Awful Grace | December 2019
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Dear <<Your First Name>>,

It’s the monsoon season in Southeast Asia. As I sit on the deck of a beachside villa and watch the raindrops fall on the sea, my view is obscured by the rain. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because with clear vision, we tend to rely less on our intuition. This intuition is at times critical if we are to step forward into a future that’s unknown, with a mindset that sometimes, the best way to predict the future is to shape it. 

Though much was accomplished this year, much remains to be done. We step into the unknown of 2020 with vision that what the future holds will be AWFULLY good! Without certainty of the future but with clarity of vision, we will shape a future that will take us from good to great.

Prison Throughcare Volunteer Framework Partner
Singapore Prison Service (SPS) has recently confirmed Awful Grace as a Throughcare Volunteer Framework (TVF) Partner. On October 11, we received our 3rd year recognition for this partnership at the SPS award ceremony. This collaboration will further facilitate our engagement with inmates while they are in prison and when they are released. Toki Formation, a programme which started in 2017 will continue to be run by Awful Grace volunteers in 2020. For more information on Toki Formation, please email us.
Projek Namaste

This year, we had the opportunity to engage with more than 80 Nepalese children 16 years and below on the topic of children's rights, when we ran the mobile clinic and distribution of school bags in Kathmandu. We then arrived in Chitwan on November 17 to meet the 20 families who completed the 2019 goat and cow farming training workshop. Over the past three years, 60 families received their goats and cows and were able to start their own farms. We had the opportunity to visit one of the families who received their gift in 2017 and followed up on how they were doing in the video below.
Our farming project in Nepal has helped families who live below the national poverty line, start their own farms. This family in Chitwan received their goats in 2017. They now have more than six goats and two cows. They have returned two goats back to our Chitwan training centre so that another family can benefit from this project. To find out more, contact us.
Rishi Pandey attended the Projek Namaste goat and cow farming training in 2017. 
"The people who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world
are the ones who do. " 
-  Steve Jobs  -
We are thankful to our volunteers and donors who have supported us this year. You have touched many lives through your generosity of time and finances.

We invite you to continue this journey with us in 2020 toward an awe-filled future

Grace and peace,

Christine Tan
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