JULY    Coaching Newsletter    vol. 4
It's July and that means endless days with sunburns and fireworks!
With lots of races on the books with my athletes from super sprints to full Ironman distance races I want you to remember to take care of your body and that includes your skin.  Be sure to use sunscreen daily with each workout, hydrate and recover well with plenty of shade, stretching, electrolytes and air conditioning! 
In this newsletter you'll find; information and things going on with
Big Pistachio, tips on training, discount codes to retail items and races, and tidbits that I deemed worthy of sharing!  
Thank you in advance for reading!
Coach Erin
Keeping properly hydrated during the summer heat is challenging at best. That is why I love Scratch Labs products and the science behind it.  One of my favorite products is the Hyper Hydration Mix, but it's not for everyone.

READ this blog The Story Behind Hyper Hydration (WARNING! it's long, but 100% worth it and I'll bet you'll learn a ton!) 

Ask yourself these questions:  

1.  Do you find yourself in situations where you sweat way more than you can drink?

2.  Are you having problems figuring out how you’re going to get enough fluid during an event?

3.  Do you compete in very intense events where you simply can’t get anything to drink?

4. As a result of sweating way more than you can drink or not having enough to drink, do you find yourself losing an excess amount of body weight (e.g., more than 5-7% in a single bout)?

5. Do you end up feeling like total crud, especially relative to others, during or at the end of sweaty exercise in the heat? Feeling like crud might include headaches, nausea, irritability, muscle twitches, uncontrollable cramps, and poor performance and excessive fatigue.

6. Are you covered in a lot of white crusty salt or more white crusty salt than others at the end of a long workout? For example, do dogs love to lick you and only you after a workout?

7. Do you think or do people tell you that you sweat a lot more than everyone else around you? For example, has any ever asked you, “Why are you sweating so much?” Usually, little kids ask this a lot.

8. Do you get really light headed all the time when you’re training hard and suffer from excessively low blood pressure?

9. Do you feel better when you’re constantly popping salt pills during an endurance event and are you getting tired of popping all those salt pills? Would you rather eat a bag of chips, drink miso soup, or gnaw on pickles? Seriously, are you always craving salt?

10. Is it common for you to get so dehydrated that you end up in a medical tent or a hospital getting IV hydration?

As a POWERTAP Ambassador I am excited to share with you 15% off all POWERTAP items! For the first 20 people that email me with I Want More Power! in the subject line! 
Warmer temperatures means more time outdoors on our bikes or running. Be sure your have your Road ID on you at all times.  I have 20% off coupon codes for the first 5 people that contact me.  Email me with the subject line Road ID me! 
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To athlete Ashley Davidson for her Half Iron PR on one of hardest courses there is,  IM70.3 Buffalo Springs! Great work!

 Welcome Back! 

A big Welcome Back to John Furse who is training for the Marine Corp Marathon in October! Looking forward to seeing you at track practice....often. :-)

New Athlete Welcome! 

Excited to have Kari Klier join the roster for the second half of the Texas Tri Series! Looking forward to watching you get faster! 
SAVE THE DATE! Kerrville Training Camp is coming September 9th - 11th.  More info coming soon.  If interested in getting info sooner, email Coach. 
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