If you ask the French, there are only five continents (because the Americas are one continent and...Antarctica doesn't count?)

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Back in the day, when Kimberley and anDrew were dating across continents, we had a song, our song, so to speak. It's sung by a Canadian rock band from Québec. (A Canadian French version of this song also exists.)
Here's a short video mapping our planned travel this summer!
Amazingly, we've only got a few weeks left here in Albertville. After leaving France but before arriving in Gabon, we've asked by our team to head back to the States for about a month of pre-field training. Since we’d be back in North America anyhow, we’ve decided to make a trip of it! We’re looking forward to meeting up with friends and family during the next few months, and we’re sure you’re looking forward to seeing us, too!
Ok, we know: it’s mostly just about Solène. Everyone wants a piece of those cheeks. But for real, here’s a list of dates and locations.
London, UK:
July 6

Vancouver, BC, Canada:
July 7-13

Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA, USA:
July 14-22

MTI Compass training, Palmer Lake, CO, USA (near Colorado Springs):
July 23 – August 18

Brisbane, QLD, Australia:
August 20 – September 4

Taipei, Taiwan (with trips planned to Taichung & southern Taiwan):
September 5-21, September 30 – October 12

Seoul, South Korea:
September 22-25, 28-30

Jeju, South Korea:
September 25-28

Hong Kong:
October 12-16

Arrival in Libreville, Gabon:
October 17
We regret we can't make it to even more places that are near and dear to our heart; but for those of you who live anywhere close to the areas listed above, we’d love to catch up if at all possible. After all, we're not traveling around the world just for fun (because, let's face it, long-haul flights with two small children isn't exactly paradise), but because we want to see you!
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This newsletter is about Andrew, Kimberley, Nolan and Solène Huang: their journey from the US to Canada to France and, ultimately, to Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, West Africa, with the Post-Residency Program of Samaritan's Purse (World Medical Mission).

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