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Welcome to the March edition of ECL News. Performance and development reviews are on the agenda for many over the coming months. This newsletter includes some tips and information to help you make the most of your review and your career progression in general. Make sure you check out the ECL Calendar for upcoming events in this space. We hope these tools help you to have a successful review and we look forward to seeing you at some of the events!

Lauren Doktor
ECL Committee Member

Message from the President

“He who never makes an effort, never risks a failure.” – Anonymous

Whoever Anonymous was, we thank him or her for those wise words. Failure is always a possibility in whatever we do, however, it is through failure we learn the true value of success. We also learn some of life’s best lessons, such as how not to carry out a task, or what ways don’t work for you.

This month’s newsletter is all about career progression and performance reviews. Ah, the dreaded performance review! I’m sure many of you shudder when you receive that calendar invite. But performance reviews are a part of every business – you should embrace the opportunities they bring.

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Break the mould, advance your career

Technology has given us the tools to reduce the time spent on tasks. There's smart contracts, e-contracting and a whole host of legal technology available to help you improve productivity and advance your career. The only question is, are you open to it? Explore this topic on Law Talk and the related sessions available at Symposium

Modern Advocate Lecture Series: 2019, lecture one

Each presentation in our highly regarded Modern Advocate Lecture Series deals with practical advocacy, as relevant to the junior ranks of the profession. Justice Berna Collier, Federal Court of Australia will be delivering the first presentation of 2019.

Networking drinks and canapés will be held after the presentation. register now

Are you prepared for your next performance review?

Our complimentary ECL Mental Health Breakfast on 26 March will give you valuable advice that will support you to have an effective performance review. Attend the event in Brisbane, connect with your local DLA and view the livecast in Moreton Bay, Cairns or Mackay, or register for the livecast to watch from your desk.


Pathways and obstacles

"The interesting thing about obstacles is that they force you to re-examine your path. What exactly do you want to achieve? And why?" Early career lawyer, Sheetal Deo explores this topic in her latest blog on Law Talk.

Industry Events 

International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law: Young Justice Professionals ethics program

9-12 July | Brisbane

Bribery and corruption affect the most vulnerable people in our society. International leaders will unpack the problem scope and examine corruption prevention, risk management, investigation and law enforcement, legislative reform and policy, international responses and evidentiary issues. Register to attend the Young Justice Professionals ethics program.


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