicine

Explore the blood mysteries and womb clearing

Create your own personal rituals and ceremonies
Learn how to lead from authentic feminine power

Discover the power of sacred feminine community

Deepen your understanding our your whole self 

The journey is a sacred initiation into working with the Divine Feminine. It is an intensive immersion into leaning into the mystery and living the questions.

The Wild Calling course will connect you to a community of deep, connected, sisterhood through our twice monthly lunar calls and you will have deep, centered attention put on you and your journey during our monthly one-on-one coaching calls. As part of the Wild Calling journey  you will have access to my personal library of reference, resources, & writing, as well as, an abundant reading list. In addition, you will have lifetime access to all of our calls together and the private facebook community. The Wild Calling course is a certification course, culminating in 75+ hours of embodied coaching, spiritual leadership, and immersion work in sacred feminine rituals & ceremony. The richness of this experience goes far beyond the certification of this course. 

It is hard to put into words the somatic experience of communing, dancing, moving, speaking, answering the most intimate calling in this lifetime. It is difficult to speak the felt presence of the soul. These moments are best when felt. So I am offering to you an experience of your own soul, through The Wild Calling course, but first on a call with me.

From now until January 16th you can book a complimentary 30 minute exploratory call where we will dive into tasting your heart, purpose, and soul, the core experience of The Wild Calling.

To book a call please email me at .
You can also email me your questions, thoughts, and desires here anytime!
For full course details please visit:

*Early bird special on tuition runs until January 15th (you can save over $450) 
& monthly payment plans are available*



 “I am shedding skins
faster than they can form.

Tender under belly
scraping the forest floor

Strengthening the bond
between body and earth.

There are layers to
the intimacy of rebirth."

- original words by me 


I believe in all of you. I am here to hold space for your hearts and souls to speak. That is my work in this lifetime as a somatic coach and medicine woman. To create the openings and carry the medicine that makes the voice of your soul accessible. You are home to a world of rich desires and unfathomable courage. Be willing to answer the calling and see what you can create.

In good medicine & always with love, 
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