MAY    Coaching Newsletter    vol. 2
Bring on Tri Season!  
May brings the official start up of triathlon season in Austin. But we all know that many of you have a good head start on May!
In this newsletter you'll find; information and things going on with
Big Pistachio, tips on training, discount codes to retail items and races, and tidbits that I deemed worthy of sharing!  
Thank you in advance for reading!
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Warmer temperatures means more time outdoors on our bikes or running. Be sure your have your Road ID on you at all times.  I have 20% off coupon codes for the first 5 people that contact me.  Email me with the subject line Road ID me! 
As a POWERTAP Ambassador I am excited to share with you 15% off all POWERTAP items! For the first 20 people that email me with I Want More Power! in the subject line! 
Looking for some 1-on-1 training or small group? I am now taking appointments for workouts out of the studio. You don't have to be a triathlete or on the Big Pistachio Racing team. I am here to help all athletes at all levels. Lots of available time slots from early morning to late afternoon.  Let me know what you are looking to accomplish and we'll set a great plan up for you. 
  • Have you had your sites on a Wahoo Kickr, but don't want to put that kind of cash into it?
  • Don't have space for a Smart Trainer in your home, but really like the idea of working with Power?
  • Or you just want to try the Kickr before you buy one?
Well, now you can rent time on the Big Pistachio Kickr!  

Just bring your bike, shoes, heart rate monitor and a killer workout is on it's way.  I'll provide the Kickr, music, water, fans, towels and entertainment via Netflix, Youtube or your choice of music playlist. If you've been itching to try Zwift or another online training program, we can log into it and let you try a program as well. See what all of the fuss is about for a fraction of the cost.  
See the website for pricing information. 


To my athlete Antonio Fungairino for racing the New Jersey Devilman Triathlon in freezing rain and wind conditions and still grabbing a spot on the podium!   Great job!  

New Athlete Welcome! 

I want to welcome a new athlete to my coaching group.  Michael Hubbs!  When he is not in Austin doing his second ever Triathlon and taking 2nd place in his Age Group he is in Calgary Canada Speed Skating, and will be competing in the Olympic Trials for the 2018 Olympics! In case you are, I don't coach Speed Skating, but I do coach Cycling which is a great tool to improve Speed Skating power, speed and fitness. You can check out Michael's special story here

Weekly Zwift group rides coming soon!! 

If you are currently invoiced through My Athlete One via Paypal please remember your monthly coaching fee's are due by the 5th of the month. There is a auto draft option with My Athlete to make this payment easy and on time!
I typically send out the automatic recurring invoices the 29-30th of the month for the following month. If for some reason you would like me to change your billing date to the 15th of the month, please let me know. 
This does not apply to any athletes being billed through Training Peaks Coach Match program. 

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