Buying and Selling OFF MARKET

Did you know that we can help buyers and sellers of mid-century homes connect before a home is even listed on the market?

With over 5,800 people following our social media sites, we work with many buyers who are looking for a mid-century homes. The value to the seller is a less stressful transaction. You don't need to prep your home as much when you sell it off market. The buyer knows your not quite ready so they give sellers extra grace and look for the potential rather than a finished product. The value to the buyer is a less competitive transaction. They will often pay a little more than what asking price would be in an effort to secure an off-market property. It's really a win-win for both parties.

Currently we have knowledge of six mid-century homes that will soon be for sale. All of these sellers would be willing to accept an off market deal.

Available Mid-Century Homes:
1) $175,000 - 3 Bed / 1.5 bath • Bench
2) $225,000 - 3 Bed / 2 bath • Bench
3) $245,000 - 4 Bed / 2 bath • Bench
4) $365,000 - 3 Bed / 3 bath • Foothills
5) $370,000 - 5 Bed / 3 bath • Bench
6) $500k+ - 4 Bed / 3 bath • Bench with a view

Interested in working with us to find an off market Mid-Century Home for Sale? Call us today at 208-996-5759.
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