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Our Unitarian Universalist Taizé-style service will
include singing, chants, and poetry —creating a
meditative, prayerful experience for all.

Music by Music Director Tim Horne & the UUSO Choir
Worship Associate Keith Willcox
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Chalice UU Taize Service This Sunday

The Taize service is a worship practice that comes out of the Catholic Christian tradition. The service is meditiative in nature with lots of chants, singing, and perhaps some readings of scripture or poetry. The focus of the service is on the music and the silence, rather than on the words. Practioners of Taize services believe that it is through the chanting, singing, and the silence that participants are best able to hear the Holy Spirit acting within and through them. It is also a wonderful service for bringing different cultures and different sects together-- as there a few words for people to get caught on or object to.

What's a UU Taize service?
Unitarian Universalist Taize-style services follow the same style, if not the same extact theology. The services are music and silence focused, often with no sermon or homily. The chants, songs, and readings often come out of the Christian tradition but are not limited to it. Our Taize service this Sunday will use much the same music we used at our first one two years ago, though the readings will be different and will be shorter. (Less words...) The theme of this service will be on what centers us. The lights will be dim when you arrive, though we will make sure they are high enough to allow reading. Announcements will be kept to a minimum, with most of them being posted in the order of service and/or posted on the bulletin board. I encourage everyone to enter the space with a mind towards meditation and silence.

Um... how do you pronounce “Taize”?
Glad you asked. Many people pronounce it differently. The official pronounciation is Ti Zey Ti as in Tin. Zey as in Zany. Ti-Zey.


Religious Education News
Please register your Nursery through Twelfth grade youth so that we have the most up-to-date information. Among other things this is how we can know about food allergies, your preferences about using photos on social media, and preferred contact information. It helps us prepare classes. You can do this right now by visiting then clicking on the “CHILDREN/YOUTH” drop down menu to “FORMS.”  There you can download the registration form, fill it out, and send it to: ATTN DRE, UUSO, 16 Ford Ave, Oneonta NY 13820. There are many wonderful things planned for classes this year and we want your child to participate!

The Explorers (K-3rd grade) and Seekers (4-6th grade) classes are exploring world religions this year. Last Sunday they learned about Indigenous Peoples Day. This class was a good example of one that was improved by dividing into younger and older age groups. The younger class was very excited to do the coloring craft, play a Native American stone game and learn there was a day that is substituted for Columbus Day.  The Seekers were happy to do all of the above but also had a discussion about the struggle to save Bears Ears National Monument. They read the newspaper stories about Rev. Craig helping during the Standing Rock protests and are arranging a time when he could speak with them about it during coffee hour. 

The YRUU (7-12th grade) appeared to have had a great time together learning about geo-caching. They found a cache on the block of our church! Their goals at this time are group-building activities that will help them better support each other as they proceed through their Sunday School year. If your Youth hasn’t been attending church please know that the group misses you! The current group planned out the month of October but are waiting for other teens to tailor their November to meet their interests and goals. There are many resources available and a creative group of youth Advisors and other teens that guarantee a meaningful time for all!

In Peace,
Susan Ryder, UUSO Director of Religious Education
Days For Girls

On Saturday, October 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta will host  a day of sewing and assembling needed items for Days for Girls.

Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. Volunteers prepare reusable feminine hygiene kits for girls in Africa who can’t afford or don’t have access to feminine hygiene products.  Volunteers of all ages are needed, and sewing ability is not required. We’ll have snacks and childcare available for those with little ones, if they desire. Please give a heads up to the coordinator, Dawn Kilts. She can be reached at

This is an international non-profit service organization, with an active branch located in Unadilla.


Candlelight Dinners
Last day to sign up is Oct. 13!
Our next opportunity to attend or host a famed Candlelight Dinner will be Saturday October 19 or Sunday October 20.  As always, Alice and Justine will be around at coffee hour after service on Sunday collecting names of hosts and guests. Hosts provide place settings and drinks; guests bring part of the meal.  Please feel free to contact us directly if you miss us at coffee hour.

Alice Siegfried: 432-8673
Justine Roefs: 267- 0020

Upcoming Services

Click here for the full Fall Worship Calendar!

October 13
Soulful Singing A Taizé Service
Rev. Craig Schwalenberg, Tim Horne, & the UUSO Choir
Children to Classrooms

Our Unitarian Universalist Taizé-style service
will include singing, chants, and poetry
—creating a meditative,
prayerful experience for all.

October 20
Joy and Magic: Lessons From Our Children
Adina Johnson
*Start Together

Our children teach us so many lessons
if we are willing to listen.
Lessons about faith, joy, and magic.
And maybe even how to change the world.

October 27
Being Builders
Rev. Craig Schwalenberg
Congregational Meeting at Noon
*Start Together

We commit to Building the Beloved Community. How do we do that?
What tools do we use? How do we be the Builders the world needs?
And maybe even how to change the world.


Past Service Recordings

Past services are available for
listening via our podcasts.

Visit the link below to catch up
on services from UUSO.


SAVE THE DATE:  Sunday, October 20 at noon in the sanctuary

Members and friends are invited to a meeting with the Finance Committee to review the revised proposed budget which will be voted on at the October 27 congregational meeting.  We will also discuss the report submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Finance Committee which review the UUSO’s financial operations and makes recommendations to further secure our systems, procedures and buildings.  The budget and report will be emailed out the week before the event and printed copies will be on the table in the vestibule.

Calling All Youth:
UUSO Youth have set up a game event with Rev. Craig on Sunday October 13  from 12-2 at the Bearded Dragon (Across the street from church off the Dietz Street Parking Lot)
Participants will first play the game; then “UU” the game by making the circle wider...
Games can include: Good Dog, Bad Zombie where Good Dogs cooperatively try to save their Hoomans, and Tsuro: The Way of the Path where players create their own journey while interacting with the journeys of others. Tsuro was a big hit when a large version was played during Pizza and Games.
Bring a Friend! Pizza will be served.
A Note from the Safety Committee

The Safety Committee was charged by the Board of Trustees to develop a building evacuation plan in the event of a fire or some other type of emergency in which a building evacuation would be necessary.   For an evacuation to be successful there are some basics that need to be followed, in addition to the outlined evacuation procedures.  The following will be helpful from all persons in the building at any time and especially helpful during an emergency evacuation.

When you arrive for service or an event take a moment to look at your surroundings.  
Who are you sitting near that may need help in the event of an emergency evacuation?
Where are the closest exits?
Who is the Worship Associate or event leader that day?
Who are the Ushers at service that day?
Are the exits clear of any large obstructions that may impede exiting the building?
During the winter months: Are the sidewalks, stairs, ramps and other areas clear of ice and snow?

Your awareness each Sunday and, other days you are in the sanctuary, will save time in the event of a Fire or other type of emergency evacuation.

If you see something that needs attention alert an usher or a member of the Board.  If you are able to take care of what needs attention please do so.

Whenever the fire alarm sounds EVERYONE is to leave the building, even if you are sure it is a false alarm or a drill.

In the event that the Oneonta Fire Department is called to the scene, Fire Department (and other Emergency Responders) have authority to determine a course of action; building occupants will follow their directive.

We should periodically conduct a Fire Drill in order to practice safe evacuation of the building.  The Safety Committee is committed to conducting a Fire Drill annually in late April or early May.  

Our first Fire Drill will be a “practice” Fire Drill on October 13, 2019, sometime near the end of service. We will verbally go over the evacuation plan, take any questions, and if weather permits we will walk through an evacuation of the building to the side walk in front of Chapin.  If it is raining or too cold, we will just talk through the plan and conduct a first walk through in the spring when the weather is more cooperative.  Either way this will help us assess needed changes or revisions to the procedure before we do a “real” Fire Drill.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this practice “Fire Drill” on Sunday.  

John Bagby
Safety Committee, Chair

Evacuation Plan:

If a fire that cannot be controlled is detected sound the alarm.

These are the priorities:
1. Life Safety
2. Stabilize the situation
3. Control Fire if possible.

Close doors to the area on fire in order to contain fire if possible.

A Staff Member, a Volunteer or an Usher with 2-Way radio unit will communicate that there is a fire in the building to the RE classes in basement and the RE classes in OBH.

Keep Calm

The Minister or the Worship Associate will stand on the stage and announce (in a calm and reassuring, yet authoritative manner):
There is an emergency and we have a plan for a safe an orderly evacuation.
Please remain calm and make space for those in wheelchairs and anyone  needing special assistance.
The Ushers will be guiding people out.
Persons in wheelchairs and those needing assistance will be helped to evacuate.
RE classes and other groups in the building are being safely evacuated out the back of the building.
The safest thing for parents and family members to do is to leave the building and rejoin family members at our Designated Gathering Area under the awning in CANO’s Driveway across Ford Ave.

The Minister and/or the Worship Associate will then:
Direct and assist with evacuation as needed and able.

Prop open doors to sanctuary and doors to outside.
One usher should stay at the door to guide people out.
Second usher should assist those with mobility issues as needed and able.

Two members of the Board of Trustees or other designees: 
Should proceed immediately to Ford Ave and stop on coming traffic in both directions to allow for safe crossing of the street by all occupants.

Remaining Staff, BOT members on site: 
Will also assist in evacuating the building as needed and able.

Exit Plan for Chapin:
Children out back and around the dentist to CANO driveway awning.
If not accessible they will use the Monk’s Door exit to CANO driveway awning.
Those in Sanctuary out front (if Safe) and proceed to CANO driveway awning.
If front exit is blocked, we will use the Chancel Closet exit and proceed to CANO driveway awning.
Piano window is the escape accessible window as a last resort.

Exit Plan for OBH:
The Upstairs groups will exit out the back stair, if possible.  They will exit out front stair if back is not clear make their way to CANO driveway awning
First floor groups out front door and move to CANO driveway awning.  They will exit out back door if front is blocked.

All groups reassemble at the CANO driveway awning.

The Minister, the Worship Associate, and Ushers will confirm the building is clear.
DRE needs to confirm with ushers that the Chapin basement is clear and OBH is clear and all RE students and teachers are present.
Worship Associate and Ushers communicate building status with Fire Department; if they are on site.


Our Covenant

In short, as a community we commit to:

Get Involved, and Stay Engaged

Be Honest and Kind

Be Respectful and Open Minded

Grow and Learn Together


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